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Wednesday January 15, 2020

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Good morning!

Ted, hope you enjoyed your date with your wife and got some rest after the work week.

BC, glad you're feeling better.  That was one annoying patient.  Hope the weather in Florida holds out for you, but even if it's 60 degrees visitors from your part of the world don't bundle up and sit outside and read, so I'm sure you'll have a good time.

J22, that is a bizarre situation with the electric bill, but at least you're not going to be hit with six months of bills at once.  

AmoL, I tend to leave things on my kitchen counter for days and weeks sometimes.  Hope you have no incidences of rolling around traffic.  Yikes.

Had a fitful night of waking up often, but was able to fall asleep after each episode.  Got woken up by a Gmail notification on my phone.  Apparently I signed up for New York Times emails to get at 6AM when best friend wanted me to read a travel article he emailed me.  

Dentist went okay.  The good news is last years implant looked good on X-ray and implanted itself in my jaw very well.  The bad news is that I have some gingivitis on the gum in front of the implant.  He described it "you have a pimple there"....gross.   I was a little sore but really didn't notice.  So I'm being treated with a rinse and need to go back in two weeks for a check up.  Like I said, I hate going in for a cleaning and exam because it's always something.  He advised me also to get a water pick and start using that.  Ordered one on Amazon like a good patient.

Ordered a new Japanese tea pot and cups while I was ordering my water pick.  No justification for that other than I wanted one.

Tonight is Celine Dion in concert.  Been a fan of hers for a long time and looking forward to it.  Got tomorrow off which is why I worked three in a row.

Our electronic W2's have been posted and I'm going to gather my stuff together and hopefully do my taxes here in a bit.  My taxes are quite easy to do and I hope to get a refund.

We've been having great winter weather.  It was over 80 yesterday and will be in the mid-70's today.  

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Morning Tweety.  Hope your mouth heals quick.  I'm a regular tea drinker too

Decent day at work, productive although had to make more calls than usual to get someone to respond 

Finally went to the jewelry store and get my ring adjusted.   Exercised and did laundry

Will meet J for dinner if he's up to it.  He's steadily getting better but still tires easily

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I like coffee in the morning: 1 cup at home, 1 cup at work, but tea in the afternoon. That way if it gets cold it's still drinkable. 

We had about 4-6 inches of snow overnight with wind pushing it into small drifts. At one point my phone said it was 12 degrees, with wind chill making it feel like -7.  I made it to my cardiology appointment. I told Dr. M if he hadn't made it to work I was going to drive to where he was! We had a good talk. He said the amount of pain I had was very unusual and was surprised that it is still tender to touch. It felt good to be heard. He said it may have had an atypical infection but because it seems to slowly be getting better, that he doesn't feel a need to do any interventions. He did change the settings a little to hopefully make running easier. And no more testing except device checks, and 2x a year MD visits. That is some good news! 

Staff meeting this am, but half the staff didn't make it in. Then MD appt, had lunch with eldest ds, and now want to take a nap instead of work.  Yawn.  

Sending healing thoughts your way Tweety. Hope you and J can meet up Joe. 

And cheers to everybody!

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Good Evening! 

Tweety - Hope that "pimple gum" goes away quickly! (I just had to write "pimple gum" because I wanted to see those two words together for the first time! L O L! 😜 ) Enjoy the Celine Dion concert! Sounds like fun! 🙂

Joe - Hope Joe is feeling better, and that the two of you are getting together this evening.

nursej22 - Hope that infection goes away soon. And, hope the adjustment meets your needs. It is nice to read that you feel that you're being heard by the MD. Surely hope that listening continues on the MD's part. . . 

The first part of the morning was spent renewing my RN licenses for both New York and Massachusetts. Both renewal processes had certain educational expectations that were met. The renewal processes took all morning to complete, and cost a total of a little over $250.00 (including the on-line education fee). It's money well spent, of course. As for the afternoon?!? Well, I napped, then watched nature shows on television while eating a delicious dinner that Amy made with her new hot-air fryer oven. That thing is pretty cool!

I took a re-look at a composition that I started several weeks ago. I got all kinds of ideas in my head on how to develop this composition. I just need to settle on a few of those ideas and complete the silly thing. I've been composing music since I was 4 1/2 years old. One would think that the process of composing music would be easier for me. It ain't.

Peaceful dreams to all, tonight! 🙂



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Busy day for me! Was out taking care of biznezz, doncha know. Went to the credit union, post office, follow-up visit with PA at Neuro/Spine. (Passed all my ROM 'tests'.) Shopped for groceries at WalMart and Food Lion ... we were out of just about everything, so the lists were long. Whew!

dianah, The gypsies have stopped throwing jamborees, but I will never be rid of them completely. Right now I'm okay, though, and whenever they announce themselves with a tambourine shake in my shoulders/hips, they don't stay around long after I've taken my medicines. 

Just for 'new' readers-- the 'gypsies' are what others might refer to as aches, pains, pinched nerve, muscle spasms, joint problems, and various other etc's. They are gypsies because they come and go, and spend time traveling from one portion of my body to another.

Nannie said she passed her test, but doesn't know what it was or where it was given, can't tell me if it was physical or a test taken on paper, or who it was that told her she passed it ---whatever 'it' was and who-ever 'he' was. BUT! She said she scored 178 on it. (Yay Nannie!) 

Hubby spent 2 hours today, listening to her jabber -- she just doesn't seem to be able to stop talking even when what she says doesn't make any sense to her! He said there were the most gawd-awful mixed-up stories of long dead and non-existent people, and events that never occurred, along with lots of: "Oh, I can't remember his/her name; I'm not sure where it was; and many more. "Oh, I don't know, you know...", "That place over there by....", "I'm not sure, but so-and-so said/did this and that happened; I said something that was sooo funny, and they all died laughing."

Yep, okay, Nannie, what ever! 🤪

Tweety, I have started turning OFF my new flip-phone, every night. If there's any beeps or other weird noises from it at night, it freaks out my li'l Oz-man. I still find the way this phone functions to be QUITE annoying, but OOOOOOH WELLLLL!  Changes happen. I will survive. But, I do cuss at this phone more than usual. 

j22, I feel a lot better about you now that I have read that your cardiology doc listened to you about those difficulties you've been experiencing. Hope the change he made in the settings make a really good difference for you!


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The lodge my husband belongs to is "The Fraternal Order of Eagles". His sister said, "My brother sure does like that "Beagles Club". 😀

We ran errands together this morning. We had to drop off a copy of the DMV eye exam report at his ophthalmologist's  filled out except for her section. His license expired in September and he got an appointment and passed the written test then, but could not get an appointment for the "Behind the wheel" test until next month SO the one she filled out was more than six months before the test.

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