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Wednesday July 3, 2019

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Good Morning!

Been waiting for someone else to start the thread, but here I go.

Steph, sounds like work is kicking your butt after not having any patients for so long.  

Ted, sounds like a lovely day.

Work yesterday was interesting.  Before leaving I noticed messages on my phone "Don, if you want to be put on call let us know".  "Don, you didn't call us back so we canceled someone else".    Bummer.

The hospital is taking advantage of low summer census and closed a med-surg unit and merged them with us.  I had to move a few patients from one end of the hall to another and take some post op patients.  It all worked out but now our floor is jam packed full and a bit more chaotic.  Hopefully it will be only for a week or so while they paint and do the floors on the closed unit.  Just my luck to not be canceled and get thrown into this.

Off today and working tomorrow.  No big plans.

Have a great day.  


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Happy that today is my last work day this week.  It will be good to have 4 days off.  Weather forecast is for sunny and hot, so I will be at the beach.  I would love to go visit DD, but she's working and the island will be a mob scene anyway.  My new bedroom furniture was delivered at 7 this AM.  Fiance was happy, cause he doesn't have to wait around all day waiting for it.  I hope he does move our bed upstairs today, and then we can move all our clothes over the weekend.  DS will probably be around this weekend and might need a place to stay, so we will get the extra bedroom set up with at least a bed.  His b-day is tomorrow and he will likely be partying it up with friends in the area.  

Tweety-Sorry you missed being cancelled.  Hope tomorrow goes well.  I spent about an hour last night on line looking at real estate in your area.  Prices aren't too bad when compared with my area.  It's definitely a consideration for retirement.  I was also looking at Maui, just for giggles.  Way too expensive there.

Steph-Hope you got some sleep last night.

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th!

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Good morning.  Working on my 2nd cup of coffee.  And yes, I did sleep. 

We are busy and have patients that are more near end-of-life and they themselves are busier than patients looking at death, 6 months out. 

Back working today.  Off tomorrow.  Work Friday.  We are also covering on-call shifts for the nurse who is off on disability.  Anyone wanting to move, work less, make less money, let me know.  This is a good job as I'm looking at retiring at 67.  I don't think I could do the ER pace anymore.  Although, I miss it.  (Don't really miss L&D at all).

I was in Maui 35.5 years ago with my first-born son who was about 6 months old at the time.  My then husband, his parents, his sister and her husband.  We had a nice condo on the beach.  It was bliss even with a new baby.  

I need to head out to the ranch sometime today and help with preparations for our annual Cousins' Picnic.  I am looking forward to falling off the low-carb wagon for some homemade refried beans, homemade and homecooked flour tortillas, and chips and homemade salsa.  👍

I've lost 11 pounds.  I feel better.  

You all have a great day. 


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Good morning!

Noisy on our street this morning. All this week and next we cannot park on our street because city workers are resurfacing. They have been re-filling the same pot holes for half a century. Husband has complained about our bumpy street most of that time. 

We have no driveway or garage so are parked in the alley. School is out or there would be no parking places there either.

Today I plan to bake the cake, and will cut the cabbage and grate carrots and onions for the coleslaw so the flavors can mingle overnight for the family getting together tomorrow. W have many family members in the service, and some retired from Navy, Army, Marines, or Air Force. Our niece, who is doing most of the cooking, served in the Air Force for twenty years. They put her through school for radiology technician. She worked at the Army hospital for yers, then at Kaiser. She just retired last yesr. She was 11 when I joined the family. My sisters and son plan to stop by too. 


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Morning Tweety BC Steph Herring

Forgot to post this morning

Have the next 2 days off

Will meet J tonight for dinner 

Very hot and humid yesterday with lots of rain,  today should be cooler but more rain expected 

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Happy Eve of Fourth!

It is 98 degrees in the shade. Afternoon thunderstorms are 'on-call' for the next three days.

Both dogs are sleeping beside me on the sofa. Ozzie has his sweater on (!) and they both are under their light-weight blanket, because we sit right under where the AC blows down from the ceiling. When you see Ozzie shivering, you know his sweater is not enough! It's so cute to see them bundled under the blanket with just their little faces sticking out. This is a daily sight, as long as I am here. They are quite attached to and prefer being with their "mom", much to Nannie's dismay. Ozzie is barking in his dreams, which sounds more like a guinea pig than a dog! Pip is snoring. 

Hubby and I decided to split the errands today, he went to Walmart and I went to Food Lion and now we don't have to go anywhere to do anything for the next few days. Which may or may not be a good thing! 

He picked up lunch to-go from the family restaurant we frequent. And that means he doesn't have to cook supper tonight, because Nannie can only eat half her lunch, and she eats the second half for supper. I am having one of their nice salads to which I add a hard-boiled egg and black olives; it takes me a while to plow through it. I have lots of other stuff to pick from for a late supper for me, and hubby will do the same for himself.

BCg, If you go to Good Harbor Beach, wave to "my house" for me. You know the one! (I'm still grumbling about the fried clams you had!)  You had a 7 AM furniture delivery? WOW!  They must've been wanting to get all their deliveries made before tomorrow!

We have the AC guy here doing their 2x/yr maintenance call, changing filters, cleaning out the coil from which the condensation empties out ,and cleaning off the dust, re-oiling moving parts, etc., on the inside of the heating/cooling unit that is outside. 

