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Wednesday October 20, 2021

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Good morning!

BC, I hate to say but I kind of like living in Florida, the land of no vaccine mandates.  Less drama.  I don't approve of the governor going after and threatening fines to organizations or local governments that of their own free will are requiring vaccines though.  Seems like most organizations that require vaccines are seeing good compliance, but there are a vocal few and they are annoying.  Apple pie sounds good.

J22, hope you had a good day.  I was reading about the football coach that got fired for not being vaccinated.  Read that he is also the highest paid state employee at over 3 million a year.  He'll be fine.  

Amo, I put on my t-shirts backwards a lot but can't say I've done that with pants.  LOL

Stars, sorry to hear about the fluid on your husbands lungs.  He should feel better if they pull it off.  Hopefully they can do that as a day procedure.  Funny story about the Elvis guy being at the wrong car.  When I was at the gas station the other day in my car texting before I went in to get a cup off coffee a woman did the same thing and actually opened by back door to get in.  Opps....  The other day coming somewhere it was my turn.  There was a car exactly, and I mean exactly like mine that I opened the door to and almost got in.  We were side by side.  Opps....

Insomnia visited me some last night.  Bleh...

Didn't hear from best friend which was odd and mowed the grass instead and cleaned the bathrooms.  Had a good yoga class yesterday.  There's one pose called "bent knee triangle" that I've been working on that when I bend to the left and hold my right arm up that I haven't been able to hold my right arm up straight for since my surgery five years ago that I was able to do.  Kind of surprised me as I didn't think I was ever going to be able to do it.  Kind of made me stop and notice.  

Covid admissions continue to drop here and the surge seems to be better our rate of positivity in my county is a decent 3.75%.  We're faring better than other parts of the country after our dreadful summer.  Vaccinations rose during that time but are falling again.  It is what it is.  Been reading that England is having another surge and that things are grim in Romania.  

Today I have to mop and cook.

Have a great day.



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Tweety glad you hear your range of motion is back to normal

BC have never heard of using vodka in pie crusts

NJ22 glad the GERD is improving

Amo that is true, I've put stuff on backwards but usually realize it soon

Dianah I wonder how herring is doing as well

Stars hope you DH can get rid of that fluid.  Glad your knee is better

Work was pretty good yesterday, kept working on that case I had gotten.  Am getting the hang of things more, now that I'm working an actual case.  Also did some online education

After work was fairly quiet, exercised and cut out some more material for the craft project

Tonight have grocery shopping, then bell choir and voice choir practice.   No performances this Sunday, although we're going to be at a funeral Saturday to help the congregation with some of the less familiar hymns

Got up to 70 yesterday and will do so again today, although I think going forward the highs will only be in the 60s





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Hi. Its gray and rainy again today. Apparently there is a "cyclone bomb" forming off the coast that will bring a lot of rain. Our aquifers can certainly use it. Temps will stay mild in the 50s. 

I went to my sis's cardiology appointment but couldn't stay for all of it, but it just didn't sit right with me. I am not clear that the benefit of one of the recommended  procedures is worth the risk. My judgement may be clouded as I've had negative experiences with that office, but I think I'm going to suggest a second opinion.

Dianah, I wonder if I can send you a dm and ask some questions? 

Yes, Tweety, I am sure that football coach will be fine, but now he is suing the university. I am of the opinion that an employer can set conditions of employment and if you don't follow them then you don't work there.  And good for you for achieving that pose. 

Joe, I definitely find that actually doing the work is the best way to learn and remember. And it seems you don't have the pressure, at least, to get stuff done that you had at your old job. 

Ah, yes, I have put my scrub pants on backwards, back in the day. I used to work night shift and would dress in dim light. I discovered it once while at work when I couldn't find my pockets. I think I wore them inside out once too. I have some slip on pants now that have a tag front and back that I've slipped on backwards, but I can tell pretty quickly. And yes, I've worn a t shirt inside out more than once. 

I hope the Braves can win tonight and keep the series going as long as possible. 

This is my Friday, woo hoo! 


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Keeping up the dosing of Vit C./ Zinc / and GET THIS: 'echinacea' is how it is spelled on the bottle I've got....though this laptop doesn't think the spelling is correct, but that happens a lot concerning medical terms and medicine names.

So, hubby has a 1:40 PM appt tomorrow with the lung doc. He asked me to go with him. Not sure if we'll drag Nannie along to sit in the waiting room. It ought not be a lengthy appt. But, then he has to be at the hospital at 7 AM Friday for the procedure to pull the fluid from his lung. Really not sure WHAT we'll do about Nannie. Thinking that the neighbor across the street can look in on her, as she sleeps most of the morning anyway. But don't know how long the procedure will take. It's possible that someone knows someone who can sit with her for a while, hubby has 'the word' out with several friends. I told him that he needs to contact some agency and get her case opened, not for full time work, but for times of need like this. 

Game at 8 PM tonight (yea, we lost last night, amoLu. Oooooh well!)


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We are currently in the top of the fifth inning and Braves are ahead 4-0. We've got two on (1st and 3rd) and one out. Oops, now it is 5-4, one on at first and 2 out. And here we go into the bottom of the 6th, to see if we can keep the Dodgers down.

I forget to mention I used the vibrating platform today, since my knee is not feeling so horrible (was afraid to aggravate it further, yesterday) I upped the speed so the movement wasn't so clunky feeling, and stood for only 5 minutes instead of ten. I think it helped my knee. *fingers crossed*


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