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Wednesday February 17, 2021

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Good Morning!

Stars, hope the knee improves.

Nothing much going on.  A normal work day.  Off tomorrow because a coworker want to work my Thursday for her Friday which puts me 3 12's in a row.  I'm getting used to that.  Always good to stay in good graces with someone that might switch with me when I need it.

I had a quiet day off.  Gave my self a break from yoga or the gym and just did housework and cooking.  Went to bed early with a book and could hardly keep my eyes open.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Morning Tweety

Hi Herring

NJ22 I wish our snow would start melting

Stars hope the knee settles down

Amo hope the weather doesn't prove too bad

Work started fine, but by the end I was rushing to get things done, had a lot of calls with people who wanted to talk at length.  Even ended up staying a bit late, something I almost never do

And apparently because I wanted to keep the stress going I did my taxes last night too 🙂  Didn't take too long, but made an error so had to go back and correct stuff before I could submit.  Getting a small refund.     Exercised and worked on cross stitch too

Had a few problems with sleep, got up a bit early and got up briefly during the night to read a bit.  Oddly enough I got up to read early on rather than closer to monring as usual.  May have been a result of the stresses of the day, and some noise which woke me not long after falling asleep

Today should be less crazy at work, I stayed late yesterday so today would be calmer.  Have Ash Wednesday service tonight, will have to go out before then and see if I need to shovel out my car some more.  Might to grocery shopping tonight or might do it tomorrow

Snow has finally stopped, gotten a bit warmer, up to 20.  Shouldn't have much in the way of snow until Sun.  Within the last 3 weeks we've gotten nearly an entire winter's worth of snow

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Good Afternoon -

Joe - LOL! I'm chuckling at your remark about doing taxes! LOL! 😛  Seriously, though, I'm glad that you're getting a refund!! (Cool!) Hopefully, that will lessen the stress a bit!  Hope work is kind to you today. 🙂

Tweety - Glad to read that you had a "Q" day off from work, yesterday. Hopefully work is kind to you today, too. 

Well. . . So much for being off from work for 4 nights in a row. Got a call from one of the night Shift Directors (the one who needs a kidney transplant), last night, around 6:30 PM, asking if I could work for her. I said, "Yes", of course! Apparently she had a tough day, yesterday, with dialysis, and was feeling extraordinarily fatigued. So, I worked last night as Mr. Shift Director for the 11PM-7AM shift. Gratefully, it was a "Q" night. I DID start a new composition, though, and did some work on it yesterday. After I'm done typing here, I plan to work more on this piece. Hopefully I won't be asked to work tonight. But if she does ask me to work for her again, I will say yes.

It's a beautiful sunny day outside, today! It's a deception, though. It's COLD outside, too!

Amy is out and about doing chores for her new job. She's getting her fingers printed, again, but for another state. The police at our local State Police Barracks is getting to know my wife quite well, with all of the finger-printing! LOL! 😛 (They really should standardize getting, and maintaining, a nursing license with all of the states. It's ridiculous that it's not! Blech!)

Nothing much else going on. I'm anxious to start working on this composition. It's like exercising atrophied muscles. Initially, the composing process is painful as I consternate over how to develop the instrumental music. Once the process gets going, it gets easier, and musical ideas seem to fall into place. Hopefully. 

Hope all have a good day, today. 🙂



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Hi. The sun is just starting to come out and temps are mild-42. It must have froze over night because when I walked the dog earlier some of the spots that looked wet, were icy and I nearly fell a few times. It's not the falling I mind, its that sudden stop at the end, lol.  I've noticed as I get older falling is much more painful, and I get some pretty terrific bruises that seem to take forever to go away. But no falls were incurred. I also went for a run, that felt pretty good although I had to detour around some icy spots. Youngest ds and I are leaving to run some errands and get lunch. This is normally a half day of work, but I have it off due to the holiday. It looks like our COVID rates are coming down, hurrah, but vaccines are still excruciatingly slow. 

Ted, there is a nursing licensure compact that many states participate in, but unfortunately New York is not one.


Nor is my state. This came up for me at work because our TB patients travel, but we watch them take their meds via video. The general consensus seemed to be that this wasn't actually nursing practice unless we advised them to get labs or stop meds. 

Yes, stars, I hope your knee is better and the effects of the prednisone wear off. Its a heck of a drug. I had a shoulder injection once that did diddly-squat except hurt like a bugger. 

Amo, quiche sounds good, maybe that's what we'll have for dinner. 

Hi Dianah, Joe, Tweety, herring and BC. I hope you have pleasant afteroons. 

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I've been trying to decide all day if I have a headache or not. Weird, huh? Well. it is.Weird, that is.

 I hereby declare it is now bedtime because I have finally decided I DO have a headache. 

Tawk whichyas tomorry!

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