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Wednesday 9th of June

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good morning/ evening to you all

up early due to a steenkin' sore throat, guess that means i do not have such a big mouth as some have tried to suggest :lol2: too many instruments going down a small diameter lol

off today and plan to kick back and relax (well try) i have never been one for sitting around but right now i don't feel like doing much else.

i feel like sitting down and crying now they know there is something mechanically wrong with my pancreas, when i sit and think of the past 18 months and what i have been put through makes me so cross.

i pray that the mrcp gives the specialist more of an idea as to what is causing the blockage but more importantly it can be rectified and sabby can finally be pain free.

leslie if you are reading this did you get my pm?

i hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy what ever it is you plan on doing.

i plan to read my patient notes so i can keep up with what has been going on with them all, missing them all that is for sure.

another glorious day on the forecast so maybe i may sit in the sun and get some color on this pale skin, fill up the bird feeders and make some more hummingbird syrup for the little piggies.

thanks again for your prayers, love and support which truly does mean the world to me.:redpinkhe

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Good morning Sabby and all who follow.

Sabby, hope you get some answers soon.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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Good Morning! ((((Sabby))) so sorry for your pain. it is unfortunate that you have had to go thru this for 18months for this diagnosis!:mad: Hopefully the ERCP will send them in the right direction!!

can only imagine the pain you have been in. i know i have some gi issues and its miserable!

started my day with a sick call from one of my nurses at 5 am. :eek:not good since her class is already down a nurse. and she knew.:mad: oh well will have to call in a pinch hitter. just makes it slightly more complicated!

dh is still away. feeling the pain of managing alone; bills house yard commitments... :uhoh3:ready for a vacation!!

but only 2 weeks left of school before i have time off so i can deal!!! then i work 6 and have 2 more off!:yeah:

having two bridal showers and a retirement party today at work...so it will be fun!

HOpe its a great day for all!:redbeathemary

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Hi all, Sabby, I'm sorry you're feeling so badly. Hopefully it won't last much longer. I wish I was a cheerful as you sound - I'm so darned fed up with my shoulder pain. Yesterday, if anyone said "how are you?", my response was "Tired, sore and crabby. Any more questions???"

Weather is not very nice here this week. Cool and rainy. Yesterday, we had a mini-hail storm while I was on a conference call. The noise was quite intense for a bit.

I know I have to find something to be cheerful about, so I watched this video again. The cute factor is way, way over the top. Did you know there is such a thing as a sloth orphanage?

Meet the sloths on Vimeo

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((((Sabby)))) Your description of the pain in your gut a while back sounded similar to the degree of pain I had when I had my kidney stone. My ailment lasted about 3 weeks and 2 of those were with a "clockwork" ingestion of percodan. I can't even wrap my mind around 18 months.... You have my sympathies and prayers. I wish I could offer you more... :heartbeat

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Sabby I hope this procedure finally solves this problem.

Hi Mary Tweety Kohole clemm.

Going to work for the next two nights, then I'm off until Mon. Which is nice, as I so rarely get an entire weekend off.

Have to watch what I eat more, my weight loss seems to have stalled. I'm planning to lose some more before seeing my doc again in the fall.

Keeping an eye on the weather for next week, trying to figure out what would be a good day for heading to Madison. So far Fri looks good but Thurs rainy, but we'll see if it changes.

Was pleased to find out that I didn't owe the dentist anything for the cleaning I got, contrary to what I had heard from my insurance. That frees up some more money for the trip.

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Good morning! :D

We had a freak storm last night that just all of a sudden blew in (redundant I know - that is a freak storm). ;) Rain, big wind, thunder . . .

Today it is partly sunny with a decent wind blowing.

Sabby - hope you can get everything resolved, quickly now.

I've got to get off the computer y'all and continue with my big clean . . . . I'll check in later.

Happy Wednesday to all of you!


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good morning everyone,

it was cold and rainy today and we finally turned the main furnace back on again.

sabby, hope you're soon on the mend again. eighteen months is a long time to feel so miserable.

clemmm, i can sympathize with your shoulder because my rt. shoulder has a 9cm tear in it, but

the ortho feels i'm too great an anesthesia risk to replace to try an open repair. i've been doing

pt 3x a week instead.

the sweet adorable four year old next door is having an aortic aneurysm repaired in the morning.

prayers for him, please. we have come to love him, his two brothers (six and eight months) and their

parents as though they were family!

i'm including a comic i thought was weirdly funny today. my mind was so split into sections today.



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Thanks for that laugh, Kathy!!! :up: :up:

Home after a busy day.


Nice to veg.

Later! :)

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