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Wednesday January 19, 2022

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Good morning!

Stars, sorry to hear about yet another storm coming through.  Obviously you can't stock up on milk, but the pandemic and the supply change shortages have turned me into someone of a hoarder.  I have coffee to last a year, toilet paper probably for two years, beans for years dog food for months,  etc.

Dianah, thanks for that recipe.  Exactly up my ally.  Would be good with some vegan feta cheese but that would make it less healthy.  I put it on my Pinterest to look at later.  Our cold weather looks to be lasting into the coming days as the 10 forecast offers no relief.  Feel bad for the tourists.

BC, hope the puppy settles down.  I hate they have no sense of time.

Amo, my thermostat is set at 74, and when I wake up if I'm feeling cold I crank it up to 76 for a while. Which northerners would consider to hot.   I wear shorts, t-shirts and flip flops (hard tile floors) inside and refuse to dress like it's a cold winter day indoors.  Right now it's a cold 53 outside.  

My boss texted me that someone put my hoodie that I got for Christmas in her office.  I sent out a mass text to my coworkers that it was missing, along with two other jackets.  I have no decent light jacket to wear.  I've lost three at work.  Doesn't make sense.  I know sometimes I wear them in the morning and forget about them because it's warm in the evenings when I leave, but really they should be were I leave them.    The hoodie was a Christmas gift from best friend and was missing for several days and mysteriously appeared in my boss's office.

Saw the movie "Licorice Pizza" in the theaters (which I found out was slang for vinyl record and the same of a record store in California).  Very good movie.  Very few people there on a Tuesday afternoon and I took off my mask.

I ordered my free home covid kits from the government.  I thought why not, they are free.  I hope my financial advisor put some money in these companies.  Sheesh.  Never ending.  But I'm slightly encouraged that cases are beginning to drop.  We went from 60,000 cases a day to less than 50,000 the other day.  

Working today and tomorrow and the weekend.





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Forgot to post yesterday, was busy trying to order a new scratching post for the cat

Tweety glad they were able to locate your hoodie

NJ22 seems a lot of people are donating in memory of Betty White

Stars hope you don't get too much snow

BC tend to agree, rain and wind in cold weather is worse than snow

Dianah glad work  went  smoothly

Amo I've been wondering when Ted will return too

Had to cancel the scratching post order, when the email I got in response  to the order stated it was a special order that would take 1-6 weeks to process.  Hopefully I canceled in time,  otherwise will be waiting a while

Technical problems continue at work, was slow as a result so I did some of  today's work as well as everything scheduled for yesterday.  Hoping we don't  get slammed when everything is back up and running

Ran an errand and exercised after work.  Was quite warm, in the 40's

Will only be in the 20s today.  Have grocery shopping, and need to mail letters and return a library book.  Choir practice is on hold again, 3 of 4 members will be out all of January, one is helping family move, the other 2 are nervous about Omicron.  Told the choir director I'd consider a solo if she can come up with a piece by next week

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Good morning. Another shower-y day here, in the 40s, which is normal. I usually have the thermostat at 66, but sometimes I bump it up to 68 for the dog. When I am sitting, I usually have a fleece blanket across my lap. The thermostat is set to go down to 50 at night, but it seldom cools off that much. And I usually wear jeans, a T shirt, and socks inside. 

We have a few shortages here, but it seems like weird things, like saltines. We have plenty of milk, but dairy is one of the main products here. I keep stocked on a few items, mainly in case we were to have a prolonged power outage. I have some large bottles of water, a large bag of rice, and a case of chili. I figure that would get us through a few days. 

Tweety, I am glad you got your hoodie back. It seems weird that someone would walk off with clothing items. I saw good reviews for Licorice Pizza. I may go see if there is football this weekend. 

I snapped at the physical therapist last night, because I am frustrated that I my symptoms are worsening, despite the daily 45 minutes of exercise I do daily. She gave me a bunch of gobbledy gook about neuro-muscular re-education and insisted it takes 6 weeks to increase strength. She asked about imaging, and said if there was no improvement after next visit (#6) she would recommend going back to doc, but insurance may require 6 PT visits. And what ever she did to me last night, I woke with an aching hip and a limp. If that approval comes through sooner, I'm not going back. 

Dianah, that spaghetti looks delicious! I shall have to try it some time. 

Today, I will try to run, in the ache in my hip subsides, and I work in the afternoon. 

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And my authorization for an MRI is denied until I have 6 weeks of therapy. So I have to do the last visit, which is essentially an eval where she tells me I am still symptomatic. Ack, American Health Care. 

