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Wednesday January 1, 2020

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I think I managed to type the right date.  😂

Happy New Year's Day!

I had a nice evening out with a friend.  Enjoyed the move "Knives Out" a lot and had a nice veggie burger for dinner at a place near the theater.  Downtown was packed with families celebrating "first night" and as we were leaving adults and revelers were packing downtown for adult time at First Night and other parties there.  The night did seem to belong to mostly the millennials, as it should be.  I partied a lot of New Years when I was young as well.  I have enjoyed First Night in the past and hope to again.

I fell asleep somewhere around 11pm and slept through the neighborhood noise because my fan was on.  SlowBro wanted nothing of it when I tried to walk him around 8pm when the 8pm fireworks were going on downtown at First Night for the children's portion and we could here them here.  But he settled down inside.

Did I really promise myself to get my workout in first among my chores?  Ugh.  We'll see.  😂

I skipped "clean the bathrooms Monday" and "mop the floor Tuesday" and have that all yet to do and will cook some healthy lunches and dinners for the next couple of days of working.  Scale is still kind this morning, exactly the same as yesterday.  I'll stop weighing every day.

BP was a nice low 116/73 after listening to some meditation music before bed.

I do wish everyone good times, but I know current reality is tough in for us all, some moreso than others, and a new reality that is tough or tougher will hit us all.  But I do wish us all well in the coming new decade.

Can you believe it's the 20's???

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Happy New Year and all the best for 2020 from Scotland.

My wife was(is) working an early shift today so I brought in the New Year alone. It is now 2pm here and I am heading off to visit family soon. 

I will repeat the wishes I gave last year and add something to it;

 "Here's tae us; wha's like us? Damn few - and they're a' deid!" and of course "Lang may yer lum reek."


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Morning Tweety and Grumpy

Happy 2020

Yesterday was quiet for me.  Worked, ran a few errands, then came home

Had rum in several different ways....in a mojito, with soda, and straight up...watched stuff on Netflix, watched the ball drop in Times Square, then went to bed 

Today will be fairly quiet too.  Will exercise, do some cleaning, spend some time outside, maybe watch a movie

Have snow on the ground, only an inch or two.  Will be up to 40 today



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Happy New Decade!!

Honestly?!? It kind of blows my mind that it's the year 2020! Wow! We all know that life is going to be what it's going to be. Still, I wish us all the best as the year 2020 rolls itself out, and the new decade continues to march forward.

Work last night. . . Someone said the "Q" word. Damn them!! At least I was able to play the role of Mr. ICU Nurse as we hurriedly transferred a patient from the Med/Surg floor to our teeny-tiny ICU in acute respiratory distress. At one point I thought the poor patient was going to meet his maker. Nope. A little Lasix later and he was sitting upright in bed fidgeting with his cellphone. And, he was fine ever since. L O L! Still, he received the royal ICU monitoring, followed by the ICU charting. L O L!

What else took place at work last night?!?!?
Oh yes! The FOOD!! Every. Single. Employee. Brought. Food. To. Eat! And, Eat I did!! (Major-UGH!!!) Happy New Year!!! So, as I waddled out to my car at the end of the shift, I thought to myself, "Ted! You're NOT going to step on the scale later today!" And, I to this moment, I STILL have NOT stepped on this scale for the year 2020. I don't want to break the damned thing! (Super Major-Ugh!!) Currently, the sun it out. Amy just said, "Let's go for a stroll." (It's what we do to attempt to help try to possibly keep in good health.) So, after I'm done typing these words on this bulletin board, I'm going to dress warmly - really warmly, because it's freakin' cold outside - and go for our 3 mile stroll.  I have a whole night's worth of "Eating Like a Crazy-Man" to walk off!

This is going to be an interesting year. I turn 60 this year. It's the main reason why my mind is blown that it's the year 2020. Life sure ain't gonna be perfect. There'll be food that shouldn't be eaten, but will be eaten. But there'll also be lots of healthy strolls on sunny days. They'll also be music-making, video-making, love-making, friendship-making, typing on bulletin boards, site-seeing far-away countries, working, playing, resting, and appreciating "Life, the Universe, and Everything".

Peace and Blessings to Everyone. . .  🙂



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Good morning and Happy New Year to all!

We drove up to the high desert yesterday to have Vietnamese food lunch with our bass player, then spent time chatting in his studio.  He is housing replicas of some of the Dead Sea Scrolls in his studio, as the humidity in winter averages 7% and that is ideal for storing the scrolls.  They were purchased by his friend, who is working on preparing a tour (speaking) circuit.  They are gorgeously displayed, all unwound and in a protective case.  It was thrilling to see them and hear the discussion about them!

