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Wednesday June 5, 2019

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Good Morning!  

Let's hope I'm starting the thread in the right place.

BC, yes I am surprised at Best Friend's lack of outside activity.  He's normally a vibrant person that visits the beach and walks daily, exercises and is on the go.  That he now doesn't even venture out to get his mail, or want to put effort into getting out and getting some fresh air is surprising.  He went out to dinner with me once to a restaurant we could walk (him in wheelchair) to, and to a play we already had reservations to.  Otherwise for six weeks he's been inside.  But he's happy and he looks good and hopefully the heel is rested. He's not stir crazy at all.  I would go insane.

Stars, sounds like you have your hands full worrying about both your husband and Nannie.  Too bad your husband won't consider the knee replacements.  He needs to get this done while he still has some mobility.  He need only be in the hospital a couple of days and can get home health.  Obviously this would burden you some to do more cooking and cleaning and looking after Nannie, but that would be temporary.  It's not his lot to suffer the rest of his life.  

Herring, glad your husband is okay enough to get out.  

J22, glad you're feeling okay but sorry that symptoms persist.   Cute conversation with daughter.  I too have removed my parents from my beneficiaries and my living will in favor of my sister and best friend.  They don't need the burden of planning and paying for my death, or looking after me should I become incapacitated as I'm single no kids and they are my legal next of kin.

Rocket Man was a fantastic movie.  I'm a huge Elton John fan.  The acting was great and production was great and of course the music was good.  The actor sang Elton's songs (unlike the Freddie Mercury bio where they were lip synched original Queen songs) and was a decent, but not great singer.  The story was a bit uninspired but was done so well I'd still give it a A.  

Had a nice dinner of ramen but was so hungry before bed I had to have a PB&J.   The friend I went with had angina and had to take nitro after dinner walking to my car.  During dinner he was telling me he was now on Flomax because of urinary difficulties.  

Bumped into an old friend on his bicycle while walking SlowBro and he was telling me about him having a stress test that day and how is diabetes and weight are out of control and he's trying to get it together.  

Strange that these old folks are my peers.  Funny, not funny.  

Never did make that curry, but will today.  Also missed yoga because I was running late and hitting so many lights, I didn't want to barge in after class started.  That's just rude.  So I came home and did some housework.  Today I have to fold the laundry I did yesterday that's sitting on chairs in my living room and some still in the dryer.  That's the joys of living alone. No one sees or cares about such things.  

I do hope to go to yoga and visit best friend later to take out kitty litter, etc.  There are some things he needs help with.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Morning Tweety

Day 2 of the new job was more training videos.  Thankfully I'm done with them now, so hopefully I can move on to actual work

After work met with some of my previous coworkers for dinner, was nice to see them again.

Having some 2nd thoughts about job changing, which I supposed is natural.  Those decreased after hearing my former coworkers talk about the nonsense that is still going on at the old place

One of the former coworkers reminded me that my new employer will need to get us licensed in MI if we're going to be working with them.  Have to ask my supervisor about that today

Meeting J for dinner as usual tonight

Rain returned yesterday and this morning has been rainy.  But should stop raining shortly, and no more expected until Sun

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We use ABD pads, in the folds of overweight folks, at the rehab facility, Stars.

Nannie would probably benefit from Miconazole powder, for those folds.

I bought a yoga mat yesterday, Tweety. Want to start doing yoga at home, since it is hard to get myself to the yoga studio.

One of the ladies in my Friendship group, has a 15-year-old daughter, who is vegetarian, but wants to become vegan. The woman is struggling with vegan recipes. I gave her the chickpea, tuna salad recipe.

Met a woman, who is originally from Brazil, where she worked as a lawyer, at the dinner. She is now a mental health theraptist. We had a great conversation about the poor quality of mental health care in this country.

So good to see my equine boys yesterday.

Unfortunately, it looks like Tony has been sold. He had a pre-purchase exam last night. If I could afford three, I would buy him. Such a sweetie! And a beautiful boy!!!

Cloudy here today. It is supposed to rain and storm for the remainder of the week.

We aren't flooding, but we don't need that much rain.

Wish I could send it to you, Stars.

Have a great day, all.

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Husband and I are going to sister's to meet the guy who was step-Mom's financial adviser. Sister already hired him to manage her money, do her taxes, and such. She hopes we will do so too.