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For Pete's sake! Jeez, j22, you must be trying to 'work the system' by knowing the PT isn't helping! Patients are not allowed to have brains, and healthcare 'rules' do not have brains. Where in the blazes is common sense and EASE of communications?

 I have been trying to get a med refill for a week now and have just read on my Dr's Practice site that I have to make an appt before they will refill my med. They never told me that, and I only found it out 5 days AFTER the med was to be refilled; but I can't get an appt for another 5-7 days? We are talking two weeks of me getting more and more irritable. Hubby is so irritated by this problem w/ physician communications that he has just gone off in the car to go to the Dr's office and walk in uninvited to wrangle w/ someone to get the med called in to the pharmacy, pronto and tout suite! *fingers crossed*

~update: They faxed the script in at 9 AM this morning, but I DO have to keep the appt w/ the PA (since my primary doc isn't available until some ridiculous date in February) on Wednesday 1/26 at 11 AM so another of my meds can be re-authorized.  At least I have been to the PA before and know him to be a decent guy who is easy to talk with. 

Have we noticed that any and every time we are told that some office is 'switching' or consolidating their computer programs and gear to make things easier and clearer....that it DOESN'T? And my husband has just arrived home and is squawking about it the same as he does every time something comes up having to do with the medical professions --- I told him that he was preaching to the choir,and I have heard these same complaints from him for 32 years.

....and for some weird reason, hubby discussing the communication problems in the health field .... set Nannie off into talking about how she has trouble getting her lap-blanket on "right". She thinks it is only 'right' if it is on so that if you are looking at her, the words and pictures are NOT backwards, and NOT upside-down. I told her it doesn't matter what it LOOKS like, as long as it covers her the way she likes it to. (P'd her off to have that pointed out to her.)

It isn't as cold today (yay!) but when the wind picked up it still felt too cool to me, but not as freezing-cold as it felt yesterday. Nannie is enjoying the sun being out but has mentioned several times that she is puzzled why the backyard is muddy. Hmmm. Will have to have a scientist explain about water (melted snow and ice) mixing with dirt. Or not. Probably 'not', because there ain't no explanation that sticks with her for too long.

It is Chicken and Dumplings Day at Ye Olde Homestyle Restaurant. Hubby is about to go get us some now, because, he says, "the roads might freeze when the sun goes down." The roads are all clear and dry, except the usual places you might see run-off from melting, but not enough that it'll cause 208-car pile-ups.

Yup-yup-yup, all of us here are having spasms of Cranky-Old-Folks'-Moods lately. Pfftt!

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Hey, by the way, I am missing my bright green hoodie that matches my bright green cotton sweater. If anyone finds it, let me know! ?

  ?  ??Oh, Solo-Joe-Oh~ Let us know what your solo is going to be. Are you nervous? 

Found out that my med authorization refill has gone to an alternate pharmacy, which is closer to home. I have used that pharmacy when I have had to start something right away, like antibiotics or prednisone, immediately after an appt. We usually go to the pharmacy at Walmart, but as long as I am going to be able to get my refill, I don't much care where it is. I can pick it up in the morning.

Still haven't even looked at the laundry, much less begun to sort and treat it, so mebbe tomorrow? I also still need to clean out the fridge and collect toss-away food for the neighbor's pigs. And the floors remain YECH! I really dislike having to be so domestic so often! Crapola! 

Tweety, If we run out of TP or coffee this weekend, I'll be driving down there (merrily through the snow...) to pick up some of yours. What kind of coffee do you drink? No, seriously, don't worry, because I don't like or believe in "drop-in" guests here, so it's highly unlikely I'd show up at your door down there. Golden Rule, doncha know.

j22, wonder how long after your magic 6th PT visit will you have to wait for the MRI appt? I'd be hanging on their door-jam screeching like a banshee, "Don't tell me I have to wait another 2 months!!!" No. I wouldn't, but I'd just really LIKE to! It is not fair to let people hurt and ignore their pain for x# weeks. So very  INhumane!

Latest weather report: Yes, expect snow; And no, it's not necessary to run out for supplies. "At this time, this fella is not going to be as much of a problem as the last one." 

Big scandal: A nursing home had 'accidentally' locked out a resident (or she slipped out and ended up being locked out) for 10 hours. Found her at 7 AM, she is now in hospital.// Also there was another nursing home where a family member had called and called and called, and no one answered the phone. When the police got there, they found 3 people who were expected to take care of 98 patients. GADS!


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