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Where is the line between faith and delusion?

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i'm a bit disappointed that this is turning into a Christian-themed thread, since faith to me, is non-denominational.

i'm thinking it boils down to how we interpret "faith" and its subsequent (thus, subjective) interpretation will define the journey one takes.

for instance, i have 1000% faith that i connect with God at all times.

i feel Him within me, it is indisputable and all-consuming.

so yes, my belief is there...but i cannot actually profess to know, to understand all He is communicating to me.

it is His will, that i seek at all times.

the only absolute i know, is His love for me and all others.

but to hear a whisper? a command?

no...never have experienced that.

IF someone says that they have, then to me, that'd be delusional...

only because in my experience, God doesn't communicate that way.

spirits, energies...do not communicate in english or any other language.

rather, such communication is metaphorical...emblematic...nothing literal about it.

so in thinking aloud, i would have to say that if anyone has heard God's words in absoluteness, i would have to consider that a delusion...

whereas (my) faith is eternal but can only grow in its meaning, through the 1:1 journey that He and my life take.

its meaning is as unique as the person experiencing it, with the commonality being its increase in the reverence one feels.

(fwiw, this is very challenging in trying to explain faith and how it manifests in one's life.)


I'm just stealing this :D :redbeathe I can't even begin to say how much I agree with this......:redbeathe

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I believe that there is a line between delusion and faith and agree that the delusional person is going to likely give you more hints that all is not well other than by simply saying that they heard a word from their god. I agree that if the experience becomes a fixation that adversely affects the persons health or ability to interact with society that we should investigate.

In the not too distant past a young woman murdered her young children by drowning, saying that she was directed by god to do so. This is clearly delusional as she is a Christian and that action in no way reflected the teachings of her Holy Book. In the story of Abraham and Isaac the God requested action of going to the mountain, preparing an altar, and sacrificing the son (IMHO) had purpose...first - it was meant as a signifant sacrifice to glorify his God, second - it tested Abraham's faith, third -it was a preparation for and a "pre-taste" of the sacrifice of the Son of God. That story concludes with an essential message of God; to trust Him in His mercy and love, to rest in the knowledge that He has plans for your prosperity and well-being.

As someone mentioned before, most faith systems require the actions of the believers to behave in a fashion that would elevate the human experience and to further the spiritual development of the individual and the greater community. When their visions, dreams, or communications with their god directs them to harm themselves or others it is reasonable to question their mental health.

Some believe that the visions and experiences of those near death are hallucinations and seek to treat them with medications. Since I see no harm in those visions, no expectation for anything except peace and comfort, I feel no need to try to prevent or stop them. However, if those visions became nightmares I would work diligently to spare my patient from their experience.

This brought up a good point....about how when people are nearing death, or are in hospitals, they claim they see God's face, or angels, or a staircase to Heaven, etc. A friend of mine said she saw Jesus' face smiling down from her when she was in the ICU....She believes she saw Jesus' face..who am I to tell her she's wrong, or judge her and say it was a mere delusion?!?!

As far as the whole "tin foil" thing, I think basic logic and common sense could also determine where the line lays.....:redbeathe

I also want to add that I feel God tells me to have compassion, to love, to have faith and hope, to make others smile....whether that's telling the cashier her nails or hair look nice, or telling the toll attendent that she's doing a great job, or just helping my elderly neighbor pull the trash can the rest of the way down their driveway.....Those are the types of things God tells me.....:redbeathe

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