Tweety, It's hard to think of you with a real name. If I mention anything at all from one of your posts, I always refer to you as "That guy from Florida." Not THAT one, but  THAT one!  The guy with the knees!  🤣

Steph, Although I wouldn't at all mind working hospice, even with the 'less $' and the 'less' work, there are a few barricades to making it so..... the facts that I let my nsg. license lapse and I really don't feel much like moving cross-country might be a problem. That, and I probably would be arrested if I moved to your area....you know, for 'malicious mischief and property damage' from the rotten eggs I would be throwing at my brother's office... /  PS: Congrats on the 11 lb loss!  I hope to be able to report the same in a few weeks. (hope-I-hope-I-hope!)

I am making Nannie mad ... because every time she murmurs something it is like the adults in the Peanuts cartoon shows, with no distinguishable words. only much higher pitched...and I have had to say "what?, WHAT? , WHAT???" about 6 different times. Jeezo, Is she afraid the maintenance guy will hear her talking? 

Then, when she asked me who it was on the land-line phone that just rang,  that hubby just answered upstairs in the kitchen, behind the closed door at the top of the steps....I answered, "I don't know; I'm down here in the den with you!" She said, "Well, I'm down here, too."  (No kidding?) So I said, "Do YOU know who it was on the phone?" She said no, but she didn't know if he'd hung up yet or not....and I repeated that I didn't know, because I'm down here with her!  I can't see or hear through walls and floors and doors. I added that if it was something important he would come and tell us.

And so now she is disgusted.

Good grief, last night it made no difference holding her Celexa 'til she got in bed.  Earlier she sat there in her recliner, chatting away at length, quite conversationally, but neither hubby nor I could figure out what on Earth she was talking about....words OR subject matter. Later he said to me, "Did you understand what she was saying earlier, because it didn't make a lick of sense to me!"  Seriously, she had verbal salad to the Nth...

Time to tap out, here. There is a long conversation going on between hubby and the AC guy.....dogs, martial arts, cars....interesting, but blots out my train of thought....

Bye for now!


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Hello to all!  And Happy Day Before The Fourth!

Surprise, I spent today in the Cath Lab, doing moderate sedation.  We had three cases, while three devices were done in the other Lab.  Our patients did well, even the STEMI pt.  It was touch and go for a bit but the stent was deployed and the pt will do well.

Dh found some youtubes of interest to cats, 😂!  He leaves them on the big screen TV during the day, and while the cats don't show a huge amount of interest, they do seem to enjoy watching the birds flit on screen, grab a beakful of a treat, and then flitter away.  He says it's very restful for HIM to have on too!

He fixed one of the sprinklers today, that had just worn out.  

Oldest ds called a few days ago wondering if he had a blood clot.  From his description it sounded like a spider bite, so I told him to do hot and cold compresses, 20 min each, and then before bed to wash it with alcohol and then slap some triple-antibiotic ointment on it and cover with a bandaid.   The next day I texted him to ask about it..  As soon as I clicked "send,"  "how is your owie?" was spell-corrected to "how is your Howie?"  Oh my, we had a giggle over that!  He responded it was MUCH better, and he was relieved it wasn't a blood clot!  He has no insurance (we are working on that), so though he has a little amount stashed away, it would likely be wiped out by one Urgent Care visit.  Times are tough for some young'uns these days.  He is doing well at his job though.

We have no plans for tomorrow.  I wish we were going on vacation again!  We have no plans for travel until mid-August, to attend the Summergrass Bluegrass Festival.  

Steph, congrats on the weight loss!  Enjoy your get-together tomorrow.

herring, the food sounds yummy!  Enjoy your get-together as well.

BC, wow, didn't know furniture would be delivered so early!  Enjoy arranging the rooms to their "new" look.  Sorry you won't be at the island (but yes it sounds like it would be too crowded).  Hope you can make it to the beach!

Hello Joe, how was J's visit to California?  How is your cross-stitch coming?

Tweety, hope work is OK for you.

Ted, hope Mayson has settled into a safe routine.  Yes we worry about our fur-babies.  When does Amy's play open, and for how many nights will she perform?

I am glad to have tomorrow off -- and it will only be tomorrow, but that is OK, I will take it!  I may go shopping/browsing.  Need to get the car washed but dunno if the car wash is open.  Will find out, I guess.

Have a good evening!


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I am on vacation, huzzah! Well, technically my vacation days start next Wednesday, but I scheduled off Thurs through Tues anyway. I got out 2 hours late, due to a meeting that went ridiculously long while people who like to talk but don't say anything went on and on. Then some faxes that I had been expecting came through and I dealt with that. And a med shipment can and that needed to be put away. I just didn't feel like I could leave to the nutty one. She took a chart home last week and didn't bring it back until today. I know the supervisor was unhappy about that. 

Speaking of insect bites, one of my fellow employees got stung by something last weekend, went into anaphylaxis and got transported to hospital, while she was on vacation with hubby and 3 kids. She said her hubby admitted to wondering how he would raise 3 kids on his own, and she realized that he was the only one with life insurance. Her 5 year old thought the ambulance was cool. She has no idea what got her, but her arm looked gnarly, all red and swollen, with a black scab over the puncture. She was at the edge of a lake so doesn't think it was a spider. 

No big plans for tomorrow, may just chill at home. The neighbors set off lots of big fireworks, although we haven't heard much yet. Luckily, it doesn't seem to bother our doggo. 

Friday, I need to take dh to the oral surgeon for implants. He has to take valium before so he needs a driver. I hope he doesn't get sick. He puked his brains out when he got his wisdom teeth out years ago, to the point where I had to give him a phenergan suppository. That was unpleasant. 

Have a fun and safe 4th all!


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Dianah the California trip went pretty well for J, though he was quite busy

The crosstitching is going better now that I've had more practice.  Things are going more quickly and more smoothly

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