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What are dealbreakers for you?

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I am new to the dating game again after being off the market for 15 years. The whole thought of dating and meeting new people is terrifying to me. But I have thought a lot about what I want again. I don't think I will ever get married again. I am enjoying my life as it is right now. But if I were to find the right person we could have a great solid relationship. I have come up with these things:

1. Nonsmoker- I loathe the smell of smoke

2. Must like to be affectionate- I spent my marriage with a man who wasn't and I was not happy

3. Have ambition- He doesn't have to have a lot of money, just a job

4. I would prefer that he has kids- Reason being he would be understanding to my time needed with my son

5. Just be nice- my ex was so mean, I want a nice guy

6. Be sexually compatible with me- I will admit I like sex. I want my guy to like it also

I don't know where to find these guys, but I feel like I deserve one if I can find him. :yes:

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Mine, as a guy:

1. Bad teeth. I love a young lady with a million dollar smile. I don't care if they're a little yeller, but come on. Less teeth does NOT make for better kissing. I reckon. Haven't tried it.

2. Lack of hygeine. Wearing an old shirt? Cool, can care less. Pants have stains from bar oil helping dad get fire wood for the winter or gear oil from changing the rear end on your truck? Come here baby! Let me show you my Kenmore Elite washing machine!

But flaky hair, poorly slopped on makeup, perfume that smells worse and pungent than the above gear oil? Come on. I'd rather stick my whole head in a pot of used motor oil and transmission fluid than smell $1 store perfume.

3. Expecting me to do every little thing. I don't mind helping out, but come on.

4. Clingy

5. Drinks to the point of respiratory depression and vomiting. I enjoy literally 2 Budweiser's a week. I have yet to pee myself, vomit, or have a ER visit due to drinking. 2 beers are plenty fine for me.

6. Prissy, opposite of point 2. I love a girl who drives a nice truck, dresses nice for a mountain girl, but if you buy $10 cups of coffee and drive a Mercedes that's it. I like my 2007 Nissan Titan. I like doing my own work. I like my space. And I am not made of money. I'm not your redneck Romeo that will take you out on $300 dinners.

Please, keep it modest. 4X4 Jeep that runs good (can that be in the same sentence)? Folgers, wears a dress to the sports bar on Friday night to enjoy a beer or two with me?

Not afraid to get a little mud on the tires. Yes, please! Let's not get a DUI sweetheart.

7. No weird fetishes. Seriously. Can we just stick to the normal stuff? I've been handcuffed. Haven't been to jail but have been detained while fishing for fishing without my license on me. I've seen people restrained on life support. My idea of sex is not being restrained, switching styles freely, being able to maybe kiss you in between. No, you're not going to strap me to my bed.

8. Extra liberal. I don't want to hear about how horrible I am because I like Trump. Don't try telling me my guns are a problem. I have never shot anybody.

9. Heavy. I don't mind a girl with a little body fat, we all have it. But please. I have enough health problems. I don't want to have to deal with your health issues down the road that are related to obesity. I try to keep a good weight and waistline. I keep myself active. Please do the same. I'm not "fat-shaming." I don't feel attracted to anorexia, but I like sensible weight.

10. Ignorant. Or thinks more emotionally than cognitively on politics, things like that.

Quite frankly, my dream girl:

Is strong built, pretty, good smile, cute.

Kisses like she took classes for it. Likes affection as much as I do.

Doesn't mind that my idea of a good gift is keeping your car maintained, hanging that shelf you always wanted built but didn't want to buy a Dewalt for one occasion. Yes, honey buns, did you see the love note I wrote on the back of your Napa receipt? :)

Not cheap but modest. That scarf you bought at Ross for $24.99 on sale actually looks REALLY cute on you

Doesn't have huge fantasies of being some multi millionaire at the expense of her man.

Makes her own money. Doesn't mind gifts, but doesn't need money all the time. Works hard

That's about it, really

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