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Wednesday June 3 2020

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Work was busy.  Helping coworkers make calls they had fallen behind on.  Was concerned that I wouldn't get any questionnaires done today as these are mostly people they hadn't been able to reach, but two of them answered and agreed to answer the questions.  More of the same today, have an extra meeting today.  Unexpected meetings make me wonder if someone has left

Did some laundry, vacuumed, and exercised.  Got my needlepoint kit from Joann Fabrics, started working on it.  A bit awkward at first but it seems easier than embroidery or cross stitch, we'll see how it turns out.  Very hot yesterday, hottest day of the year

Made an appointment for a haircut for me, in about 2 weeks.   The first one in 3 months for me.  And made a grooming appointment for the cat as well

Have grocery shopping today.  Short list for me, which is good as I need to pick up some food for the church.  Our church works with an organization that helps youth on Chicago's west side, and apparently the families are in dire need of food as many stores have either closed or been looted during the violence

The local library is starting curbside pickup of books, which is good as they've been closed since mid March

Should be another hot day today


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Good Morning!

(((Dianah)))) Sorry for your loss.  I just checked and our humidity which is usually high in the morning is 86% right now.  You would definitely not like that.

Joe, hope the unexpected meeting goes well.  

Herring, glad to hear your husband is feeling better.

J22, sounds like a frustrating work day.  Hope the arm thing isn't anything major.  Yep, it's always something.

Stars, the LTC's here are also very hard hit with Covid, both staff and patients.    I wonder to if hospitals are not hard hit too and not giving out those stats.  The state publishes LTC's with Covid staff but not hospitals.  I know several coworkers have it.

Amo, hope you're doing well.

Had a rough night's sleep.  Was up at 3:30 and decided to get up and read some and was up an hour.  I'm reading a nutrition book called "Fiber Fueled" that is boring enough to make me sleepy.  

Nothing much on the agenda today.  Going to do the routine but if asked to work will say yes.  Usually by now though I would be asked, so it looks like I'm not needed.  That's all good because I really don't want to work.  My paycheck this Friday will have about 20 extra hours and $300 in bonus money.  

Looks like 100% chance of rain today.  Guess our rainy season has started.

Hope everyone has a good day.


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Good morning, it's my half-day today, and then I have 6 days off. I am going to try to run after work, but I also have 2 video appointments (PCP and counselor)  and and plan to pick up a book I ordered at a local bookstore.

Dianah, I am glad you were able to find a vet for Bear so that he could go in peace. 

Tweety, I too had trouble sleeping and got up at 4 instead of 6. 

Stars, I think most the nursing homes here have been able to keep COVID in check, once we were able to get them proper PPE and refine their infection prevention procedures.  The state health department is testing every care facility in the state this week and next. We have already done about 1/2 of those in our county. 

Amo, sending healing thoughts your way. 

Ted, looking forward to pics and possibly videos of your hikes. 

Our weather has been cool (50s) for the past few days, and it was foggy this morning which indicates a high humidity. It is supposed to warm up tomorrow. We traditionally label the month of June as "Junuary."

I did a little internet search and found "subclavian vein stenosis" as a possible cause to my weird arm color and swelling. Ugh, I really don't want to go see yet another Dr! Who will likely say "hmm, we should monitor that, come back in 3 months". 

Have a wonderful day, all. 




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((((Dianah))))-I'm sorry for your loss.  It always hurts, even when we know it's the right thing.

I'm in the office today, seeing patients in person.  Looks to be a full schedule.  We are spacing out appointments more than usual, so there's no one hanging around in the waiting room.  I got a new pair of hot pink scrub bottoms delivered yesterday, so I'm feeling sassy ("On Wednesdays we wear pink"-right, Farawyn?).  I like scrubs better than the usual business casual.  They're easier on the budget, too.

We've had a lot of issues around here with looters that disturb otherwise peaceful protests.  These are sad and scary times.

Hope all are well today.  Stay safe.

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nursej22: I hope the doctor makes a diagnosis and begins treatment.

Tweety: I hope you sleep better tonight.

Hi Joe, Ted, No Stars, Dianah, Rose Queen, BCgradnurse, amoLucia, and ALLNURSES!

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Good Afternoon!

This morning started out, for me, at 8 AM, as Ozzie told me I needed to take him out to pee. As I hadn't gone to sleep until 3 AM, I went back to bed. A short while after that I heard a sound I couldn't identify; my 'bad ear' was up and my good ear on the pillow. When I lifted my head up off the pillow, I heard Nannie at the bottom of the six steps that lead up to our bedrooms: "Momma? Momma? Are you all right?" (weird)

Hubby had wanted to get up early anyway, so I called out to him to go see what his mother wanted. He got her back downstairs to her recliner, gave her the AM meds and her usual breakfast, and covered her afterwards with The Magic Blanket. She quietly went off to sleep. Hubby went out on a few errands and left me a note that Nannie was sleeping and when he expected to be back.

I went out to get the newspapers in the box at the end of the driveway ....mah gawd, it was soooo hot and very humid! Anyway, we aren't giving Nannie her newspaper anymore unless she asks specifically about it. Often she would just glance at it, fold it and set it on her table for me to do the puzzles later; she can't do any of them any more. Besides, the paper is so full of ... well, you know.

The one thing I enjoyed in this morning's paper was a letter to the editor in which this portion of a sentence was used: "about as useful as a pogo stick in quicksand." Such imagery! 

It's pretty scary out there nowadays. I understand and agree with the protests, just not the looting and burning of places that have nothing to do with the current situation. Chicken-poop little me, I am glad to be living in suburbia bordering on the rural countryside.

It is now 2:15 and Nannie is still sleeping in her recliner with The Magic Blanket. I've been sitting here on the sofa with the Oz-man and reveling in the peace and quiet.

Best to all of you ----

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