70 Year Old Woman Completed 7 Marathons - in 1 Week!!

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70-year Chau Smith from Missouri recently completed a big goal for herself: running seven marathons on seven continents in the span of one week. Chau is part of a

travel group called Marathon Adventures. Their challenge was called the Triple 7 Quest .

She began the journey with nine other members. Her motivation to do it was to celebrate her 70th birthday this year. She trained for 8 months working with a running coach, physical therapist, and nutritionist.

Smith ran in Perth, Australia, Cairo, Amsterdam, Singapore, New York, Chile and King George Island, Antarctica in January. She'd wake up, run the marathon, then board a plane to the next location./QUOTE]

What a way to celebrate a 70th birthday!! I think even if I started training now, I would never be ready by my 70th or any other birthday.

For the complete story, read This 70-Year-Old Woman Ran a Marathon On Every Continent in 1 Week.

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