Wednesday November 3 2021

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Dianah I have an old exercise bike that I use

NJ22 sorry work is depresssing

Stars we don't get trick or treaters here either

Amo hope you feel better

Work was definitely busier yesterday, only got 2 new files but they needed a lot of calls and emails.  Was busy all day.  Hopefully this is a fluke, and most cases won't need that much work.  Otherwise it could get tricky keeping up.  Granted so far I have had no issues, which suggests yesterday was indeed a fluke.

After work was quiet, did exercise and some vacuuming.

After work today have grocery shopping, followed by bell choir and voice choir.  Will have to let the director know I am now available on the 14th, though I don't know if that will change plans at all

Has been rather cold this morning, upper 20s, getting up to mid 40s.  Rain is expected to hold off all week




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Good morning all!

It's in the low 50's at night, which is low for us. 🙂  No rain forecast in the immediate future.  But it's sure nice to have daytime temps in the 70's and 80's rather than 100's!

I saw on FB that a friend from high school and her husband contracted Covid a couple weeks ago.  She went home this week.  He died today, on a vent.  So sad for them.  

Dh is waiting for a package to arrive but we think it is lost.  😞  He is giving it till today to arrive then will cancel the order and request a refund.  Very frustrating for him. 😞

OK, need to get ready for work.  Have a good day!

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Morning from the land of intermittent drippiness.  Actually, the motto of the town where is work is "City of Subdued Excitement", what ever that means. Temps mild, in the 50s. I was thankful that it was dry for the dog walk this morning, although it was dark. I suppose I should be wearing more reflective clothing. I know I always mutter when I see a pedestrian or cyclist wearing all black at night. 

I have an appointment on Friday for a consultation for a new tattoo! This is with the same person that created my goldfinch tattoo and I want her to create hummingbirds. I know, that probably seems weird to you all. But I am excited. And I volunteered to work at a vaccine clinic on Friday evening to administering kiddo COVID jabs. 

Dianah, that is sad about your high school friend. Knock on wood, I don't know anyone personally that has died from COVID. I hope dh's package shows up. 

Hi Joe. Hopefully your new cases go smoothly and your calls and emails get answered. That is my biggest pet peeve, putting out requests and not hearing back. Brr, sounds cold in your neck of the woods. 

I think I heard Stars cheering last night! Dh was watching, mostly because he dislikes the Astros. No more baseball, until spring training in February. 

I just got notice that I can get a dental appointment tomorrow instead of December. Woot!


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Well the package never showed up, despite his frequent tracking of it.  Per him, "they said it would be here Sunday, and then it was Monday and then it was Tuesday, and then they said it was given to UPS to deliver, but the tracking number hasn't changed, and I can't track it with the tracking number I have, and it doesn't show up ANYWHERE!!!"  He was on the phone with an Amazon staff member last night.  He agreed to give it one more day, though "I think they lost it or someone stole it and they don't want to admit that!"  I saw via email that he cancelled the order and he is probably DONE with that package/purchase.  Most of the time deliveries are OK, but this one was not.  I'm sure he'll recover, it's just frustrating.

Work was fine today but busy as always. 

The cats are glad to see me walk in the door.  Dh is busy on Jamkazam.  I'm ready to EAT!!!  But I have to wait till he is done with his session.  Then he puts away the mandolin, winds up the cable, and lets the cat Toby out of the front bedroom.  Dh uses a cable rather than wireless, as they get less latency and less problems if everyone in the jam is 'hard-wired.'  Also, as Toby is a pretty stubborn cable-chewer, he gets put in the front bedroom whenever the cable is out.  The room has ds's old beds, water, food, and a litter box, so it's no dungeon. 😄 😄  He just doesn't get the pleasure of our company while he is captive in there.

Hope you have a good evening!

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Toby, The Stubborn Cable-Chewer! ...That sounds like a children's book title, one that would have a moral to the story and a lesson to learn. Well, OBVIOUSLY you'n's have learned the lesson and put him up when he is most apt to get into trouble. Sometimes animals are just weird about their 'interests'. Moosie used to be rooster obsessed; he wanted to kill'em. I think. He had a rooster stuffed-doll that made a real rooster crow when he chewed on it. He was so spastic about that rooster that I had to disappear it when he wasn't paying attention, because he would carry it around and could barely put it down even to eat!. ....Maybe Toby likes to get a 'buzz' from biting the cable?

dianah, tell your hubby that I understand about the frustration of waiting for something .... I have been entering Publisher'sClearingHouse Sweeps for almost 50 kidding!...and I've been waiting for that BIG check, roses, balloons, the whole 9 yards, aaaallllllll this time! This past Sunday I was once again let down by PCH. I'm thinking when the New Year arrives (unless it gets lost somewhere!) I may write the PCH CEO a good-bye letter. Sniffsniffsnuffle.

j22, some tat work is quite exquisite and exceptional. Once upon a time, I did take care of a little old man who had a tattoo on his penis, but he said he was so drunk when he had it done, he doesn't remember anything about it; he couldn't even tell me what it was "supposed to be", because he had had several CVA"s (I was going to write "he'd had several strokes", but that sounded kind of suggestive instead of medical!) My theory is it was a woman's name and then it had to be inked over because the relationship didn't work out and whatever 'new' lady he went with did not like that name on her man's anatomy.

Joe, Yup, upper 20's sounds pretty cold. I was griping this afternoon because it was 47 degrees. "They" say it is going to be kind of cold all week. I'll need some new shoes because all I wear are kind-of-like-but-not-Croc's. I don't notice how they let my feet cool down in the summer, but they sure let cold air in those little holes and make my tootsie's cold! I hate shopping for shoes, but when ya gotta, ya gotta. (Boo)

amoLu, We got the card and Nannie quite enjoyed it and smiled real big when I read it to her. We're happy the Braves won, but she still thinks there should be a few more games; but sadly, no more games until Spring-time.

I did three loads of laundry today, and emptied the wastebaskets and recycling into the bins to go out on Friday AM. Otherwise I took it easy. I woke up with vertigo again, so I emailed the doc's office to see about getting a meclizine (I just mistakenly typed mescaline! Oops!) rewrite, and a re-authorization for a refill of my Celebrex. Since those 7 nurse's and the 2 docs left that office, it just isn't running as smoothly as it did before. 

Okie-dokie, it is comin' up on midnight, so I believe I will gather up all my stuff and stuff and haul it back upstairs. Y'know how in PEANUTS cartoon, there is a character who is always surrounded by a cloud of dust and dirt? Pigpen? Well, I'm not surrounded by dust and dirt, I am surrounded by books, various notebooks, magazines, and my laptop, several pens, my phone, pocket-watch, the dog's leash, my hoodie (it's cold outside!)

Ozzie says -
Stop typing and get moving!


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