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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Good morning!   

Joe, glad the first day went okay.  Hope you get the hang of things soon.  Learning the ins and outs of Worker's Comp. should be interesting.  Our case managers deal with worker's comp. case managers a lot.  Usually they are good at getting what the patient needs, except on the weekends when they are off.  

J22, sounds like a productive day.  

BC, hope your home improvement project goes well and that you're happy with the results.  

Stars, sorry about the Gmail woes.  Hope your husband improves.  It's natural I think to think about such things like if he deteriorates how will you handle him and Nannie.  My sister was one of those that only the mood altering drug worked for her symptoms such as valium was the only thing that worked for her vertigo, phenobarbital was the only thing that worked for her seizers, phenergan was the only thing that worked for her "chronic" nausea and of course opioids for neck and other ailments.  I think she's off of all that stuff now.

My lower back pain came back with a vengeance after yoga class last night.  Took some ibuprofen and that helped some and tried some OTC lidocaine cream that I'm not sure helped much.  Didn't see any capsicum patches but might give them a try.  Much better today but it seems to be under the service.  Wonder what's up as I didn't injury it as I know and I've been doing this yoga class for several years now.  

Best friend's colonoscopy came back good without polyps and he says he's done and won't repeat in 10 years when he's 80.  I stopped by the beach for a walk but spent most of that time trying to find a bathroom and ultimately and to drive to one.  But it was a nice morning.  The "cold front" that many of you are getting that will change your weather isn't going to make it this far but it's going to be pleasant in the 80's.  Perfect for me.

Last day off before returning to work tomorrow for two days.  No overtime scheduled in the future as of yet.  Need to prepare lunches and dinner.  Made lentils last night and had some good lentil wraps.   Which was similar to this recipe.   It was good.  I made a goal months ago to try a new recipe weekly and this was this week's.  

Still have a lot of lentils left over.  May make it easy on myself and make a lentil spaghetti sauce.  Going to mop the floors and go to the gym as well.  Hopefully the gym won't aggravate my back.  We'll see.  

I'm frustrated that our governor just appointed a lap dog for Surgeon General of Florida that is somewhat anti-vaxx saying vaccines aren't the only way to combat Covid.  No but it's the best thing to keep patients out of the hospital.  I just can't even.....


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Happy Hobbit Day

Tweety hope your back feels better.  Thanks for sharing the recipe

BC I haven't heard of seeding with clover before

Stars hope your email gets straightened out and your dh gets over that bronchitis quickly

NJ22 sounds like a productive day

Yesterday was a slower day at work.  Have gotten more access but still not enough to start practicing.  Though the actual training doesn't start until next week.  Spent the time doing compliance training and signing up for benefits

Fast went really well, lasted until this morning, a good 36 hours.  Finally weighed myself, have gained 15lb since May, more than I had expected.  Will have to work on getting that back down.  Have been overeating quite a bit over the last few months, so I need to get back on the diet, and perhaps modify it a bit

Went for a walk last night and stopped at the credit union

Today will likely be another slow day at work.  Was glad to hear that training next week will be oriented towards beginners like myself, as opposed to experienced people like some of my new coworkers

Will do grocery shopping night, might stop at the bakery.  Have both bell choir and regular choir practice.

Weather has been cooler, think it will be in the 60s again today, some rain expected


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Hey, guys!

I got up at 9 AM, and took the dizzy-pill w/ other AM meds. I was determined to run my errands well before the shift-changes, school bus rush-hour,  and the predicted thunder-storms. Had a good time wandering around the drugstore and the grocery store that I hardly ever shop at, as they aren't exactly conveniently located for us. Got some things I didn't have on my list, but was pleased to find them. I got one of those suction-cup handles to put on the tub wall so I can take a shower and have something to hang on to. Good and smart buy, as I am in need of a shower and The Diz's happen if I tilt my head back. 

Oh, I still have to look up the Epley moves/tx for vertigo that j22 mentioned. I can actually remember the name Epley because ... once upon a time a long time ago (but not in a far off galaxy) I had a patient who could never remember his doctor's name; on the way to an appt. my pt. would say, "EPLEY?" to which I would reply, "No, PLYLER."  S'funny how some things stick with you forever. He was such a lovely guy, smart as a whip and quite deaf. I kind of miss not doing private duty w/ some of the patients who I enjoyed and grew to love for their peculiarities. Now, Nannies' 4 year long 24/7/365 private case and her peculiarities....well, we all know I am, as they say, OVER HER!

I found two cards to send to herring, but when I got home I could not find the scrap of paper I have with her real name and address on it. I know it's up there in my room somewhere, so I'll keep looking. (to be cont'd)

Tweety, before I forget, if you decide to try the Equate capsaicin patches --- they are 8"x4", and the best way to apply them is vertically. When I use them horizontally, esp on my lower back, the 4 inch sides DO roll up, you know, if pulling pants up and down over them. When my lower back and hips are hurting I apply them in an upside-down V manner, from my spine toward each hip. But remember not overlap them because they will not stick to each other. The outer surface is kind of like cloth. They feel cold when you first put them on, but warm up nicely (and they are not "hot", just warm.) And I do prefer them over the Lidocaine patches. Capsaicin patches just eases the pain down to a tolerable hum.

