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Wednesday June 16, 2021

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Good morning!

The error message I had logging in by hitting "clubs" to the right is gone and things are working. ¬†ūüôā

Dianah, hope you're having fun camping.

Joe hope you had a good day without the anxiety flaring up again.

J22, glad you're feeling better and weren't down for long.  Good to hear cases are going down and things are returning to normal in that part of the country.  

Davey, good to hear retirement is going well for you.  I'm working towards that goal.  I still have a ways to go and am envious of retired people.  My best friend found a way to retire at age 62, my current age. 

Ted, hope the puppy and owner training went well.

J22, looks like the Braves didn't pull it off.  The local team here lost as well but are having a good year and are in first place.  This puts them in a better position to bargain for a new stadium.  They mayor has fought for several years to make them honor their contract with the city and their current stadium but they don't like it.   I hope they get the stadium they want but not in this town, good riddance.

The insomnia bug bit me hard again last night.  Around 3:30 I took 1/4th a Klonopin and around 4:30 fed the dogs and meditated myself to sleep for a couple of more hours.  Having coffee and feeling tired.     Bleh

Off today.


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Hope you feel better Tweety.  Glad the meditation helped

NJ22 glad the numbers are going down

Davey glad you made it to retirement

Ted I'm by nature anxious too.  I've been trying to do more with my mindful meditation, have fallen away from that since the pandemic started

Stars that seems like good ways to approach anxiety, I need to do more of that

Work was pretty good yesterday, hoping it will be so today. Expecting more work to come down the pike any day now...

Less anxiety yesterday.  Realized the chest tightness I felt wasn't anxiety but a very dry throat caused by the fluticasone I was trying out for allergies.  Don't really need it, my allergies have been pretty mild the last few years  

After work exercised, had an online meeting with one of the political groups, and vacuumed a bit.   Did some embroidery before bed

Slept pretty good last night, only got up about a half hour early.  Think keeping my room a bit cooler is helping.  Also put on a sleep mask if I wake up during the night, in case the earlier rising sun is an issue

Today will do the laundry after work and exercise

Last day of good weather, in the upper 70s.  Will get up to 90 tomorrow, will have some storms too




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The sun is shining today, and should continue through the weekend.  BFF got some very good news.  Her PET scan was completely negative.  They are now thinking she has some type of rheumatological issue going on, possibly post-Covid.  She is hugely relieved, but still in a lot of pain.  She will have a consult with Rheum and meanwhile will try some PT.  I am so relieved for her. Now I hope she can get some pain relief.  

I've been right up there in the anxiety club with some of you.  Issues with my mother's house, trying to get work done on my house, my BIL's cancer, work, wedding, yada yada yada.  I haven't been sleeping well.  Might be time to refill my trazodone, even though I don't like taking it.  I have so much trouble turning my mind off.

Tweety-Sorry you didn't sleep well last night.  I hope tonight is better.

Joe-Glad you slept well.  I really need to try some meditation.

Hope all have a good day.

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Hi. Still not feeling great, got sent home yesterday because I kept grimacing and holding my stomach. It still hurts, but is easing up. At the risk of being indelicate--TMI alert-- I had a colonoscopy on Monday, started having pain and bloating about 6 hours after. I came to work, and at the urging of co-workers, including our MD, I called the GI office. I was told that I probably had over-extended myself because I had walked my dog after the procedure, and I needed a nap. Even though the post-procedure instructions said to call for pain or bloating. And if I get pain in my right shoulder I should go to the ER because it would indicate a perforation. Gee, thanks. So I got some simethicone, took it and some tylenol and tried to nap.  

The weather looks nice, I am off this afternoon. I need to go to the grocery store on the way home. 

BC, that is excellent news. My co-worker's ex had something similar. He went to ER with chest pain, CT showed multiple abnormalities in lungs and abdomen with preliminary dx of cancer with mets.  Now it looks to be sarcoid. There are lots of good tx for rheum. 

After months of good sleep, I may have picked up the insomnia bug virtually. Thanks a lot crew! 

Just kidding.  Big hugs to all

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Good Afternoon -

A quick but warm hello to all. . . ūüôā

Tweety - Insomnia. No fun. Hope you get good sleep tonight.

Joe - You seemed to have quite the busy day, yesterday. Hope you share a photo of your newest embroidery project when it's finished.

BCgradnurse - It's really good news to read about your BFF! You certainly have a lot your plate for anxiety. Dealing with the anxiety is always the tricky part. Some of that anxiety is for positive events, for sure, like your wedding! ūüôā

nurseJ22 - Gosh, I hope you're feeling better by now! Colonoscopies are no fun, especially the prep. Never experienced bloating afterward, though. (My best colonoscopy was my last one, a couple of years ago. They used a bit of Propofol, which worked like a charm!!! LOVE Propofol!)

Hello to all who follow!

We just put a downpayment for a new central heating/AC system! Ours recently died, after nearly 16 years. (Ugh!) Gratefully, it hasn't been too hot and humid these past several days. It's an expense that we are able to cover with our savings.

Working tonight. Hopefully it's "Q".

As for the puppy??? Last evening's pre-kindergarten class for the puppy went well. Interestingly, our puppy was the calmest, initially. Also, Sedona seems most comfortable around other humans than dogs. However, towards the end of the class, the "she-devil" started presenting itself with the nipping and the lack of attention. It was somewhat reassuring to see other puppies going through similar episodes of "high energy" too.

Well. . . gonna try to catch a few more ZZZZZs before going to work tonight. 

