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Wednesday October 31, 2018

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Happy Halloween!!!

Joe, hope you had a good night out and the restaurant was good.

Nel, you sure had a lot to do! Did you get a ride in?

BC, it's always fun to be in a town with a victory parade. The one here when they won the Super Bowl was amazing. I lived in Durham when they won a basketball championship. I actually did not use the air fryer for the tofu although I could have. It was in a marinade and I just fried on the stove. Love my air fryer though. Made some purple sweet potato fries for lunch. Use it often.

Herring, enjoy the cooler weather. It's too early for snow anywhere.

Dianah, time flies. Seems like you just went to Dapper Day and that they got married. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Billy continues to improve and seems almost his old self. Eating with gusto and enjoyed his walk last night. I hurried up with my chores for the day and went to best friends for dinner (he made some Asian style soup and instead of noodles used spaghetti squash thrown in at the last minute and it was good. He's low carb for the most part.) We enjoyed a nice warm evening at the beach to walk and watch the sunset.

Working my "bad week". Two on, one off and two on. Need to pick up some overtime to pay for Billy's vet bill. I submitted a claim and I hope his insurance pay for part of it. I read they don't pay for "periodontal disease" which is the diagnosis he has. If they don't I'll consider dropping them and maybe get a Care Credit Card. I know Nel has experience with them. Anyone else have any advice? Right now I've paid insurance for about four years and this is the first time I used it, and it's gone up to over $80 a month just for him. This is on top of his monthly wellness fee.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Happy Halloween

Didn't sleep that great, woke up a few times in the early morning hours, not sure why.

Wasn't feeling that great in the afternoon yesterday, alternately down and anxious, not sure why

But I felt better by the evening, was out to dinner with some people from church. Felt good enough during the day to do a load of laundry too. Even got out for a walk before dinner

Tonight I don't have choir practice. J will be coming to this area and we'll go to a place we haven't been to in a while

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Hi Tweety, Joe, and ALLNURSES!

I have little chocolate bars for any kids who come to the door.

We haven't had many in recent years.


I signed up to make "Get out the vote" calls at the Islamic Center. It is named, "Calling All Muslims".

The last time I was there it was for my friend's brother's funeral. He was a big guy who loved to get a laugh from his grandkids, or anyone else who appreciated his humor.

Calling people to remind them to vote is not hard.

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Happy Halloween!

Most of the staff in my office is in costume. I am dressed as a hippie. I have a blouse I had somehow saved from high school, and I ordered a pair of jeans with big bell bottoms from Amazon. That is coupled with a big peace sign necklace and a flowered headband, also courtesy of Amazon. The nurse giving allergy shots is dressed as Wonder Woman. She dresses up for every holiday. Patients love it.

DD has a job interview today. Cross your fingers that she gets the job. She is very cranky living at home and being bored.

Tweety-$80 a month for pet insurance and they don't cover a bunch of stuff? I think the care credit might be a better idea. I'm glad Billy is doing well.

Joe-Not sleeping well can certainly make you feel down. Glad you're feeling better now. Have a good time with J.

Herring-I don't get many kids either. I only buy 1 bag of candy, and any leftovers will be brought into work. I don't want it in my house. I am doing voter reminder texts tonight. I can do it right from home. I hate to talk on the phone, so texting is a good way for me to help.

Hope all are well.

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I did not dress up for work. I thought I had a little witch hat to wear, but I must have tossed it out. No one else dresses up in the office. I am have feeling very down lately, can't seem to shake it off. Maybe it's the weather turning rainy and gloomy.

Tweety, glad to read that your dog is feeling better.

Pats on the back to those of you helping with voting.

I had 2 bags of candy ready for trick-or-treaters, but the quantity has gone down.:sneaky: We get very few at our house. They go to the housing development across the street, where it is better lit and there are sidewalks.



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At my husband's club an old man, who once was a hippie is dressed as one with a tie dye shirt, lon haired wig and headband. His wife is dressed as a mime. They are going as "Peace and Quiet".

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At my husband's club an old man, who once was a hippie is dressed as one with a tie dye shirt, lon haired wig and headband. His wife is dressed as a mime. They are going as "Peace and Quiet".

What a great costume idea!!!

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Every step AND in between every step has me hollering out loud, "OH! OW! OH! OW! OOOOOOUCH-OW-OW-! OWWWWW!"

This is some SERIOUS pain going on here and if I hadn't been told there were no fractures, I would think my thigh bone was broken in half.