Funny about people who say ONLY a certain (prescribed) med will work for them. At the Dr's office where I briefly worked once, there was a pt with a hairline fx in a small bone in his foot. He tried to convince the Dr that if he would write for the larger dose of (Pre-Vicodin days) something-or-other with codeine in it, then he could break them in half and it wouldn't cost so much and he wouldn't have to come back so often for a rewrite. Yuh. Uh-huh. He was so mad when the Dr spoke about weaning him. Basically the doc said if he would stay off his foot as much as possible, and elevate it, and try cold-packs, he might find he wouldn't need so much pain medicine. Guy said, "But you told me it would take 6-8 weeks for a bone to heal!"  Doc said, "Right, but that doesn't mean you need to take the narcotic med for the full six to eight weeks." Pt said he would find another doctor. Don't know if he had any luck with that!

Joe, Glad you could do the 36 hr fast. I am trying to beat back the 5 lbs that returned after I switched to the size 16 jeans. I am not, NOT, NOT going to go back to size 18's!!!!! I have been eating smaller portions. // Hope those 'newby' employees classes help you a lot with the workman's comp you'll be dealing with. Knew a nurse one time who did that, and I asked her how she could deal with all the changing rules without going crazy. She said she treated it like it was a game. (!) Okay, but I can't see it being any kind of 'fun', which I am assuming a 'game' would be. Will you be having to do a lot of phone-work?

Hubby couldn't get an appt with any of the docs at that practice where our PCP is, and the P.A's are just as slammed with work. He put himself on the wait-list to be called if someone else cancels their appt. Otherwise he will have to wait until the 30th of Sept to be seen. And he has an appt w/the lung doc on Oct 15th. If it is bronchitis he has again, he doesn't need to wait until the middle of next month to be seen. Though I can hardly blame him for saying a resounding "NO!" to going to the ER! At least he hasn't got a fever.

Now that the rain has temporarily stopped and let the sun come out, I'm walking Ozzie to the mailbox----

Maybe see ya later-----

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Hi. Back to work for 2 1/2 days, then I am off for a week. Lots of phone calls to make which is something I just don't care for. But very nice, OCD co-worker wants to discuss yesterday's webinar and dissect it into mincemeat, and today is not the day.  The weather is misty, but not cold, dry and mild predicted for the rest of the week. Little change in COVID. Not worse, not better. I hear the wait at the ER is 10 hours to be seen unless you are unstable.  

I've used capsaicin cream in the past on sore joints. It does seem to help, I just worry that I am not going to get it off my hands and rub my eye, and I worry about the dog snuggling and getting in his eyes. 

Dh gave me a little scare last night. He said he feels like he is under so much stress at work that one of his arms has been tingling. I gave him the lecture about leaving on time, getting more rest, and pleaded with him to use his CPAP. I may need to get the kids to work on him. He will listen to them sometimes. 

Ugh, I have been eating way too many carbs as of late and my weight is creeping up. I worked hard to get my BMI <25 and I intend to keep it there!

I am feeling down in the dumps, can you tell? Hopefully next week's wedding will give me a little lift. 


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Don't know if any of y'all have tried it, but Voltaren gel works too. It is OVER-THE-COUNTER now and people like it better than the scripted order.

Funny how the old-timey meds work. Meclizine is one of them. If it works it really works well. I had to take a couple doses of colchcine for crazy toe gout. And flexeril for muscle spasms and back ache (trying to stave off an old fx'd back vertebra from fx'ing again). Read somewhere that colchcine was being used for covid, like ivermectin et al.

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To----> ((((((j22))))) "in the dumps". 😟  Hope you get outta there sooooon!

Re our supper: someone forgot to stir the dumplings after they dumped them in with the chicken broth. As a result, I found a VERY large dumpling with a suspicious resemblance to Jabba the Hutt! And, have you ever heard of a restaurant running out of LIMA BEANS? "Our" supper place does at least twice a week! I didn't realize lima beans were such a popular vegetable!

Yeh, I don't like using cream, lotion, ointment or gel; if I have to use them, I will wear a glove. I can't even stand hand lotion, especially on my palms! Sometimes I will wash my hands after I use hand lotion, which is weird, but there ya go.I like the roll-on pain OTC stuff if there's no menthol in it, and because you don't have to touch it to apply it. Since, for some strange reason I can't find any capsaicin roll-on lately, I use the Lidocaine roll-on. But I do have to lather it on two times at least, for it to be effective. But the patches are a trick to put on your back by yourself; I use my long back-scratcher  sometimes, to make sure the edges get stuck on my back, instead of rolling down on itself. I might consider trying the Voltaren, but, like I said, wearing a glove. With the patches, I only get a little bit of capsaicin on the tips of my fingers, and wash it off immediately. I have stuck a finger in my eye and it does sting a bit, though!

I'm watching the ballgame again. Nannie went to bed before it started. Hubby doesn't feel like watching a game, but may come down later to check on the score, which is 3-1 (Braves) in the third inning. It would be 4-1, but for the two outfield umpires NOT even making a call after one of the Arizona guys leapt up to catch the ball at the top of the wall, and it popped right out of his glove before he got a secure hold on it. The players running on bases were stopping so that one wouldn't pass the other before he got on base. Very strange! It was like they were asking, "Like, WELL? What is it? Home run? Two base hit? Do I run or go back to the previous base?"  And the umpires didn't seem to respond! So Braves lost a home run and it was not their fault at all; there was no "guidance" from the officials.

Hope to hear that our Pharmacy will have the J&J shots on hand soon, so we can get boosterized! 

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