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Wednesday June 23, 2022

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Good Morning!

Ted, thanks for the video Sedona is adorable.  I imagine there are some shift supervisor shifts in your future.

J22, I wonder with global warming is an air conditioner in your future. I remember Herring didn't have one until recently.

Amo, hope the issues resolve for you.  I take 9 mg Melatonin myself, 5 mg quick release and 4 mg slow release.  Not sure if it helps, but I think it does some.  

Slept the opposite of yesterday.  Got up to pee and thought I have a few hours left to sleep and the alarm rang to wake me up while I was in the bathroom.  Slept about seven solid hours, but I did take Klonopin.   

Got a group text "325 bonus for working on Wednesday!".  No one took them up on it, so I'm not sure what I'm walking in on.  Wednesdays can be busy with post op patients. 

Have a great day.

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Tweety hope today isn't too busy for you

Liked the video Ted

Amo I've restarted melatonin too, and it seems to help

Stars hope you feel less tired

NJ22 it's been cooler here too

Was a nice day at work, not too busy. Hope this trend continues, at least this week.  Found out another new hire decided against working here.  Probably not a good sign

After work ran to the bank and the bakery and exercised.  Finalized arrangements with the cat sitter

Today after work will do laundry, drop by the credit union, and attend online Bible study.  Have not been able to do that last due to bell choir practice

Weather has been nicer here, in the 70s and low 80s, and will be for the next week or so.  And chances of rain every day for the next week.  It will be nice for farmers as we're currently in a drought, hopefully it won't interfere with our reunion plans




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Woke up to a robo-call. Robo-chick was telling me I was 'preselected & qualified for a reduction in my student loans debt'!!!!!!!! That was a new one!

Rec'd some coupons today's mail from Frito-Lay. I called them re some issues on a cookie item and customer service said 'TY' and sent me coupons. I had an aunt who used to contact manufacturers re their products (good & bad comments) and would just reap in the coupons & freebies. She got such a kick out of doing it.

June 23 - cousin Mark's birthday. Haven't talked to him forever, but I remember his birthday! Just a thing of mine that I will usually remember family & friends' birthdates.

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Went to bed early, got up early and went for a short run while it was still cool and overcast. it is supposed to really heat up, into the 90s for the weekend. Went through the pharmacy drive-thru, then to eldest ds's home to water his little garden, and stopped at the bookstore and picked up an e-reader. I've been trying to get rid of books, and decided an e-reader would be less cumbersome. Did a little weeding and some laundry. And now Imma gonna read the free Agatha Christie book that came with the reader. Well, technically not free, but ya know what I mean. I got a robo-call too, reminding me of my mammogram tomorrow. Ugh. I am really dreading this because of how tender my pacer site is, but it has to be done. My mom had breast cancer 😕.

I hope everyone's day has gone better than expected. 

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j22, I would have been posting around the time that you did, except I got a little distracted, side-tracked by having to do just one more thing before I could sit to type up My Story of Today. But I wasn't surprised to come back and find that you'd just posted! Figures, doesn't it? Cross-Country-Synchronicity, or something like that. // Hope your mammogram isn't too tough on you. Take some OTC pain med prior to, and bring one of those 'instant' ice packs w/ your for afterwards, maybe? // I get the (*$*&(#$^!!  oh-so-friendly robo-lady calls: "Hi! This is Tanya {or Sandra or Cindy or Marlene ... I get different names in each call.} from the Dealership Service Department." It's too bad it's a recording, because I would like to say, "Oh? And what Dealership might that be, eh??" and if it's about a warranty: "What's my name? What kind of car do I drive?"

Tweety, When I picked my laptop up after a while of being away from the page, the first sentence I saw in your post was: "Slept the opposite of yesterday." Well, I knew the reference, but taking it completely out of context, I wondered, what IS the opposite of yesterday? Tomorrow? Unless one is a Time Traveler, I think it would be impossible to sleep tomorrow, today. Yeah, well, I reckon my mind is a'wanderin' around somewhere. THAT reminds me of a sentence the character "Jim" said once on TAXI : "I know I seem to go off into my own little world sometimes, but, it's okay, they know me there."

Joe, I forget, when is your reunion? When do you leave? // Speaking of cats, hubby and I have decided that at some point, our next pet, (or ONE of our next pets) will be a Maine-Coon-Cat kitten. We want  to train it to wear a harness so we can take it out to walk on a leash. But, I don't want it to wear the harness all the time because it would get in the way of cozy petting and cuddling. Anyway, that'll be a little ways into the future, but it is exciting to think about; we both miss not having a cat these last couple of, well, maybe it's been a little bit over 14 years. YIKES!

amoLu, My mom used to write complimentary letters to companies whose products we liked. I remember when she sent one to some company whose "Scotch Ham" we really, really liked. They sent us a box of their entire line of products, which was about 7 different packages of, oh, like bacon, the ham, sausages, etc. It was wild, we went nuts!  I started doing that also, once in a while, and would get samples and/or full-size products, and later on, well, since a while ago there have been the coupons. One company sent me a coupon on line; well, I wrote them back and said 'thankyouverymuch' and told them I had no printer and no smart-phone, so I couldn't use that online coupon. So the next thing I know, they actually mailed me 12 coupons (for  different products) in the snail-mail! 

 BCg, Hope you are feeling better. //  dianah, Are you still out camping? // herring, hope you continue to improve. // Ted, Does Sedona like to be brushed? I love the way her fur moves in the video. She's a cutie for sure! //

Tawk whichoo'all tomorry!

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