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Wednesday March 18, 2020

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Good Morning!

Welcome to the "new normal".  

Ted, I can appreciate that you want to feel some control and that taking that one day will give you a nice stretch of days off.  A coworker just did that and it was quite obvious what she was doing, so if you do it, be prepared for people to read between the lines and know you're taking a longer stretch of days off.  For us short staffed it was not a nice thing for her to do, but I get it.  For your teeny tiny hospital without ICU patients it might not be a big deal. 

I talked to my elderly 86 and 83 year old parents.  Both in their right minds and both heeding the advice to isolate.  They have plenty of food and toilet paper for a long haul.  Dad ventured out for gas much to mom's annoyance but he brought hand wipes and wiped the hand pumps down before using them.  They are using common sense.  Dad had a thoracotomy a few years ago for an empyema and that would be the end of him if he caught an incurable respiratory virus.  Right now the only confirmed case is on the military base (not good) so they are in a safer zone...at the moment.

Right now our compact county of one million has only four cases, so our zone is relatively okay.  I think people are a bit complacent but mostly I see out and about are healthy and youngish.  We have a lot of elderly.  

Canadians, whom snowbird here by the thousands are trying to get out and dealing with canceled flights. They usually stay through Easter.   They want to get back to their universal healthcare or more rural areas where they are from.  

I'm practicing social distance as much as I kind while not working.  I'm well stocked with food so to avoid the grocery store, stopped going to the gym and yoga class, and no social activities (not that there is anything to do).

While many people are in denial or like me push it to the back of their mind, there does seem to be a spirit of positivity and working together to social distance and keep it away.  The grocery stores have patient people and people are generally upbeat.  There were even sanitizing wipes for a while yesterday at my store.  People are taking to social media to share where the toilet paper is.  So far only four cases in this county.  Many people being tested.

The new normal.  

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Good Morning -

Tweety - I'm always concerned when I read the percentage of people positive (or negative) for this virus. Without proper testing for this specific virus, how does anyone know the real percentage of people who are (were) infected with the virus. I was texting a former co-worker. We were wondering how many patients in our hospitals during this past winter season, who presented with pneumonia negative from the typical influenzas and slow to respond to antibiotic therapy (with the "strong stuff"), might have been positive with this particular coronavirus. Without having the specific test for this virus (I forget its name, already), who knows??!!?? Anyway. . . I kvetch.  It's nice to read that people your way are upbeat. Actually, the same is true around this part of the world. At least at work, we're keeping a level head regarding all of this, and remain supportive with each other.

Regarding Calling Out on Friday night. . . I am 85+% likely NOT to do it. Like I said, I've never done it before and most likely won't start now. HOWEVER, if being On Call is offered for that night due to low census, I WILL take it! L O L! 😄

I've been up farting around on the internet. Again. L O L! Been messaging an old work-mate and fellow RN who used to work for our teeny-tiny hospital. (We've been kvetching, of course. 😛 ) Currently, I'm editing another one of those educational videos. Soon, I'll be getting ready to add some original score-music to it, which is my favorite part of the video-production process! Already had Second Coffee, so I am WIDE AWAKE at this early hour of the morning!! Amy recently woke up, too. We're both off from work today. If it's warm outside, we plan on going for one of our power-walks. We might do some grocery shopping, too. (We were planning on going away for nearly 2 weeks, and hadn't bother to do our usual grocery shopping these past couple of weeks.)

I'm leaving you with this Pat Metheny tune to help start your day. It's one of many of my favorite tunes by him. It's titled, "In Her Family". It's a sweet song that I hope you find relaxing, uplifting, and inspiring. 

Peace, folks! 🙂




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Morning Tweety and Ted 

Productive day at work.  

J had his new recliner delivered and had his old one delivered to me.  It arrived earlier than expected, before work was over.  Thankfully I wasn't busy with anything at the time

Went to Joann Fabrics to pick up some supplies for another project.  Wanted to get there before they closed.  Exercised and rested the rest of the day

J and I aren't getting together tonight, we're going to do something Friday, once we figure out what that is

Going to be a rainy day today and tomorrow.  Temps are pretty variable the next few days

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Niko is slowly getting back to his old self.  He still won't go near the back bedroom where the other cat was.  I thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the room.  It will take time, I guess.  I am still sad about giving up the other cat.  That will also take time to get over.

I decided to quit my telemedicine job.  The pay was not worth the aggravation.  I as supposed to start doing Covid screening, but the process was too cumbersome.  I'm fairly computer literate, but you had to jump from one platform to another during the the patient interactions, and it turned from chat visits to video calls.  The training was a 2 minute video.  Trying to work through it made me very anxious and frustrated, and I'm not going to do anyone any good in that state.  So, I will stick with my 10 AM-2PM telemedicine slots for my own practice, on a platform that I understand and am comfortable with.