Husband already told me he probably will not want to do it. Sister told me it is going to be my money, not his. We have never thought about it like that. I didn't work two years after having my daughter and then our son. He had a  business that paid the mortgage and bills. Then I was a licensed day care provider for almost four years before working at my hospital for 42 years.

We always think of it as ours, not his and mine. We do use different checking accounts. It would be confusing to have to share one and report each bill paid and such.

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Good morning from the West Coast. 

It looks like we might be through with the thunderstorms for awhile.  Sunny and hot though not as hot as the "big city" hot of 106 yesterday.

Tweety - I want to see that movie too as I'm a huge fan.  Thanks for the review. 

I have a yoga mat . . . never use it.  I should.  I used to go to a yoga class but stopped.  

On the way home yesterday I was listening to Dr. Radio and Dr. Carol  Bernstein had on a couple of guests talking about burnout in the medical profession.  Dr Neil Busis and Dr. Michael Leiter. Specifically neurologists and psychologists.  It was fascinating. 






What are the 3 components of burnout?
Burnout is a prolonged response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors on the job, and is defined by the three dimensions of exhaustion (overwhelming exhaustion), cynicism (cynicism and detachment), and inefficacy (a sense of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment)




The 2nd hour was Rahul Jandial and his new book "Neurofitness; A Brain Surgeon's Secrets to Boost Performance and Unleash Creativity". 

I love Dr. Radio.

I'm back on call and will head into the office shortly to watch our monthly mandatory education videos.  Hey, if they wanna pay me to watch videos, why not? 

I did purchase flowers/plants . . . so gardening will happen today as well. 

Have a lovely day everyone. 

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Hey y'all...I went to the Senior Center for the Opry Jam sing-along that was to start at 6 PM, but there was a note on the door , saying they were very sorry for the inconvenience , but they had to close down the building due to plumbing problems, and the next Opry Jam would be in 2 weeks. Huh. I was psyched up, so felt let down, but you know what I say: Oh well. Will have to try to find out about book-clubs from one of the the branch libraries.

Tweety, I don't know why hubby is so hardheaded about health, and this is no excuse, but he says he HATES doctors and "all they are in it for is the money."...Yeah, and when he says HE can't afford all the health-care costs, ...sometimes I remind him gently that we are on Medicare and have a health ins. supplement, so very often we pay nothing, or only something minimal.  // Oh, and thank you for missing that yoga class and turning around to go back home to finish doing some laundry, because, when I read that, I gasped, "LAUNDRY!".....set my laptop down and went to put Nannie's wash into the dryer so she can have dry pajama bottoms tonight. 

Today I also went and stripped her linen closet and bathroom vanity drawers and under the sink....MY GAWD! When I was through I had 3 (THREE! Count 'em, t-h-r-e-e) plastic grocery sacks FULL of really outdated (1997, anyone? or 2005?) and mostly empty bottles, squeezed-out tubes, dried-up products, medicines in pill and liquid form. I told her she'd probably think I robbed her of everything. I DID put some products that she can use if/when her 'rash' (candida) under her breasts and belly clears up. I showed her that bag, which I had labeled as noted  ^  and she was pleased. Plus, *I* am going to have her lay down on her bed so I can wash 'the areas' and apply the cream so I KNOW it's done right. She truly is slowly and sometimes quickly slipping her mental gears. I told her I don't want her going into the bathroom to try to find 'something' that might help; we are ONLY going to use the products the doc said to use...and just maybe she will get some relief. From my laptop to God's ears!

Joe, maybe the doubts about the job change is a little bit like "Buyer's Remorse" (which it doesn't seem to be the case w/ Tweety and his 'new' vehicle!) Anyway... just sayin'. Good to hear your co-workers know how bad it was getting over there at the old employers. //  We are still holding our breath waiting for rain. I have seen 4 different forecasts and it would seem that every possibility about when/if/where any rain will or might occur.  In the Coffee News I read this meh joke: #I said, "How did you find the weather at your vacation spot?" #2 said, "I just went outside, and there it was!" (tol' ya it was meh!)