The drive up and back was uneventful.  We even drove past lingering snow on the Cajon Pass, from the day after Christmas.  I'm sure folks were skiing at Big Bear resorts.

We spent a quiet evening at home, ate dinner while watched a Murdoch Mysteries episode, then I turned on old movies and dh watched show of his choice.  Didn't hear fireworks, was fast asleep by then!

Today we will have an early dinner with dh, then I will prepare for work tomorrow.  Next week I work Mon and Tues but am off Wed-Fri and Monday.  We will drive to Bakersfield for the annual Great 48 bluegrass festival, held at the Marriott Hotel.  Looking forward to seeing friends, hearing bands, and picking!

It is sunny out, should reach 62 degrees today.  No storms in immediate sight, although we might get one next weekend while at the festival.

Have enjoyed reading of y'all's activities and thoughts.  I can dream, can't I? = here's to a better year and to Peace on Earth.  I appreciate you all!

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Teens with fireworks and the midnight show at the park were finished by 12:30 am. Duke is now hard of hearing, but they really upset Pearl. 

Husband and I enjoyed some of the TV celebrations and music on TV. I already took banana bread to neighbors for "First Footin'". Husband is no longer dark haired, but...

Across the street neighbors are very used to it since we've done it for 50 years. 

I will cook greens and black-eyed peas (with a dime in the pot) for good luck. 

My dad used to be the good looking dark haired Scotsman First Footin' on New Years day. It made his proud mother so happy. My husband and daughter dislike black-eyed peas so eat only one a year. My son likes them. 

Best wished to us all!

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Happy New Year--

The grandkids spent the night with us. Dh left after dinner to go work in his office and didn't come home until after midnight. Harrumph. so the little guys and I found American Ninja Warriors on TV and watched until midnight. I kept thinking they would fall asleep, but I thought wrong. We turned to a Seattle TV station just before midnight in time to hear them announce the fireworks show was cancelled due to high winds. So off to bed we went, with a few neighborhood explody things going off. I made pancakes for breakfast, and then we packed up towels and drove to the local Polar Bear Plunge. It wasn't as cold as it has been in the past. The sun was out and the temp was up to 50. Even though it was on the salt water, being on Puget Sound plus being near a shallow bay, the water is not nearly as cold as the Pacific Ocean. Youngest ds, the 2 little dudes and me plunged in at noon. Unfortunately, I tripped on a submerged rock, fell and scraped my knee. I didn't realize I was bleeding until we got back to the car. It took forever to stop bleeding (thank you Eliquis) , and I have a goose egg, but it's not too painful. Back home, we took warm showers, donned dry clothes and sipped cocoa. 

Son in law picked up the littles, dh is nursing a cold and sleeping in front of TV football, and I am reading a book. Not a bad way to start the year. 

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Happy New Year!

We had a nice time out last night with friends.  We had a good dinner, I had a pretty blue drink with blueberry vodka, and then we went back to their house to watch the ball drop.  I slept in til 8:30 today, and then went to visit my mother.  My older sister and niece were there, too.   It's back to work tomorrow, and then I'm off on Friday.  I will be going with my friend to the oncologist for her first appt. on Friday.  Her goal is get a formal diagnosis of CLL and confirmatory testing, and then referral to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.  I guess you can't be seen there without a referral from another oncologist.  

Tweety-Sadly, I agree 2020 is going to be challenging on many levels.  I'm glad you enjoyed the movie and dinner.  I hope Slo Bro has recovered from the fireworks.

Grumpy-I hope your chimney keeps smoking, too!!

Joe-Happy 2020! Were you able to get outside today?

Stars-Happy New Year!  I hope 2020 brings good things to you and DH.

Ted-How was the walk?  It was pretty windy here-did you have the same.  

Dianah-The scrolls must have been so interesting!  I would also welcome a better year and Peace on Earth!

Herring-I hope your First Footin' brings you and your neighbors luck for the coming year. 

J22-You're a brave woman for doing the Polar Plunge.  I hope your knee is ok. 

Back to work tomorrow.  Today feels like Sunday.

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Ooooh My bad!  It's officially Jan 2nd. 🎉

Missed saying Happy New Years to y'all in a timely  fashion.

Ted - just to say (smilingly) that a little Lasix and a foley work wonders!

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