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Wednesday September 29, 2021

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Good Morning!

BC, hope you had a good telemedicine day.  Is that a permanent thing?  All through the pandemic I never did a telemedicine visit for my six months checkups.  At first they kept us in our cars and called us in.  Now they let us in but they seem to limit the people in the lobby.  Hope you got your windshield fixed.  That must have been a shock when that happened.

I had a good productive day yesterday.  Cleaned the bathrooms, did three loads of laundry, mopped the floors, went to the dental hygienist for a cleaning (someone new to me but at the same office, not sure what happened to the old one, I didn't ask), washed the car, cooked a couple of dishes (a red lentil and chickpea curry, and the usual beans and quinoa for lunch, as well as steamed some veggies for the side).  

Woke up at 2:30 AM and wasn't sleepy, so I had a banana and meditated myself back to sleep , but it took about 30 minutes.  I did take my klonopin.  It's not working as well for me in keeping me to asleep, even when I'm tired.  I'm back up to three cups of strong coffee a day.  Not like how I'm feeling...unrested, tired, but insomnia at night...then more coffee and not rested.  It's a vicious cycle right now.   But the story of my life I suppose.

The novel I'm reading is predictable.  The Amish teen got caught by his father kissing the boy an all hell broke out (I kept reading knowing this was going to happen) and has to choose the life he knows and an unknown life on the outside.  I usually don't read Young Adult but it's a quick easy read until a book I ordered arrives tonight.

Working today and today and tomorrow.  Then the weekend.  Trying to make plans with best friend on Friday.  Need to get out.

Have a great day.

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Tweety I hope you can break free of that vicious cycle.  

BC hope you can find a new medication.  I've used amlodipine for years for migraine and BP control

Hi Amo and Stars

Finally got the last access I needed for work.  Still doing online classes this whole week, next week I'll start working with a preceptor.  Feeling pretty ready to get started

After work ran errands then went out to eat with the church group.  Smaller group this time, only 8 people.  Had Thai, which I haven't had in a while

Tonight after work is grocery shopping then vocal choir practice.  Bell choir is canceled as we have a bunch of people out today

Weather is going to continue in the low 80s for the next few days




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Hi, it's been a couple of stressful days, mostly because I let it get to me. But everyone has their negative covid tests, ds got his passport so he can enter Canada and return to the US, all documents submitted online, ferry reservations made. Unfortunately, the car I took to the shop is toast. It needs a new engine and it's just not worth it. We were counting on ds being able to use it to get to truck driving school this winter. Oh well. Will deal with that next week. 

I gave Angus a bath tonight to get him ready for the dog sitter, and he was not happy. But he smells so much better. 

Tweety, your cooking always sounds so good. I do like chick peas. I wish other people in my household did. I know I've been drinking too much coffee as of late. And sleep has been spotty, but part of my issue is hot flashes. Oh well. 

Joe, yeah for computer access. It seems like your new employer is setting you up for success with classes and a preceptor. I love Thai food. Pad thai and Panang curry are my favorites, both with tofu. 

I've had a few tele-visits in the last year. Each office uses a different system, so sometimes getting connected is weird. I feel like they were okay once I got used to it. 

Hi Amo, Stars, and BCg. 

Hi stars, amo and BC. 

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