After I finish my visits I am going to attempt making Italian bread, using a biga.  Biga is pre-fermented dough, and it's what adds the favor and the big holes you see in good bread.  I mixed up the flour, yeast, and water for the biga last night, and it is fermenting away on the counter.  More four, yeast, and water will be added in a few hours and that will be the final bread mixture. It has multiple rises, so the whole process takes about 18 hours from biga to bake.  I hope it comes out ok.

Tweety-I hope things stay contained in Florida and that your parents remain well.  My mother has enough supplies to last a few weeks, but she has been going for joy rides in her car.  She never goes anywhere but helps her not feel trapped.  Do you have enough PPE at work should you start seeing more cases?

Joe-I'm glad you got the recliner.  I hope you and J are able to get together.  If the weather cooperates, maybe go for a walk outside. It's probably best to stay away from indoor areas like stores.

Ted-Did you cancel the trip to Sedona?  You may have posted that elsewhere, and I missed it.  Enjoy your time off, regardless.

I hope everyone is well.  Take care, stay home if at all possible, and hopefully things will improve in the not too distant future.

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I find myself singing and humming this beautiful song by Lorre Wyatt. We ARE all in the same boat.

Somos el barco, somos el mar,
Yo navego en ti, tu navegas en mi
We are the boat, we are the sea, I sail in you, you sail in me

The stream sings it to the river, the river sings it to the sea
The sea sings it to the boat that carries you and me


The boat we are sailing in was built by many hands
And the sea we are sailing on, it touches every land


So with our hopes we set the sails
And face the winds once more
And with our hearts we chart the waters never sailed before


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I read earlier about people who have the coronavirus but are symptom free, it's kind of like the polio epidemic in that symptom-less folks could still pass it along to others. Oh, great!

And I'm wondering, if you do get tested and are negative, can you still come down with the virus later? It's entirely possible. How often should a symptom-free, negative-tested person get retested? 

If I have a healthy immune system that has the innate ability to fight off the virus, all good and well, but I SURE don't want to unknowingly pass it on, most especially to hubby.

My brother brought up the fact that we have not heard much of anything at all about the coronavirus in Russia. Curious, but not too surprising. 

Did you see the story about the big, tall, long, rolling grey cloud along Block Island?  The picture of it was most impressive, and not just a little scary. Don't recall reading anything about what or why it might be, or have been, there, or where and if it went elsewhere. Peculiar. 

Trying to get Nannie to slow down her brain. She said her eyes feel so heavy, so I told her to close them because there was nothing going on worth staying awake for, and that I would be sitting right here anyway. So she closed her eyes, and 30 seconds later she said, "Do we have enough ..." That's where I cut her off and told her to stop trying to take inventory, and take a nap! For cryin' out loud! Then she heard hubby out on the front porch, either talking on the phone, or hollering back and forth with a neighbor; "Who's that? Who is talking out there? How many people are out there?" Then when he came back inside, she asked him, "What's going on out there?" (--- "Not a dern thing!")

I think I have been elected to go out to KFC; hubby called to see if their take- out window was open, and the guy said if hubby called him when I was on my way, he'd cook up a fresh batch of chicken livers just for us.

So, I gotta go 😊


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Hello, just checking in.

Just cancelled our Sunday practice for friend's CD.  The future practice sessions remain in effect, until further notice.

Dh is disappointed, the software he was trying to use in order to jam with others online, just is not working. 

I will keep tomorrow's appointment to get taxes done.  It will likely be raining tomorrow. 

It is nice, though, to hang out at home in my relaxing clothes.  🙂  I have read a couple books, and looked at some of the offerings that Paris museums have presented online.   Will look at some other museums each day. 

Hope you all are well.

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Work was soooo confusing to come back after 6 days. There are multiple meetings going on between health department muckety mucks, and the county emergency response, and the state and the hospital and a lot of strangers dashing about. Work plans seem to change hourly, while the worker bees (the nurses) just keep carrying on. I had the opportunity to help collect nasal swabs on 5 patients today. We are still doing them for the biggest provider group in the county for no imaginable reason that I can see, health care personnel, and people with no insurance. We are collecting for Quest, but they sent up some miscellaneous swabs including cervical and urethral swabs. We make sure not to let the patients see the packaging 😂. 

The weather is beautiful, up in the 50s today. I went for a run this morning before work, with frost still in the grass. I have a townhall type call in a few minutes with other union reps from across the state. The union wants to make sure we are getting the PPE we need and schedules are not unreasonable. We are doing pretty good in that respect. I am picking up an extra shift Sunday. I'm still not sure what I will be doing, but I'm sure it will change 5 times between now and then. 



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S'gonna be 79 degrees tomorrow, and 81 degrees on Friday. Freaky weather for March, to go along with all the other off-center things going on in the world.

I found an old cartoon I cut out of the New Yorker magazine years ago, which showed some people walking through a park, and the clouds above spell a message: "The World Has Temporarily Lost It's Sanity. Please Stand By."

Seems the loss is not so temporary any more!  🙃 Welcome to Da Nue Nawhmul. 


Hey~ Anybody out there remember toilet paper?  🙄 

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