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Wednesday Jerli 30

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Gidday all from sunny and cool Aus. Life is trundling along pretty well for me. Have booked my flight to the big smoke on 26 Aug for my eye specialist appt and get a new hearing aid.

Glad the hot rocks went well Sabby .Rubber band eh. Boing boing.

NS, you must be small to fit in the washing machine after you do your other washing. Must bruise the heck out of you. Why not have a shower?

Rosemary engine is at work and doing just fine. Big relief, having an extra engine.

Keeping clear of the roadhouse shop. There is a bit of cattiness going on and this nurse wants no part of it.

Bought myself an alarm clock for deaf people. It gives out a dickens of a noise and vibrates madly. You put it under your pillow.

That's me.

Peace to all in need.

Hooroo M

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Hello there Michael!

Rather warm here and I know I never complain but I'm going to make a small complaint right now because my house is too hot and I'm dripping sweat. Too bad it isn't from working out.

On call - only one hospice patient in our census. Last night's call out took awhile and I didn't get much sleep. Took the inlaw's down the mountain for eye injections for my father-in-law (wet macular degeneration). Then out to lunch at Red Robin.

Came home to collapse on the couch in front of the fan. Slept for 1.5 hours. Watched 2 tv shows. Drove out to feed the sheep. Bought a watermelon. Ate a lot of watermelon.

Watched another tv show. I'm a slug.

Tomorrow I'm off call until next Monday. We have our IDT meeting but other than that, I'm going to work in the yard.

Speaking of which . . . .I forgot to turn off the sprinkler!

See you back in the morning for coffee!

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Good Morning -

It's 1:35 AM (EST) here. At work. No patients in our teeny-tiny ICU/CCU. Monitoring two med/surg-teles. Both are in sinus rhythm.

Steph - Must be getting close to ZZZZZ-time for you. It's hard to sleep when it's hot and humid. Hope you manage to cool yourself off somehow and get the ZZZZs you need.

Michael - Glad to read that Rosemary engine is working for you! Regarding alarm clocks, mine is loud enough to wake the dead! I really hate the sound of its loud ring, but it does the job.

I'm off work tonight. Nothing planned except mow the lawn and finish editing a video project.

Well. . . hope all have a pleasant day. Peace. . . :)


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Good Morning Michael, Stephanie, Ted and all who pop in,


Michael that alarm clock may work as a masseuse as well, hehehe Glad Rosemary is doing her job and sorry about the hissy going on at the roadhouse store. Just go in there and bang their heads together. So much worse stuff going on around the world so tell them not to be petty and move on! Sic 'em mate.


Stephanie you sound a little tired. I do hope you managed to cool down and get some sleep. Take care of yourself hon.


G'day Teddles, hope the night continues to be uneventful for you and your patients. I think I am going to beat you to the mowing LOL I was going to do mine yesterday but a nap got in the way. LOL


Ahhhhhhhhhhh another relaxing day yesterday, played with the dogs a few times, laid on the lawn and dogs laid with me. I shall mow today then most likely have another midday nap which I thoroughly enjoy.


Going to do a little paper work stuff today after I get hubby a nice omelet made for his breaky and make up our juice.


Just enjoying being at home pottering around, doing this, doing that, watching a little TV. Made some baked pork chops for hubby with sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and baked taters. I put the veggies in a zip lock bag with caraway seeds, coriander and virgin olive oil, shook them around and poured them over the chops. Grated fresh parmesan cheese over it all and baked it for approx. 1 1/2 hours as the chops were thick. Smelt sooooo good.


Going to read the site for awhile as I sip on my lemon green tea.


Have an awesome day.


Peace out- Much love to you all.

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Last 12 hour shift today, then 2 days off and Saturday begins the 8 hour shifts.

Will check back in later this evening, but right now I have to get going.....

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Another beautiful day here-too bad I'm at work all day! I did get out for a walk early and actually needed a light sweatshirt. I'm not sure I liked that. I love the cool nights but I don't want Fall showing up anytime soon.

I got some bad news the other night about one of my furbabies. My elderly tortie cat has a squamous cell carcinoma in her lower jaw. I noticed she had been drooling, and she has always been prone to dental issues. Unfortunately, this is not fixable. She's still eating and I have some pain meds for her if she needs them, so I'll leave things as they are until she seems uncomfortable. Sigh...the down side of having pets.

Not much else going on here...I hope all are well. Enjoy your day.

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Mannie is on his way to the Rainbow Bridge as I type this. I'll write more later.


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Thank you for starting us off Michael! That alarm clock is a great idea. i remember my uncle reading the paper in the morning before putting in his hearing aids. We could shout at him and he didn't hear us at all.

Steph: I'm wet with sweat this summer too. I'm tying a cut up old towel like a head band to keep the sweat out of my eyes. Still have to wipe my nose as my glasses slip down while trying to work. It is more comfortable here than further inland.

One summer I worked day shift at a nursing home with no air conditioning. It was > 100F for weeks. We wore white nylon drip dry uniform dresses with panty hose. I got a heat rash on my inner thighs. Then began wearing white cotton dancer's tights after putting powder on. hat did help.

I'm doing some work at home, must be inspired by Sabby. I've dug out the grout from the shower tiles. Today i plan to re grout it. Most of it was gone anyway.

Have a great day Ted.

bcgradnurse: It is sad for you. Glad your cat is eating still.

sharpeimom: I'm sorry about Mannie.

Hello No Stars. Have a good day with your lady.

I'll be sweating and taking frequent breaks in the nice breeze on the front porch.

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BC I am so sorry to read about your kitty's diagnosis- Yes it is hard when our furkids get sick. I am thankful that she is still eating and not having any discomfort. (((hugs)))


Sharpeimom I was so sad to read about Mannie's passing today on FB- Gentle hugs to you my friend this is never easy. (((hugs)))

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So sorry about your cat's diagnosis, BC.

Hurts to think of losing our beloved furbabies.

we want to keep them safe and comfortable; sometimes we can only keep them comfortable and loved.


91 degrees here at 8:30pm.

Worked 3.5 hr OT.


Read all posts.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

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