Nel, ABD pads are a good idea, but prolly more expensive than the POISE #6 long-length incontinence pads. She has to be reminded that when she changes any of her disp. products, if the one under her belly isn't wet w/ urine, (not likely) just tuck it back into place. We'll see.... I found some currently dated Monistat powder-cream amongst her nostrums, and may try that. I think the powder you mentioned would clear things up faster, but do you think the doc's office have returned my call yet? Nuh-uh. My library branch is right next to her doc's office, and I'll be so nice when I go over there tomorrow and strongly request to talk briefly with his nurse, and then tell the nurse "GIT'ER DUN!" to call it in, or give me a written prescription for it. Ought to make some kind of difference when I tell him that the affected area looks like raw London Broil.

herring, OY, we know how I feel  😒 about financial stuff!!! I know we will be using the Lawyer, and Investment guy, that Nannie uses. The two of them seem to me to be straight up and honest, and are very patient with confused questions from confused people. Hubby has been dealing with these guys (separate offices/companies) since he started taking care of Nannie just part-time, and feels comfortable with and about them. Hubby is on both his mom's and our checking acct; he takes care of her banking, the few bills she has to pay and checkbook, while I take care of ours.

Steph, I am definitely going to listen to the link you put up; those "3 components of burnout" hit the nail on the head! Hope to share some of it with hubby, if he will agree to listen, too. // It's okay about forgetting the raw egg. I'd love to tell my bro I drove by his office and pitched the egg at it , but I don't think he'd appreciate it as a humorous thing. Once I wrote him an email and said that rumor had it I had a relative living in N.Cali.....but so far I had not been able to corroborate that. I'm actually tired of jabbing at him about his lack of contact. His 67th b'day is tomorrow, but I haven't sent a card or email, because he never does acknowledge ours ( other sibs and mine). Poopy ol' fart. I remember when he wasn't. OH WELLLLLLL!

I am a happy camper to have shed the STOOPIT mandatory meetings, re-certs, and OSHA tests, CPR classes, et al. My agency quit paying us to attend. They took away benefits, like extra pay for w/e and eve/noc shifts, so scrimey of them. They used to be THE biggest and Best agency and have done nothing but go downhill and got smaller ... I think they are just using their ownership as a tax write-off now. Such a shame, but no concern of mine EEEENY-MOAH !  😁

Gonna hop off here and see if someone else has posted while I've been writing, and check on my other followed threads....


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Nice Nature News:

We have found out that 'our' flying squirrel has a mate! As does 'our' chipmunk. And a wren has a nest with 3 eggs in the hanging basket of flowers on the front porch! 

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Good evening from the West Coast. Today was my half day, but i am realizing the supervisor is chronologically challenged. Meetings start any where from 15 minutes to an hour late. I think I am pretty laid back, but two things drive me a little nuts: tardiness and when files aren't alphabetized. The tardiness thing is from my mom. She considered being on time meant being 15 minutes early. Plus, when working at the hospital ( I need to give that place a silly name the way Davey Do does) everything was focused on time, down to the minute. 

Before I left, I got checked-off on some clinical skills: rapid Hepatitis C, HIV, and Syphilis testing, packaging specimens for shipping, blood draws and vaccine administration. Many of my co workers have been only in public health so are very unsure about what seem to me like pretty basic stuff. But then, I hate meetings and forming coalitions, so there's the tradeoff I guess. 

I came home, warmed up left-overs for lunch, and fell asleep. I woke up after about 30 minutes realizing the door was open and Angus was absent. I ran around the house and up and down the stairs and he finally showed up. He has learned how to open the gate when not latched, so I think he was visiting the neighbor dog. He slunk in the house with his little nubby tail tucked. And then I was all out of breath, so resumed my nap.

I should get a hold of the financial guy to look into the feasibility of retiring next year at age 63. Dh and I go to 2 different people, but I think dh would prefer me to do it all, except not tell him that we can't afford something, like a $25,000 greenhouse, or a $4000 flagstone patio. 

Going to bed early. Big exciting day of housework planned tomorrow. 




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Retirement . . . wish I could.  But can't for now. 

Spidey came home from working on demo of a house.  He came over to me in the kitchen on my computer and asked me to play a song.  It is Chris Stapleton's Tennessee Whiskey.  Love it.  Then we went on to listen to mom's oldies picked by him while he cooked tacos.  Billy Joel's Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, Bye Bye American Pie, Mr. Bogangles, Wild World,  etc.  We both were singing at the top of our lungs.  

Gotta love my kids.  They sing with mom. 

Get some sleep y'all. 


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