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Wednesday June 17 2020

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Another decent but slow day at work.  Have 2 hours of meetings today 

Ran some errands after work and exercised.    Talked to J, he's doing better, pain from the dental implants have decreased

Grocery shopping today after work. Will also start on the embroidery again.

Going to be warmer today, and warmer the next few days.  Weekend may be rainy

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Good Morning -

Joe - Nice to read that J is in less pain. Hope the two of you can get together soon, especially if you haven't already during this pandemic. Hope work is kind to you today.

amoLucia - Nice to read that thing seems to be progressing for you. Please know that you're warmly held for continued healing and comfort.

dianah - Enjoy your travels. Share some pictures if you can! (You mentioned, yesterday, that your DH was playing banjo and that you were going to join him. I enjoy reading the posts about your music-making. Gosh, I'd love to join you all in the music-making someday.)

NSIME - Please know that you're warmly held, too, for comfort and healing. 

Gosh. . . It looks to be a nice morning with the sun out, again, and the temperature comfortably in the mid-60s. It's supposed to get hotter and more humid as the day marches forward, though. 

With many options to choose from, I decided to mow the lower part of our property (that's along side the dirt road). This particular mowing was the first of this season. So, of course, the grass was high and needed 2 or 3 passes with the mower to get it looking nice. This particular part of the property normally takes about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours to mow. Yesterday, I finally finished mowing this part of the property in a little over FOUR hours. (Whine!) I lost a couple pounds in water weight, though! L O L! 😛 😄 Amy cooked a lovely dinner which tasted delicious! Afterwards, we went out for a soft ice-cream dessert. (Yummy!) (And. . . those couple of pounds of weight were quickly added back on! L O L! 😛 😄 )

I work tonight and tomorrow night, then I'm off the Friday-Saturday-Sunday weekend.

Hope all have a nice day today. Peace! 🙂


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Joe, when I had implants I did fairly well until the last day when the final crowns were put on.  That hurt a lot more than I expected.  Glad that J's feeling better.

Ted, four hours is an ordeal for sure.  Sounds like the day ended well.

Dianah enjoy your vacation.

Not much going on here today.  The mayor is going to announce what he's going to do about the rise in Covid cases.  He's under a lot of pressure to at least make wearing a mask mandatory in public and I think he'll announce that today.  I heard someone tell him "hold on little dictator", so the mask wearing controversy will be huge here in Trump land.  

Young adults have risen to the top of the most infected and my age bracket is 4th most infected (previously 2nd0.  It drops as people get older, or the teens and young kids.  It seems parents and old folks are still being safest and it's the young adults that are moving on as if nothing is wrong.  CNN ran a story of a group of 16 Floridian young adult friends that went out partying and all 16 of them have Covid.  All 16.  Sheesh. 

Went to a different hot yoga studio as my regular studio just isn't opening up and I miss it.  They have limited space and marked off six feet apart, so I felt safe.  You have to make a reservation with a phone app to reserve a spot, something that is a bit annoying, because I'm more spontaneous or I plan and get called into work.  

Going to do some meal prep for the coming two days of shifts.

Have a great day.


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Hello, all.  

It is a gorgeous day here.  I'm in the office today, but will be on my deck as soon as I get home.  We bought new deck furniture at the end of the season last year, and I bought a bunch of plants to make it pretty.  Given the current situation with Covid, we won't be doing much travelling, so I wanted the deck to be my home oasis.  I dream of having an outdoor kitchen, but that will only happen if I win the lottery.  I'm happy with my grill.

I just found out my application to adopt a kitten was accepted.  Niko does better with little animals who don't try to kill him, 😂.  I'm hoping to get my new baby this weekend.  She's 8 weeks old, and her name will be Poppy.  She's a long haired gray tabby.

Joe-I'm glad J is feeling better.  I hope you are able to get together soon.

Ted-Hope tonight goes well at work.  More mowing this weekend???

Tweety-How have things been at work?  Any more employee Covid cases?  I don't understand why people are so against wearing masks.

Amo-Glad your recovery is progressing.  

J22-What's going on with your arm?  Do you have an appt. yet with vascular?

Dianah-I hope you're having a blast on your vacation.

NSIME-I hope the aches and pains have diminished.

Back to work.  Hope all are well.

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Hi just finished at the dentist with a filling. There was a new assistant who just sort of rubbed me the wrong way. She talked as if I was a child, which I don't appreciate. Perhaps that is supposed to be comforting, but don't tell me my gums aren't happy, tell me what is happening. After I sat up she asked me if I was worried about the bleeding, and I said I had no idea I was bleeding. And then I said it must be because of the blood thinner I am on. I got the distinct impression that she neglected to review my med profile. And she kept saying I was doing just great. What does that mean? 

The vascular office called last night and the earliest I can be seen there is Aug 18. So I called my PCP and I'll see her tomorrow, this time for an in-person visit. 

DD and I won at trivia last night. Or I should say she won and I offered pithy commentary. I am almost finished with my half day of work and no plans for this afternoon. 

4 hours of lawn mowing?Ugh! you need a riding mower, Ted. 

BC, your deck sounds lovely. We are planning a short camping trip, but most of our R&R will be on our deck, too. 

Amo, so nice to read that you are progressing. And everything Tweety said! 

Joe, I had an hour of meetings this morning. After 20 minutes, I just zone out. I don't know how you do 2 hours and get much out of it. 

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Thank you, folks, for your support. Y'all are 'safe harbor' and that's ever so important.

There's no Mr amo, no little amos, no pets, no gardening, no travelling, no musical talent, etc, so I do enjoy your endeavors.  And just knowing you're there to just sound off on is reassuring and non-threatening.

You are appreciated.


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