Wednesday November 10 2021

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Stars I hope you find the missing money

NJ22 I'm seeing a lot of the regular birds I normally see plus some more winter type species, like dark eyed juncos and golden crowned kinglets

Amo glad you found the thread again

Hi Dianah

Sleep was a bit disrupted last night, might have been a bit too cold.  Might have been that my clock was visible.  I tend to be a clock watcher so I keep my clock turned around so I won't check it while trying to fall asleep.  Decided not to do that tonight, perhaps a mistake

Work was fairly busy, in addition to a meeting I had 2 hours of training in the afternoon.  I'm going to be a backup to someone who assigns cases.  There's supposed to be 3 more hours of training this afternoon, hopefully it won't take that long.  So far my schedule isn't too bad, hope I can get everything done before then.

Also going to get my Pennsylvannia license, at work I cover Illinois and Michigan but it looks like we won't get a lot of cases from those states, so I'm going to help cover PA.  The process looks like it takes a few months so this change will likely occur next year

Rest of the day was pretty normal, did some crafting and exercised

Today we have bell choir and regular choir this evening.   Have grocery shopping before that.

Has turned colder again, in the 50s, in the 40s by the end of the week



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Good morning!

There is no easy way to find this thread unless you know what you're doing and look for it.  The homepage has "trending threads" which are old daily threads which is how I usually get here now.  But even when it was easy to find it was just us few faithful.  

Checking this thread was so habitual I didn't realize I was doing it.  So I though why not just post.  LOL

Joe, I've done the same thing with my phone that is now my alarm clock, keeping it away from me and if it hasn't gone off I'll try to keep sleeping.  

Stars, I can relate to losing things.  I lost a very expensive wireless headset by BOSE that cost $200.  I figured I let it at the gym and it was gone forever.  Liked it so much I bought another set.  About six months later I found it in the car under the front sea and I'm 100% certain I looked there.  Now I have two.

Dianah, I love Greek food.  In fact I'm thinking of making vegan moussaka (most like using lentils for the lamb) for Thanksgiving.  

So I'm off today having went to a concert last night and knowing I'd be late I scheduled a PTO day.  The concert was the great Mellissa Etheridge.  She's 60 years old and sounds great and can really rock out the guitar.

Going to do some meal prep for the days to come and go to the gym.  A fairly regular day.  

Haven't been sleeping well myself, which is my normal.  Makes me sluggish and unproductive.  Need to work on "sleep hygiene".  

A student nurse texted me and said I would be her preceptor.  No problem but odd that no one told me.  She starts this weekend.  Keeps me fresh so I don't mind.

Hope everyone has a good day.





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Good morning. I was foiled again in my attempt to get a flu vaccine. Yesterday, my usual pharmacy didn't have it in stock, the other pharmacy said I had to make an appointment. So I show up for that this morning, and they refused to give me the high dose because I'm not yet 65. True, I am 3 months short of that. I called my provider office, and scheduled to go to their flu clinic next week, but they couldn't say whether or not I can get high dose. So I sent a message via the online portal to my provider. It's seems stupid to have to bother him, but I want all the protection I can get. 

Speaking of birds, I opened the patio door this morning for the dog, and a chickadee flew in! Silly bird! I just left the door open and the lights out and he found his way out. I've had birds fly in before and sometimes they knock themselves silly by flying into the windows. 

I enjoy Greek food too, but dh is so-so. I think Greek style salad and spanakopita are my favorites. 

Hi Tweety, nice to see you stop in! 

Nothing much planned today. There is break in the weather, so I'll think I'll get out in the yard for a little while. 


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Ahhhhh, off!!  Today is my Friday, as I am off till 11/17.  I will return to work 11/17.  Hope to have some good times with the ds's and dil.  And dh, of course! 

Good to hear from you here, Tweety!  I am orienting a new RN (new to us) in the Stress Lab.  She is on light duty, from the ICU.  She did well today!  I know the Stress Lab is quite different from the ICU or med-surg or Tele units.  🙂  But we do still use our Nursing skills.  That's strange, that no one informed you that you would be a preceptor!  At least you got SOME advance notice.

nurseJ22, do you need special permission from your MD, to get the higher dose??  Seems convoluted and (of course) not very efficient, for those who want the higher dose.  I hope you are able to work it out and get what you want!

It is predicted to be 94 degrees Friday, when we go to Disneyland!!  94!!  I guess we won't go dapper, as it's WAY too hot for dapper stuff.  I hope it's not real crowded.  It will be good to be there. 🙂

OK, have a good evening!

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Here's waving at you, Tweety!!!

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