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Wednesday June 24 2020

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No weird dreams last night, so hopefully sleep is returning to normal

Work went well, was not as crazy as I had feared it would be after a day off

Got my title and documents sent to the state, via certified mail.  Hopefully it won't take too long to get back

Was supposed to do an online training to be a Zoom manager for one of my groups.  After the training started I realized that you need a desktop or laptop to have all the appropriate functions.  Apparently my tablet and phone does not have these

Today have grocery shopping, will also pick up some groceries for church 

Weather will be fairly nice today, rain should hold off.  Although will get hot again later in the week 

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Good Afternoon -

Hi Joe - Bummer about not having the equipment for the training. Hope you can get that settled. Hope the rest of your day is kind to you.

amoLucia - Hope you're doing well. . . 

NSIME - Same to you. Hope you're doing well, too. . . 

Well. . . "Randy Robin" is at it again. We thought we discouraged the bird from banging into our window(s). He's not discouraged. He's a pesky and very determined bird, for sure. He's also really, really stupid. It's gotta hurt, banging into the window again, and again, and again. (He's doing it now. THREE TIMES, so far, I tried to scare it away. He just flies to the nearest tree, and when I'm out of his sight, bangs into the windows again. UGH!) Oh well.

The full-time night Shift Director called in sick to tonight. So, I'm playing the role of Mr. Shift Director. I'm also doing the Shift Director thing tomorrow night so that the other full-timer can enjoy a summer vacation. (Presently, there are only about 2 per diem shift directors, which make it difficult for the full-timers to get days/nights off from work. They're not covered by our nursing union.)

Dang!! That bird is persistent!!

Amy and I finished that video. It's up on Facebook, on my timeline, for anyone wanting to view it.  We'll probably re-do it. Lasting about 19 minutes, we need to make it shorter. We're learning. But it's a lot of fun, and a cool creative outlet for the two of us to do together. 

I'm gonna try to catch a few ZZZZZs. Hopefully Randy Robin will knock himself out, at least for a little while.

Peace, folks. . . 


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Ted will have to look for the vid on Facebook  She's very entertaining.

Joe, have a good day.

Felt really drained, sluggish this morning and unmotivated.  Out of the blue I puked my guts out...breakfast, coffee, everything.  Within minutes I felt my normal energized self.  Weird.  Feeling great now. 

Work is work.  Bleh

Have a great day.

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I am back to work this afternoon. Bleh. Weather is overcast, sort of humid and not hot, not cold. Did a short bike ride this morning. Sleeping is tough, due to hot flashes. My PCP won't re-order my estrogen patches, and I'm trying black cohosh which doesn't seem to help. But I'm changing PCPs in about 2 weeks so hopefully things can change. 

We did really bad at Trivia last night. Oh well, its free and entertaining. 

Hope everyone's day goes well. 

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Hi Ted. You posted while I was typing. That bird must be upsetting.

Tweety: Glad you are feeling better.

nursej22: I'm glad you are getting a different PCP. Ours makes it easy to see a specialist when needed. 

Our governor is on the radio right now saying, "Wash Your Hands!"

The physician who heads our county health department has had death threats and a protest at her house by people who don't want to wear a mask. Two motorcycle LAPD officers came, handed out masks and ordered them to stay on the sidewalk, out of the street, and off her lawn. One news station was there because according to the protesters they sent out press releases. The director of the Orange County Health Department resigned after receiving death threats because the mayor ordered that masks would be voluntary. 

I plan to go buy more sweet potatoes. Husband eats mashed sweet potatoes almost every day.

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Evening all.

herring - Mmmmm! Sweet potatoes. Have you ever tried sweet potato pancakes? Made same as reg potato pancakes, but I would add corn. Kind of made them 'distant cousins' to fritters! Saw a recipe for PINEAPPLE fritters in a new cookbook that I treated myself to.

Not that I have much 'oomph' to cook. Nor should I be doing risky eating. MAJOR side effect for megace is ^ appetite and blood clots. But I can 'think about it'.

j22 - I never had hot flashes. Only a rare "anybody else warm here?" type of flush. But nothing like I've heard/seen. I remember my girlfriend 'flashing' during brunchfast at a local diner. The sweat was dripping in rivulets onto the tablecloth. Even athletes didn't sweat like that!

Need to make a decision for dinner - nothing to difficult to do.

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