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What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

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S&G's "The Boxer" was the first song I learned to play on the guitar. Second one was Buffy St. Marie's "After the Buffalo's Gone."

I knew a guy once who worked in a College Snack Bar and Grille....right at the very height of Fleetwood Mac's popularity. He used to crab about people picking Stevie Nicks' songs on the jukebox. He HATED her voice with a purple passion and couldn't wait to graduate so he wouldn't have t be subjected to Fleetwood Mac any more.

How about the Mama's and the Papa's:

What makes life the sweetest

Bestest and complete-est?

Not a big doll house,

or a Mickey Mouse...

But the right somebody to love...

Safe in my garden

an ancient flower blooms.

And the strength of it's perfume

fairly fills the room,

And it's perfume is such

that it's causing me to swoon..."

I love the mama's and the papa's!

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So, for contemporary music;

I usually listen to Adele, Mumford & Sons, Nickelback, Train, The Fray, and Coldplay. That type of stuff. My favorite female artist would not be the leads of WT or Lacuna Coil. It would be the lead of Epica.

Actually, I am listening to a new song I heard on my drive today

With the new children in my family, it had struck a chord with me. Almost dropped a tear.

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OMG, how could I forget Coldplay??

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I loved Bobby Darrin.

Satchmo, of course. (We are going to New Orleans soon. We'll hear Jamil Sharif at the Maison Bourbon. Dig his chops on this one:


My Dad worked with him when he was a young, skinny expert trumpeter coming to LA to earn big buck as a studio musician.

I heard Louis Armstrong at Disneyland six nights in a row. I was working full time in a factory that summer.

Years later we heard the great Teddy Buckner at Disneyland in the daytime. He had lost a leg and played sitting in a chair. He sounded great!

Listen to his "West End Blues" in about 1958:

Like the Mommas and Pappas, Simon & Garfunkel. Love most music.

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It is WCW! Lessee...

Dedicated to my girl students:

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I'm not a Stones fan, but this is one of the songs I like.

Wild Horses is my favorite.

I must be getting old. But now I'm thinking that Mick Jagger was quite cute in the 60's.

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