Now that 6 hours has passed since my last single dose, I just took TWO of the hydrocodone even though I promised the doctor I would take them exactly as he had ordered. Left off the 650 mg Tylenol, lest my liver might c/o too much acetaminophin. If this is 'only' sciatica, it is by far THE worst I have EVER experienced!


Hubby and Nannie just went out to our favorite local (non-chain) family restaurant and will bring a meal back to me.


Nannie had thought a friend was coming over to take her out to a late lunch, but it turned out to be just a two hour visit here, so she must've misunderstood the part about lunch.


I couldn't go to the restaurant, as about all I'm good for is being propped up against pillows in the bed. Can't deal with sitting in a kitchen chair at the table, nor with the sofa in the den, so I guess I'll be lounging on the bed for the evening.


That's okay, it's quiet up here and I have more than a few things to read. Right now I am midway through one of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum mysteries, entertaining as always. I also have a 4 month backlog of FUNNY TIMES newspapers to peruse. I might even go into the site "FOUND" on the web; if you've never looked at it, you might take a peek, as it is always interesting, sometimes sad, other times ridiculous and hysterical. People are amazing.


Pippy is so sweet, she comes up periodically to check on me, lays down a while with me, and then wanders off to see what the rest of the household is up to.


Okay, then, The med has hit, so I'm floating off here, for now.

Will let you know the down-low of the up-shot (or vice versa) of my Ortho appt tomorrow.





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Somewhere in cyberspace is the post I made prior to this one. Oh well!

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No, Tweety, I didn't get that ride in, and I could have because book club was rescheduled, unbeknownst to me.

I got to restaurant and nobody was there. Scanned old e-mails, and there it was. I must have scrolled by it too quickly.

It is POURING rain here. They actually moved trick or treating from today, to yesterday due to expected heavy rain.

We have flash flood warnings again.

We have almost hit record rainfall for the year!

Managed to bring Biggie in as the downpour was starting.

I am not dressing as Equestrian Barbie because of all the rain.

I got soaked at the barn, and have no Halloween spirit. Will have to leave for work early due to pooling water on roadways.

Have fun everybody.

Oh, I recommend Care Credit, Tweety, so long as you off balance on time.

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Stars I hope you can find some relief

Tweety I have Care Credit, I believe you can pay it off over 6 12 or 18 months interest free depending upon the amount

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:singing: A MAJOR EVENT has occurred here and I must make note of it!

OZZY has finally started walking down the 9 steps from the kitchen to the den ALL BY HIMSELF! :wideyed:

Hubby said he has just now gone downstairs on his own for the second time today! :woot:

Prior to this, he would stand at the top of the stairs and bark for someone to come get him and carry him down the stairs. So, 5 months after we moved here, he has figured it out!!!


:) My Little Boy! Next thing you know, he'll be wanting to get his Learner's Permit to drive. They do grow up so fast, don't they?! :lol2:

PS: Decided the double-dose I took earlier counted as the 4 pm and 10 pm doses for today. In other words, I will only take plain Tylenol and the 1/2 tab of Meloxicam @ bedtime. As long as I'm in the bed, I don't hurt too badly. And other than a pit stop or two between now and AM, this is where I plan to stay.

The double dose didn't stop the grabbing, yanking, shooting, hot, spasmodic pain that made me shake and holler when I had to get up and move, so there's no sense in doing any double-dosing again.

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Good to catch up with y'all, though I am sorry you continue in such pain, No Stars!

Will be waiting with a worm on my tongue (bated breath ;) ) for news from your Ortho appt!

Lil Nel, maybe next year for Equestrienne Barbie.

Hope your mood lightens. Sorry about the rain.

Tweety, good Billy is better!

Let us know what you decide. With 10 cats and one doggie, we have never considered paying for insurance. Now, if we had one or two pets, I might reconsider.

j22, hope you can pinpoint the source of your down-ness.

And turn things around, to where you are more content.

Keep posting here please. :)

A couple of the cats have the sniffles. Dh has raised the house temp by one degree, so they will be comfortable.

Had leftover curry for dinner.

Was another busy day at work. Patients are all OK, though, which is good!

We don't have candy for trick-or-treaters. Don't really get any, anymore.

And if we buy it "just in case," we end up eating it (because, of course, we buy the kind WE like!!).

So, no candy here.

Am looking forward to a quiet evening. Just started the latest in the Maggie Hope mysteries, by Susan Elia MacNeal. Maybe I can get farther through this book.

Will share a little funny I saw on FB:attachment.php?attachmentid=27773&stc=1

Have a good evening, and sleep well, all!

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