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Wednesday May 15, 2019

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Good Morning!

Had a decent day off yesterday.  Went to hot yoga and it was extremely hot and humid, but I enjoy that.  The new washer and dryer are installed and working well so far.  I did three loads of laundry.  I didn't take into account their depth and they don't fit in their spot and I had to take the door off, but it looks okay, except that it's inside and doesn't look great.  

The good news is my parents paid for most of  it for my upcoming birthday, which was extremely generous.  They are in a good spot, collecting SSI and retirement pension and have virtually no bills but for food, phone, utilities and cable/internet.   That's where I'd like to be when I retire.  Still they need to be saving their money.  On the other hand, I gladly took it as I was in need.  While I could have managed just fine, it's was very nice.

Beginning my "bad week" in which I work today, tomorrow and the weekend.  Wish me luck.  


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Morning Tweety hope this week isn't too crazy for you

Not too busy a day at work yesterday.  Rest of the day was fairly quiet, did some CEUs and went for a walk

Have not heard anything about the interview yet.  Decided to take Ted's suggestion, I will email today and see where things stand, its been 5 days.  And I'm still applying for other jobs.

Choir practice tonight and dinner with J

Weather has gotten warmer and apart from Fri should stay that way.  Rain will return again tomorrow night and hang out for a few days

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Wishing you luck, Tweety, lots of it, for your bad day tomorrow.

My nurse friend didn't clock out until 2030, last night.

She had to call the cops on a discharge. He wouldn't leave with his daughter, his court-appointed guardian, and pulled a knife on his SIL.

The cops were going to take him to the psych facility we used to work at.

My Italian nurse friend is struggling with our NM.

We talked once about the situation, and he texted me eight times throughout the day.

I offered my best advice.

Election officer training was fine.

I learned something new!

Seventeen-year-olds can vote!!!

If they will be 18, by General election, they are allowed to vote in primary.

I didn't know that, and neither did the majority of folks in training.

Makes me wonder how many 17-year-olds know they can vote in primary.

My precient is the same as November, and I hope we are the same crew, as we all got a long, and everyone was nice.

I love participating in democracy!

You should make plans to go the library at least twice weekly, Stars.

Let hubby babysit Nannie.

But what about respite care?

Is there an elderly organization that would provide respite care?

A church?

I know you aren't religious, but church organizations do all kinds of these things these days.

May be one could be of assistance.

You need to have a life outside of Nannie and AN.

Time for breakfast and coffee.

Need to pick-up new glasses, grocery shop, but horse supplies, etc.

Have a great day.


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Glad you have the washer and dryer. Even if you don't mind a laundromat it is inconvenient. I remember clothes come out of the dryer wrinkled.

Good for you, Nel, planning to work the polls. When can a 16 year old, who will be 18 in November 2020, register to vote?

Joe: I hope you get the job you want.

Someone on TV just won a trip to New Orleans! We go tomorrow!

Lots to remember.

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The County Clerk's office, herring. But 17, not 16.

Our primary in KY is Tuesday, May 21st.

I have to vote via absentee ballot, tomorrow or Friday.

Being a poll worker allows you to vote absentee ballot.

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Back to work after 6 glorious days off. The weird one was supposed to leave 40 minutes ago, but she is still here. And she has the thermostat down to 65 and my hands are aching because they are so cold. Ir is nice outside though. It rained yesterday, and we needed it. There are already wildfires north of here, and a another bad season is predicted. 

That is really nice of your parents, Tweety. Hopefully the fridge can be repaired for a reasonable amount. Best of shifts to you. 

Sounds like you are have a decent week Joe and J must be feeling a little better. I know allergies can really be miserable. 

Herring, do have fun on your trip. New Orleans is one of my favorite places to visit. 

Later all, 


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herring, have a wonderful time in New Orleans!  Woo Hoo!


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I was in cath lab Monday and Tuesday.  Very busy.  But the pts all did well.

Monday we had a nice dinner with dh and our two "boys" at a sushi place we used to eat at when they were smaller.  Kinda cool to be back.  🙂

Left work early yesterday for band practice, which went well.  Followed band practice with a band dinner at a local steakhouse.  Good food, good convo.

Today was busy but I got off on time.  My stress lab colleague and I revamped and updated the P & P Manual, and it is now in the hands of the Cardiologist "in charge" of the stress lab, for review and further possible revision. 

Have a very good evening!

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I'm late to the party.  It is 9:53 p.m. on the West Coast.

Such a complicated and busy day with one patient. 

I joined a group on FB "Hospice Nursing Support Group".  Amazing amount of information and sharing.  Our Hospice here on AN is pretty much . . . quiet. 

I did work out after work.  3 miles on the treadmill and then weights. 

I broiled fish, Brussels Sprouts, and munching on Dry Roasted Peanuts with some white wine.  

Tweety - good luck!  And yes, glad you got your new washer and dryer. 

As to 17 year olds being able to vote . . . as a former school nurse who worked with teenagers . . . I'm kinda skeptical of their knowledge base and ability to make choices.  

I know when I was 17 or even 18, I was pretty naive. 

I still always took my kids to the polls and talked about how important it is to vote.  I just dunno about 17-18 year olds.  

Okay - one more small glass of wine, a few more peanuts, then time for bed. 

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You know, Nel, there is a fabulous Senior Center just  a few miles away that has all kinds of activities and programs, and there is also a memory-care daycare place right next to it where they (+ we!)  can get lunch. 

I think she would have a good time if she'd let herself. She loves it when folks fuss over how she doesn't look old enough to have a son my hubby's age. Also, she still thinks ALL males still have the hots for her, all ages of guys! Maybe she'll tell them how a female doctor she had once said that her 'cooter' was so small, the doc "couldn't even get her little finger up there!" That'd be an ice-breaker for conversation, wouldn't it!!! 

I guess I am going to have to make Nannie mad by having her at least walk inside the lobby with me to pick up the monthly schedule for what's available. Last time I had hubby stop by there so I could pick up April's schedule and Nannie was in the car, practically spitting that SHE was NOT going to go into "that place"...

It's not a facility for residents, so no one is going to hand-cuff and make her stay or anything like that. She won't go to church or church events either. Guess she is self-conscious about her dwindling memory, etc. Anyway, she made sure to have burned her bridges at church and will NOT go back; she only has 2 friends that keep in touch with her.

She could use some socialization but uses her age and ability or lack there-of as excuses to avoid everything she can. "I just don't feel like I can do ___________ today."


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