Peace! ūüôā


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Yeah, Ted, they gave me propofol. I can't say that it's any better or worse, except that it is an added expense to pay for a nurse anesthetist. I think I would rather have had the good night's sleep that I get after versed. 

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During my computer 'hiatus', I started doing some paperwork shredding. Well, am still continuing the shredding. Have bags full of shreds. Funny how no matter how hard you try to be neat not to make a shred-storm all over the floor; I have all these little shreds all over - it reminds me of 'Hansel & Gretel' and their trail of breadcrumbs. But I have to be careful to NOT stress my bad shoulder with the repetitive action.

Will have to put the shred bags out with the trash on Monday night. My community actually made the local TV news with a lack of garbage pickup. Went on for a couple of weeks. Seems there's a lack of sanitation workers for the trash trucks! Boy, you never really think of them until they're out of service! The recycle stuff is still pending regularity.

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Well, TSK! and Harumph, Tweety! You are so funny. This time you referred to the Braves game ... to j22, instead of me.¬†ūüėā¬† But, she¬†lives clear across the country, so¬†I doubt she is a Braves fan, or even into any baseball teams around where she lives. You meant me. I can't remember...¬†ūü§ĒWho was it you used to keep¬†answering my posts with their name?¬†ūüôĄ¬† That's okay, though, my mother used to call me by my sister's name, and my sister by MY name. She even did the same with our husbands' names. And you only have a gazillion things on your mind concerning work, etc..., so, as Emily Latella used to say, "Never mind!" Just givin' you a poke in the ribs. Tee-hee-hee!

Anxiety is not the complaint of my day, here; but insomnia is! I slept 6 hours, woke up feeling groggy, but stayed up because I had to do all my bill-paying today. But mid-way, I discovered my balance and the bank's balance didn't match, by several hundred dollars to my deficit. YIKES! So, I spent 2 hours going back 2 months in the checking log and re-figuring all my math....twice! AUGH! But I did sort of balance my acct w/ the bank's reckoning . When I got it down to just a difference of $20.40, I decided I could live with that and called it quits!!! Having to play the Adult game of Financial Responsibility is for the turds, uh, birds!

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Well, ACK! I just managed to post the above ... before I was done with it, by clicking on ...yes, the BACKSPACE button. Whaaaa? I told ya my laptop is messing up more and more lately. No, it's not ALL me!!! How can the backspace button POST something? Makes no sense to me!~

So anyway, to continue...

Joe, for me, it's vacuuming tomorrow (I was going to do it 3 or 4 days ago) and doing more laundry, but no embroidery! It would frustrate me instead of having a calming effect.

Last night I was taking my meds late... while half-reclining in bed, which I do not recommend.... and I had to reach for something on the bedside table, so I tucked my sippy-cup of ice water, upright, between my upper arm and armpit, thinking that would allow me to keep it steady as I leaned over for a moment. Nope! WRONG!!! Nothing like ice water spilling onto your chest, stomach and mattress in the middle of the night! I went to the linen closet,  grabbed some towels, and when I got a lot of it sopped up, I decided that I was NOT going to change myself or the bed! So I laid down 2 more thick towels on the sheet, and tucked a hand-towel inside my t-shirt, from my waist, up through the arm-hole, and eventually went to sleep. 

I had to do some more of the tasks that fall under my Supply- Sargeant-title today. Yes, once again it was the pharmacy, and a few grocery items, the bank, gas-station; oh, and a LOT of waiting in LINES. The pharmacy had 15 people in line, so I did my other shopping first and went back....to a line JUST AS LONG, with me being #15 this time. They finally opened a second register (duh) and I was on my way....to the grocery check-out line, in back of people who had 2 cartsful of groceries. GADS! But the other 3 checkout lines were just as jammed. I keep telling myself I've gotta start doing my errands earlier in the day, but I either don't listen very well, or I forget/ignore myself.

BCg, What a relief about your BFF's neg scan; hope they can get the pain under control now.

j22, versed didn't work on me at all, atall. The next colonoscopy they gave me Propofol, which worked well, but they wouldn't let me sleep. The nurse in recovery would come by and tell me to wake up and pass gas. I told her she was the only person who has ever said that to me! 

Y'know, there's a bunch of yez who have problems with docs and appts and tests....I have a standing offer to all of you (if you pay for my transpo to your area) to line all of your healthcare providers up and slap their faces hard, then shake them by the shoulders, and shout, a la Cher, "SNAP OUT OF IT!" It is just so frustrating to get things lined up to keep ourselves healthy, because everyone else seems to be operating on different planets. We already know a lot of the advice we're given, but trying agree on days and times of appts, or to pin down results and answers "in a timely fashion", I mean it is often so fubar (I hope that is an acceptable substitute word for A-N!) it is unbelievable. Too many patients needing so many things from places with never-enough-staffing. I don't suppose we can hope for real improvement, so I'll leave the subject for now.

Holy-kamoley I don't have as much anxiety as I have aggravation, irritation, and/or exasperation, don't you think?

amoLU, Now, I am reminded about the ever-accumulating pile of papers needing shredding. Thanx a bunch! *sigh*

Ted, Would you, could you please post another photo of Sedona for we who are Facebookless?

herring, hope you are continuing to improve. I miss you a whole lot!

Bo'Sox are ahead of the Braves again: 6 to 3 in the 5th inning (and about to be 7 or 8 to 3. Bummer!)

 Nannie has gone to bed, and hubby, after checking his blood-sugar and taking his insulin, is about to go to bed. Ozzie is on the sofa, dozing beside me. And I AM EXHAUSTED! So be back w/ y'all tomorrow.




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