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Wednesday February 7, 2019

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Good Morning!

Dianah, so sorry to read about the young man's death.  My condolences.

Stars, so glad things are improving on the pain medication front.

I was tired and took my benzo and slept quite well.  Woke up in the early hours to pee but feel asleep for a little while.  Still woke up 15 minutes before the alarm, but at least it wasn't a tossing and turning anxious sleep and non-sleep like the days prior.  

Working today and tomorrow and the weekend.  The beginning of the "bad week".

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Stars it could be the weather that influenced my restless sleep

Dianah sorry to hear about your son's friend

Morning Tweety glad you got some sleep

My sleep was pretty decent although I woke up a few times

The electricty stayed on, so I'm not sure if that means there was no freezing rain last night or that it wasn't as bad as predicted.  I did stop at Target last night to get supplies in case the lights went out

Work was fine, somewhat more productive than usual.  Exercised last night, otherwise it was fairly quiet

Tonight meeting J for dinner, we're going to meet at a place near me since we haven't done that in a while and the weather today should be fairly good

Might get more rain, I think starting tomorrow night it's going to get quite cold

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Good Morning -

Just woke up after a fairly decent 2 1/2 hour sleep. Work these past couple of nights have been a well-manageable steady-busy in our teeny-tiny ICU. I actually played the role of Mr. ICU Nurse these past couple of nights. Happily, I am off from work the next three nights!

Currently sipping on First Coffee. It tastes delicious!

No plans for this morning. It's a very sunny and relative warm day outside today. (It's 31 F, outside, which is relatively warm for this part of the world.) Amy is at work, so I have most of the day to myself. I want to do something creative. Either I'll spend some time composing music, or taking my video-camera outside and record pretty-looking scenery. However, because of the warmer temps that past couple of days, most of the snow has melted leaving the scenery not as "pretty-looking". 

Tweety - Reading your work-schedule, I can understand why you call it the "bad week". Hope work is kind to you as the "bad week" begins.

Joe - seems that the weather near where you live is almost as unpredictable as the weather in my area of the world. One day it's snow, then another day it's rain or freezing rain; one day it's below zero, and the next it might be 40 degree outside. It's a wild ride, weather-wise. (Say THAT 3-times fast! 😂!) In the meanwhile, enjoy your date with J!

dianah - Warm condolences to the family and friends of the young man who died. Sad. . . 

Steph - It's nice to see you posting here!

To everyone else and all. . . Peace! 🙂

Think I'll do some music-composing now. It might be sunny outside, and it might be relatively warm, but the scenery is mostly blah-looking with the snow melted away. Besides, I promised myself to compose one composition per month. It's February and I only explored ideas and nothing more.


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Hello all.

I have had a bad few days.

Something happened at the barn that left me saddened, angry, shaken and deeply depressed.

Biggie is okay, so is Talli.

But I must rethink everything, and it should come as no surprise to me, but I am feeling full gambit of emotions, but mainly depression.

Yes, it is raining again.

We are under a flood warning. There is no place for all this water to go.

I saw a meme on a horse site the other day:

Thank God it is raining, my mud was getting dehydrated.

It is too warm here, in low 60s.

The temperature will drop tomorrow night to 26 degrees, from a high in the mid-60s.

Yes, 40 degree temperature drop.

It has been raining since October.

That's all I know.

Trying to get myself out of sadness funk.

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Lil Nel - It's sad to read that you're surviving whatever situation is causing you the depression.  (I'm quite familiar with the "Sadness Funk".) For you: (((Warm Hugs)))

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Pippy is snoring, Ozzie is dreaming, Nannie is also snoring. Hubby just got back from an errand and is puttering around upstairs.

 It's nearly 3 PM, clouds moving in for a bit of rain this afternoon, but it is 74 degrees today; tomorrow? 77 degrees! SEVENTY-SEVEN!!! Egads!

 Nights have been unbelievably warm ... in the 60's. But this weekend the temp will drop to 32 degrees. Schizophrenic weather ... or as someone I know used to say, "Skitzo-Freeniac!"

Nel, I feel so bummed out for you even w/o knowing what happened at the barn. You do sound pretty upset, and I hate that you are feeling depressed. Also am sick of the rain that Biggie and you are, and have been for quite some time, having to endure. It's just toooooo much. Is all of Kentucky turning into one big lake of mud? YECH! (((((Nel)))))

Nothing much planned for the rest of this week. Hard to believe there are NO appointments for ANY of us here! (My post op follow-up is next Thursday.)

