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Wednesday June 19, 2019

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Good morning.

All the energy and good feelings of yesterday seems zapped by a poor night's sleep.  Finally got up and will get on with my day.  Meh, it's my lot in life to have those nights.  

We had some rain in the wee hours and some thunder for a while and that didn't help my sleep.  It's our typical 90 degree days and muggy lately.  

Have one more load of laundry to do, some cooking to get ready for the next two days at work, just a routine day.  Might give my car it's first car wash.  I usually vow not to trash a new car and eventually it gets full of dog hair, dirt and grime.  I'm not that into cars but for now will try to keep it clean.  

Hope everyone has a great day. 

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Good Morning! 🙂

Tweety - Having a poor night's sleep. No fun. Do you nap? Maybe a 20 minute "power nap" might help?? As for cleaning cars?!? We live in a dirt road. It's pointless. However, we keep our cars in good running order with oil changes and regular maintenance. Hope your day is restful. . . 

Work last evening. Ugh! I did the 3PM to 11PM Shift Director thing. I rarely work the evening hours as Shift Director. Forgot how BUSY the evening shift can be. The ER was relentlessly busy for a good portion of the shift. I spent the first 3+ hours down there just lending another pair of hands.  I don't mind "getting my hands dirty", but there are other chores that need to get done, and other units that need attention. And, the other units needed attention, too. Besides helping out with admissions to our teeny-tiny ICU, and our Med/Surg floor, there were lots of little things that needed a Shift Director's attention. Of course, being "only" Per Diem as Shift Director, it takes me a moment to problem-solve these "little things". It has nothing to do with clinical care, of course. THAT would be easy! L O L! Anyway, the E.R. settled down, the "little things" received my attention, and I managed to get all of the expected Shift Director Chores done too. 

Wednesday and Thursday nights I play the role of Mr. ICU Nurse. There are THREE of us scheduled for Thursday night in the ICU. I might see if I can do the Shift Director thing that night, and offer the regularly scheduled night Shift Director to be On Call, or maybe be off that night. (She's the sickly one and almost always takes me up on such offers.)

Nothing much else going on. I just finished drinking First Coffee. I'm going to hold off on drinking Second Coffee until I go to work tonight. Gonna try to catch the usual morning & evening ZZZZZs before going to work.

Hope all who travel here have a pleasant day today! 🙂


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Tweety hope tonight's sleep is better

Morning Ted

Another day of special projects at work.  And helping someone with a provider issue.  Hasn't been resolved, but did get a chance to do a care plan.  Haven't done one in nearly a week, due to the various special projects.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on some of my previoius work, at least for a day or two, before I get pulled for anything else

Stopped at the bookstore and went for a walk after work, as the weather was fairly warm and not raining for a change

Meeting J for dinner at one of our usual places.  Probably will be the last until he gets back from CA, he's leaving early Sat.

Weather is going to be rainy and cooler for a while, tomorrow only in the 60s.  Rather odd for this time of year

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Hi Joe! Seems like work is attempting to figure itself out. Yes? No? L O L! Hope they let you get some of the previous work done and not pull you here and there and everywhere. In the meanwhile, enjoy dinner with J. Hopefully he won't be away for too long. 

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Ted, you are such a team player, and all around good guy.

Hello to all.

I have no experience with recruiters, but Joe does.

Do they all use the word AWESOME, over and over?

How about the phrase; You are really checking off all of my boxes?!

Nonetheless, it does seem like an AWESOME job!

And something very much needed in this troubled state.

The Blue Grass has received a month's worth of rain, in THREE days.

Talli has rain rot, and is missing chunks of hair along his top line. He is also covered in hives. From his face, down to his flanks. Covered in hives.

Biggie has NO rain rot, and a few hives.

Don't know if any of you read Theresa Brown, RN, and her columns, but I enjoy her writing and perspective.

She was a college English professor, before becoming a nurse.

Her first book, was about her first year of nursing.

Second book, was about working as a nurse on a cancer unit.

I first read her, in the NY Times (she writes a column periodically).

Now, she has a column on CNN!

The first, ran yesterday:

Healthcare Isn't Doing Less With More

Interesting piece, because I have been going back and forth, with the CEO of our facility over a lack of vital sign machines.

I reminded her that I attended Town Hall with her last year, when she was told of the shortage of the machines on the units.

She wrote back, and assured me the problem is no more. There is one machine per five patients.

I wrote back, no, your math is wrong. My unit still only has TWO machines, for 40 patients, and one machine, doesn't always work properly.

She wrote back, oh, we have done our math wrong! I have been away, but will look it this.

Brown's CNN piece, is about the very problem I described.

Check her out!

Appointment with hand surgeon today, to go over results of EMG.

Dropping off long, handwritten portion of health department application.

Does it really matter where I went to high school, 40 years ago?

One chapter left in Calypso, the David Sedaris book.

I have laughed, and I mean, LAUGHED, so much while reading this book.

You would like it, Stars. It is filled with absurdities of family life.

And he is SO sarcastic!

Have a great day.

We should be getting more rain!


Edited by Lil Nel

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Happy Juneteenth!

It is my daughter's 51st birthday today.

