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Wednesday January 26, 2022

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Good morning!

Joe, hope you got some good sleep.

Dianah, I guess the doc can't diagnosis gastritis, ulcer, or esophagitis without a scope so "dyspepsia" it is.  I hope the treatment is helpful.  You're such a good patient.  I would not give up coffee knowing me.  

J22, hope you sleep better.  Glad you got through to your investment money.  During times like these I often get a call from my advisor to check in how I'm doing but he knows my tolerance for ups and downs is good so he probably won't.  He called me not too long ago for a check in and we decided to stay the course I'm on.  But it is a bit nerve wracking to see money disappear on the account.  Also my work account to see my contributions not even register is nerve wracking.  But I try not to think about it.  

Stars, I hope you got through to the insurance company.  Seems everyone is short staffed and busy these days.  I will show you a picture of my hair.  I have to pat it down throughout the day.   I just got it cut Monday so it's not as unruly as it sometimes is.  Looks like a mohawk.  LOL

Yesterday I decided to call my mortgage company to try to get on my account online.  I signed up for paperless and haven't been able to get online for a couple of years actually.  The last time the guy thought he fixed it but didn't.  Anyway, long story short I got them to use my Gmail instead of the email I had (the last guy wouldn't do this for some reason) and got on the account.  I wanted to print up my documents for tax purposes.  I noticed they didn't pay my flood insurance with my escrow back in November.  Turns out during some rezoning I am no long required by them to have flood insurance so they don't pay it.  Since my email for some reasons is no good I never knew this.  The person on the phone said I got several emails this past year that I never saw.  Weird.  

Long story short I paid the $2200 flood insurance myself even though it was 2 months late.  I just have no coverage for 30 days, but hurricane season is past and there's zero chance of a flood.  

This did result in a subsequent drop in my mortgage rate back in December which I did take notice of, another reason I wanted to get online to see what was going on and this explains it.  I'm just going to have to budget money to save for the payment and pay it myself.    Thankfully I'm one of the lucky ones around here and didn't see  my flood insurance go up.  FEMA did something last year that is really affecting some people not in a good way.  There are some things going on the state level to stop FEMA.  Some people near the beaches saw their rates go up over $10,000.

My vet appointment with my dogs was canceled at the last minute because they said they aren't due until March.  I said, "well you were the one that called me and said it was due now".  Their mistake.  No big deal.

I need my eyes checked and my doctor is off until June on leave.  Hope he's okay.

I managed to go to yoga and make a delicious Thai tofu dish with some left over for tonight's dinner.  But otherwise wasn't very productive.  

I'm up early and will try to stay up and not take a nap and mop the floor.  

Hope everyone has a good day.  Here's my hair pic.  Be kind, it's early in the morning, I'm tired and unshaved.  LOL


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Tweety glad you got the flood insurance figured out and that your rates did not go up

NJ22 glad you finally got through.  Hope you can find a comfortable sleeping position

Stars I hope you get through to the insurance company

Dianah hope the dyspepsia resolves soon

Was not a bad day at work yesterday, got everything done, nothing unexpected happened.

Slept better last night too, though woke up in the middle of the night briefly, wasn't sure if it was reflux or a dry throat, drank some water and went back to bed.  Still felt dry in the morning, even with the humidifier

Tonight have grocery shopping and choir practice, which should be brief as that will just involve practicing for the solo

Will be better this evening, around 12, currently according to my computer it's -7


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Tweety, I think your hair looks great. In this day and age of mask on/mask off, PPE, and the humidity you likely have, it's not surprising there might some sticking up/out. That's good to get your homeowner stuff where you can see it.  I am glad I am not in area that needs flood insurance. I have heard that it is expensive, and goes up every year. 

Brrr, Joe. I am grumpy with our 30 degree fog, but anything less than zero is painful. And the fog is thick again. I shake my head over people who don't turn on their headlights so other cars can see them. 

I too, would have trouble giving up coffee. When I was worked up for "abdominal discomfort" they had me cut out all the things, and try an elimination diet. The only food that seems to trigger symptoms for me is greasy food. And other than pantoprazole, acupuncture offered the best relief. Dianah, I hope you symptoms resolve and you don't need to under go an endoscopy. 

It is my short day at work and I am so glad. Our doc and I have been butting heads about a couple of patients. She doesn't seem to get that we can't instantly change meds or get labs, as you would in an acute setting. And if a patient can't bring up sputum, then there is no point in torturing them. 

Stars, I think I spend half my work hours on hold. I have gotten better at putting the phone on speaker, and doing other stuff while I hold. And thanks for reminding me, I need to add the new travel trailer onto the insurance, but I have a couple of weeks. 

Our covid rates are finally leveling off, and the hospital numbers, at least in our area, are inching down. I heard the the east part of our state is getting requests from Idaho, who is running out of beds. Sad. 

Here is hoping everyone's day is excellent. 


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Did the auto-insurance thing by texting, which was easier than trying to do it online. I was thinking I didn't know my password for the insurance site, and when I tried to find it to change it, the stupid insurance's computer kept telling me there was already a person with my name with an account, and I never could get connected! Sort of the same thing w/ Soc.Sec.....when I try to get to my on-line site, it always comes up with my husband's name, and when I try it with my name, they say there is already someone with my name on the roles. (Yeh...ME maybe??? Will eventually straighten that out.) Called auto-ins. Cust. Serv. and they said we could do it via text. Peachy! It was absolutely easy-peasy! 

Tweety, Thanks for the photo; but by the way, that's just a BABY Mohawk! We can do that w/ Ozzie's fur on his head, but his fur is longer than yours right now. Your pic kind of reminds me of Snoopy's friend Woodstock, 'cept he doesn't wear glasses! And I like your ?~gaze~. The glowing back-lighting makes it sorta look like there is a snowcap on a mountaintop, but I know your hair is not all white...but, It IS all right! 

dianah, 'dyspepsia' sounds like one of those old-fashioned diagnoses names. I'm glad you don't have Kookamongus of the Bingus, 'cause I think it is uncurable!

H'lo j22, BCg, amoLu, and the rest of yez....

Oh! Forgot to say that the PA wanted x-rays of my knee, but the machine at that office is broken; so, I am going to their other office tomorrow at 2 PM to get the xrays. PA said, "It might just be bursitis..." At which point I broke into a huge smile and said with enthusiasm, "THAT would be WONDERFUL!" That would call for a Prednisone and Lidocaine injection and I'd be ecstatic if that's all it is. I really don't feel like having surgery! We'll see. Don't count your patellas before they're zapped!

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