Woke up without pain again this morning. Like a NEW world for me!

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Prayers for Lil Nel. Glad for those who feel better.

This is the weather that has those of us who got off night shift on time having ice on our windshield if parked on the shady side of the street. If we had to stay until 8:00 am the ice was melted.

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Thanks herring, Stars and Ted.

Did you know you had those cysts, Stars? Glad you feel like a new person.

I groomed Talli yesterday. He apparently never stood in crossties before, and was scared to death. I could see his heart pounding in his chest.

I took him out of crossties, and groomed him in his stall. Today, we practiced going in and out of wash stall, where the cross ties are.

Tomorrow, we will practice crossties again.

He is very sweet.

Hope everyone had a decent day.

Spent most of yesterday in bed. If not for the horses, I wouldn't have left my bed.

I was slightly more active today.

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Good afternoon, or evening, 

Still clear and cold in these parts, high of 34, down to 20 tonight. It may snow on the weekend. I had 4 kiddos to immunize in clinic today. People are getting concerned about measles. The state count is 51, with 11 suspect cases, but they are all still 300 miles away. Of course, everyone who gets a rash thinks they have it. We do have a fair amount of anti-vaxxers locally. One coworker thinks we just have to talk to them, but when they cite religious reasons and mistrust the government, I don't what we can say.

I slept pretty good last night, possibly because of the wine I drank while watching the state of the union speech. I understand though, that is not an option for everyone. 

Weather is just nutty this year, isn't it? Those crazy temperature swings would make me grumpy. Or grumpier than usual. When we lived in Idaho, the summer temps would swing  from 50 degrees at night to 100 during the day, and back again.  That was part of the reason for the thunderstorms every afternoon. But it never rained. 3 feet of snow in the winter but almost no rain. That sure made this northwesterner homesick. 

I really hate working full time. A half-time position is opening up, so I am going to apply for it. It will be back working in TB with the annoying one, but she won't be the supervisor and she and I would only in the office together for 1/2 day a week. 

Well that's enough whining. I hope everyone's day is going better that expected, 


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(((((((((((( Lil Nel ))))))))))))))  Good the horses are OK.  Good you are getting out of bed to tend to them.  Don't ignore yourself/your needs.  Sometimes processing takes time.  I hate that you are feeling so down.  I think we all know what that feels like, and it is not pleasant.  Wishing you healing.


I finished the steenkin' ACLS case scenarios.  I hope the person who grew up gaming, and who had so much fun preparing these for us non-gaming persons, is enjoying this.  My blood pressure was not helped by this method of learning, and I came out with a headache.

But, again, I think I'm done.  For another two years.


It was 36 degrees when I left to go to work today.  Mountains are full of snow.  The Sierras have TONS of snow! 

Computer is going wonky tonight.  It just came back up by itself.  More another time. 

Have a good evening!  (glad you are feeling better, Stars!)


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Nel, NOPE!

Didn't know I had a cyst squashing my L-3/L-4 until they did the MRI. On it you could see the white spot the size/shape of a small peanut crammed down on my severely mushed sciatic nerve. The nerve did not look happy, being so pinched off. 😖 

Imagine a 1 & 1/2" wide piece of ribbon tied on a gift box; the area of the ribbon where the first tie of the knot is and the pleated look of the ribbon on either side of the knot---- that's about the only way I can think of to describe the nerve I saw; either that or a half-dead decomposing curled green onion, compressed in the middle. 

 There is a smaller cyst "on the back" of one of those "L's" but it apparently does not interfere with anything so they let it be.

I think all of y'all should retire now. No set bedtime, no reason to set the alarm clock ... Then everyone would be writing about what a great night of sleep they had the night before. THAT would be startling, wouldn't it?!  🙃

I know that might mean cutting back on the globe-trotting, Tweety, so you are officially exempt from my "everyone retire" idea. 🤪

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I LOVE the idea of retiring, Stars.

Seems like a great life to me!!!!

Why did it take so long for someone to order an MRI on your back?

You could have been pain free so much earlier, and kept WORKING.

Just kidding. Don't hit me, Stars!

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