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Wednesday March 25 2020

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Folks, it is after midnight and I am TIRED!

And here is why:

Nannie climbed the stairs from the den, by herself, holding a full cup of coffee, and went out onto the front porch, where hubby said to her, "What are you doing up here? We TOLD you we'd be back downstairs in a few minutes. And you aren't supposed to climb those stairs alone, plus you need to use both hands on the railing, not carry things up with you." Well, she immediately got huffy and whirled around to step back up into the house. She didn't lift her foot up high enough and fell backwards onto her butt, right at the edge of the top step. Then she slid on her butt down to the 4th step, and fell arse-over-tea-kettle, backwards.  Her backbone was resting on the sharp edges of the 2nd and 3rd step and the top of her head was resting, crown down, on the 1st step.

I was inside and heard hubby yell my name. As I went into the front hallway, I could see coffee spilled everywhere, and Nannie's fanny facing up, with her legs straight out over the front of her upper body, as if in a weird yoga pose. She got her legs back down somehow, and lay there with her feet resting on the top step.

Definitely time to call the ambulance, which, as luck would have it, was only two miles away, returning from a call. They got a neck brace on her and got her on the stretcher. She didn't utter one murmur when they did that, whereas when I tried to just feel her neck and back ... without even moving her, she squalled and squawked. So, anyway, off she went to the ER.

During the time she was there, a social worker called (Nannie is not what you'd call the best health historian.) While she and hubby were talking, she mentioned that she thought Nannie might need to be placed. Oh-HO! Someone (social worker) is supposed to call hubby tomorrow to discuss this possibility.

We were kind of hoping they would keep her overnight for observation, but all tests were normal and nothing was broken. She had a few bruises, and a skin tear where hubby had tried to grab her arm to keep her from falling. He was only sitting about four feet away when she started to go over, but her momentum and gravity didn't allow him to get a grip on her.

Well, we had five hours of the evening to ourselves. They called for us to come and get her at 10:30 PM. Naturally, I was the one to go.

The streets are eerily empty due to the lockdown.

She lost a shoe. She said they gave her some vegetables "and something else" for supper. When we got home, hubby and I had to walk her up those same brick steps, into the house and down nine steps to the den. I said, "Straight into the bathroom!" She had been wearing the same pull-ups and pad the whole time and was drenched. When I took off her hosp. gown, I had to pull of all the leads and wires they'd left stuck all over her. No biggie, but it was a surprise to find all the wires still attached to the pads!

So that's it for now, and it's quite enough.

to be continued ~ tune in tomorrow for more 'Fun with Nannie!'


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What an experience, No Stars!  Good none of you got hurt, and maybe this will expedite the placement process???  Time will tell.  Bet Nannie will be sore tomorrow.  Hope you all sleep in!

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