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Wednesday July 7, 2021

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Good morning!

Ted, I would have been extremely surprised had you not been offered the job and that they wouldn't honor your vacations.  What's your schedule going to look like?  It is 8 hour shifts?

J22, welcome back.  Hope you had a relaxing and good time.

Joe, sounds like a relaxing day.  Hope the shortened work week is good.

Amo, hope the CHF stays at bay.

Stars, not sure what's "KOANS" are.  LOL

So I'm about to get ready to go to yoga class and see a text that I'm still offered $325 for coming in at 11:00.  So I did it.  Took four post op joint replacement patients.  There was another nurse working for the bonus as well.  Because of all the transfers my unit is still in a serious shortage.  Nurses are in training but that's not helping the immediate needs.  Today I'm the only nurse scheduled.  Guess it's 6:1 again.   The boss said she clocked me in at 7AM even though I came in at 11:00.  Sweet.

Hurricane Elsa was a non-event so far.  Slept well and it was quiet, still have power and it's not raining outside.  We'll see what the day brings but at least I can make it work safely which is what I was concerned about.

Have a great day.


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Tweety that was nice of your manager.  Hope things aren't too crazy despite the ratio

Ted glad the interview went well.  I think you'll be a natural fit for the position

NJ22 cool that you were able to see an elk and a bison up close

Amo symptoms can be sneaky like that 

Morning Stars

Not as bad a day as I feared yesterday, was able to get everything done despite some additional calls.  I was even able to get a few Wed calls done yesterday.  Glad only 3 days left in the work week

Rest of the day was quiet, ran to the bakery and exercised

Tonight will make a run to the grocery store if the rain holds off.  If not I'll exercise instead.  Tonight we also have our online Bible study

Will be warm again, in the upper  80s, with rain possible in the afternoon and evening.  Will be in the lower 70s tomorrow and the rest of the week




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Good morning!

It is cooler here today, supposed to get to 75. I was going to go for a short ride, but its too windy. I picked up Angus from the sitter yesterday, and he is not taking his eye off of me. I also stopped to get some new running shoes. I have started getting a pain along the side of my knee after the first 2 miles, so I am going to try new shoes. I go back to work today at noon and am sort of looking forward to it. 

4 post-op joint replacements! I suppose, for you, Tweety, that's a walk in the park. It does sound like your manager is trying. Unfortunately, those seem to be the ones that leave. 

Joe, glad that your work stayed at a reasonable level. 

Amo, I used to work with a lot of heart failure people. Keeping on top of fluid volume and electrolytes can be tricky. It seems like the meds are getting better all the time. 

Stay cool, everyone! 


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Good Afternoon -

nursej22 - Hope work is kind to you today.

Joe - Glad that yesterday wasn't the crazy day that you anticipated it might be. Hopefully today will be kind to you.

Tweety - Glad that the hurricane (tropical storm??) didn't cause much havoc in your area. Hope the nursing shortage settles itself out for your unit soon. And, yes. I'll have a very set schedule, which will be nice.

amo - Hope you feel better!!

NSIME - Hi! 

dianah - Hi!

Hi to all who follow. . . 

The puppy. . . Yesterday, took her to the vet for a scheduled splint change. Found out that she has dermatitis to her right hind paw. After we got home last night, it was evident that this dermatitis bothered her. So we made arrangements to see the vet this morning, which we did. The splint got re-rapped again, but after the paw was thoroughly cleansed. She's now on puppy antibiotics which she'll be taking daily for the next 14 days (along with probiotics). Apparently, this is common for puppies (and adult dogs) to get when they have splints or casts on their legs. She looks better now than she did last night, thankfully. But she's not up to her usual playful, exuberant puppy-self. We don't know if it's related to her hurting paw or not, but all of a sudden she doesn't want to go to the fenced-in back yard anymore. We take out there to do her business and she runs right back in, up the steps, and into the screen-in back porch! It's quite the site to behold!! She ran fast - on her three good legs!!! There was no catching her!! (Thank goodness we had the opening of the screen door changed so that it opens toward the porch and not away from it!!!) So we put a leash on her and take her out the garage door to the open area of our yard, and does her business there. But even that is met with some resistance. After she does her business, she wants to scurry back in the house (pulling on the leash). Apparently, puppies can go through fearful stages. Whatever the cause of this new behavior, it is weird.

I'm working an extra shift, tonight, as Shift Director. Hope work is "Q". I'm off from work tomorrow night. Then I work Friday and Saturday nights in the ICU.

Peace. . . 


Edited to Add: 
The reason the puppy might be "leery" (frightened??) of the fenced-in backyard area is because she might be smelling something. We live in the woods. There're LOTS of trees and lots of woodland creatures (including the occasional bear and wandering coyote pack). Maybe she's picking up their scent?!? She should be safe in that area. The fence is 4+ feet high. But puppies don't know that, I guess. Hope that this new leeriness is a (short) passing phase. It's new and unexpected, though. (It's really weird!)

Edited by Ted

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Good Afternoon to one and all ~

Slept late-ish. Hubby hasn't been feeling well for two days -- he thinks it is the Wendy's chili he ate 3 days ago. He said the same thing happened when he ate their chili before. I'm not entirely convinced it doesn't have to do with tequila, but I remain quiet about that.

I went to do the usual med pick-up, get a few grocery items and products, and gassed up the car. I thought I would miss most of the (early play) ball game, but they had a rain delay that lasted about the time that I was out. The game picked up again about an inning and a half ago and are now in the top of the 9th. Braves are ahead 12 to 3, so far, which I find QUITE promising.

Step-dgt and her younger girl were invited to go to the beach for four days by a woman they know, who also knows their situation. She offered to foot the bill. They really needed to 'get away' from SiL's idiocy, so they didn't say no. Step-dgt told her dad that three cabins down from where they are staying, a movie is being filmed...don't know what movie or who is in it, though. But she said they are having a great time.

Although I don't care a thing about going to the beach, I would go if someone offered to foot the bill for 4 days! But I imagine that'd be fairly pricey! Anyway, "que' sera sera", as I've been saying a lot lately, along with "This too shall pass" and my standard "Oooooh well." Maybe one of these days I'l be jumping up and down yelling "HOT-DIGGETY DOG!!!"  Maybe. Though I am still in a funk, I just take a deep breath, and continue my prayers, and carry on. What else is there to do?

Hubby has really slacked off with regards to the household duties. Tomorrow I will be vacuuming the downstairs, as Nannie's bathroom floor is gritty (from what, I don't know) and the rug in the den really needs a vac. The kitchen floor is truly disgusting. I hope to find some "Greased Lightning" to spray the kitchen and bathroom floors. I found you can spray the floor, wait 20 minutes and clean it all up with a bunch of paper towels. Then do a clear water wash to get up the residue. Not looking forward to that, but someone's got to do something around here. I have been thinking of having some cleaning people give me an estimate to strip both the bathroom floors and the kitchen floor, but I dunno. But I can clean out the fridge by sitting on a chair in front of it. 

Nothing to say except more 'blah-de-blah', so I'll end here.



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Gosh, I wish OUR fridge would clean itself just by "sitting on a chair in front of it."  😜

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My fridge is emptying itself quite nicely. So is my freezer. It's only an apt size unit, so the upper freezer space is limited. Don't have an ice maker; it's like one big open space to be stacked as well as poss.  So I just jam stuff in.

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