She was born on June 19th (I've asked a moderator to fix the date on today's thread) It is a big deal for her and our family because her grandmother and great grandmother were born in Texas. She loved and was loved by them. She remembers my Mom as "Grandma Honey" and my Grandma as "Grandma Minnie".


...   There is a common misconception among Americans that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves with a stroke of his pen. Yet the Emancipation Proclamation, which went into effect on Jan. 1, 1863, did no such thing — or, at least, it didn't do a very good job of it.

Two and a half years later, on June 19, 1865, Union soldiers sailed into Galveston, Texas, announced the end of the Civil War, and read aloud a general order freeing the quarter-million slaves residing in the state. It's likely that none of them had any idea that they had actually been freed more than two years before.

It was truly a day of mass emancipation. It has become known as Juneteenth...



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Nell my experience with recruiters is that they tend to promise a lot but not deliver.  And oftentimes several recruiters will be recruiting for the same position.  And they always say how great your resume is

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2 minutes ago, Joe NightingMale said:

Nell my experience with recruiters is that they tend to promise a lot but not deliver.  And oftentimes several recruiters will be recruiting for the same position.  And they always say how great your resume is

Thanks, Joe.

I had a feeling that was the case.

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Happy birthday to Herring's daughter.   Happy Juneteenth!  Thanks for getting the date fixed, I remember fighting with some auto-fill in thing and still got it wrong I guess.

Nel, sorry to hear about poor Talli.  I've noticed as time has gone on since we became for-profit that supplies and what not are being more and more scare.  We never have enough IV pumps, and the other day I went to four units looking for an electric heating pad and found none.  They are supposed to be at least one on each unit.   I have about 4 Sedaris books from the late 90's into the 2000's on my shelf, but lost track of him.  He used to be a favorite writer of mine.  Might have to check him out again.

Ted, that's nice of you to volunteer to work for the supervisor.  You are a good guy.  I did take about a 20 minute power nap, but not one of my epic naps as that tends to mess up my sleep.

I did get a good deal accomplished today and am going to finish up washing dishes and walk the dog.  We just had some rain and within minutes it's sunny again.  That's Florida.


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Tweety, 🎼🎶  Lullaby, and good night, go to sleep now, our Tweety...🎵 ZZZZZzzzzzzzz. // Yeah, well, I tried! // When my vehicle has some trash on the floor behind the driver's seat, that just means I am not a litterbug! I usually corral it every two weeks or so. It's not a whole lot, no fast-food containers, no empty drink containers. Paper towels, crumpled tissue, a gum wrapper or two....The outside of it? I used to run it through the no-touch wash place every so often, but w/ hubby mowing with the riding mower (which blows grass and dust) every 3-4 days; it's hard to keep up with, so I don't. Wish I could,  but when it comes right down to the nitty-gritty, I am much more interested in function than I am in looks. But, the worst is all the pollen in the Spring that changes everyone's cars to the same color, yech!

Ted, 3-11 was my favorite shift, but, then again, I never had to work in the ER, nor was I in a position of authority that required me to split myself into three people, so there ya go!  // Nel's right, you really are "such a good kid!" as my mother would say. I don't know how you do it!

Joe, It is dangerous for me to go into a bookstore! I remember (back when I had money!!!) going in 'just to look' and coming out an hour and a half later with 6 books! And they were only a few of the books I wanted. // Your post made me think back to the forever-ago (1970), the first "care plans" in use ....  the folded cards, one for each of 12-20 patients in a metal flip clipboard-like thingy. The care plan was often NOT filled out, other than name, basic diagnosis, meds, treatments and yes, sometimes pencil erasures, or ink cross-outs!  Can you even imagine the heyday the  JCOAH or JCAHO... (oh heck, you know who I mean!) those Inspektors would have nowadays? OY! 

Nel, job recruiters sound like car salesmen!  //Poor Talli!!!! I used to get hives a lot, so I am commiserating with him. What do horses do to make the hives go away? Once I had them from my toes to my knees, like knee-socks. Once on the palms of both my hands (couldn't hold a pen!), sometimes half of my tongue would swell up. When I met a former, now ex-, bro-in-law, I had a hive in the left upper lip and one in the right bottom lip. He laughed until he cried! A meeting neither of us ever forgot. It did look quite peculiar. // Does Talli have to wait for good, dry weather before the rot clears up? I want to find him a climate controlled stall/barn. // I agree, David Sedaris is really, REALLY funny. I haven't yet read the book you mentioned , but I will be on the look-out for it. // I remember when there was ONE oximeter to be shared by two units; we were all cautioned about how expensive it was, something ridiculous....over $500 but  maybe less than $1,000........for ONE! They got a second one and instead of each floor having their own, they still had to share because one was always missing!    P.S: Your resume' is AWESOME!  ... I imagine, anyway!  🌟 

herring, Happy Juneteenth; thanks for the link. And Happy-Your-Daughter's- 51st-Birthday!  Hope your husband is behaving!

Still no word from neuro/spine office. I am covered with Tiger Balm patches and hoping my liver can withstand the 1300 mg of time-released Tylenol q 8 hrs. I was taking it q 12 hrs, but that wasn't helping, so I had to give in and follow the directions on the bottle. 💁‍♀️ I mean, it just seems like the right thing to do, y'know?

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