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Wednesday December 5, 2018

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Good Morning!

Dianah, what lovely pictures. Glad you had a good time. Disney does a good job at Christmas don't they? A couple of my friends with season passes have been enjoying Orlando and putting up nice pictures on Instagram.

J22, understand about your husbanding being "buzzed" by the hummingbird. That surely is cold! :)

NSIME, hope you and the doc can come up with a plan.

BC, hope work wasn't too crazy.

Ted hope work was kind and the upcoming overtime shifts are as well.

Didn't sleep very well for some reason. Woke up at around 2:30 thinking I'd go ahead and get up and get the day started. Me and the dogs had some watermelon and I tried to get some more sleep. Which eventually I did.

I have my annual physical today. Thankfully, I have no complaints and it's an easy visit. He'll probably order labs. My BP has been on the high side lately. Hopefully we'll just continue to watch it. I've gained a few pounds and that's probably it.

Otherwise need to do some housework, hit the gym and cook for the coming work days.

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Well, was pleased yesterday that the workload was pretty manageable in spite of having been off. Had some computer problems that slowed me down, that have been partially resolved so far

Anxiety was flaring up yesterday, then settled down, then I was quite tired through most of the evening. Thought I was getting J's cold but this morning I feel OK

Should be a fairly normal day today. Found out I will no longer have to attend one of my offsite meetings. A great relief given the length of the drive although I may miss the mileage reimbursement I used to get. But now I have lots more time.

MIght meet J tonight for dinner if he's recovered from his cold. Also have choir practice

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Hey all! Busy busy busy!!!

Tweety, I loved your story about your niece. My nephew came about about 10 years ago to my very religious in laws. it was initially a nightmare, to the point where my ex and I were going to take the kid in. It all resolved and he's happy. All these kids need is support.

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Didn't get as cold as predicted, still a bit of nip in the air. But it's sunny again. Watched a TB video meeting today, yawn. It's a quarterly thing to review epidemiology, and then reviewing a new reporting protocol. Plus answering some emails, looking for some paperwork that I put somewhere so I wouldn't lose it, lol. This afternoon I vaccinated the world's 1 year old, and made him cry. And made me cry. I think I should get ice cream or something, right?

Tweety, I am sure you will ace your physical, all that healthy eating and physical activity and all. My old doggie loved watermelon; current one, not so much.

Joe, congratulations on fewer meetings, and avoiding J's cold.

Far, that is very generous to offer to take in your nephew. Good to read that it has turned out well. My dh and his sister got in a big row several years ago because he posted on Facebook that he liked the movie "Love, Actually." And all because one of the characters was gay. In fact, she stopped talking to him as a result. Sad. Life is too short people, get over yourselves.

Almost time for me to leave for the school resource fair. I am a little anxious about it, because talking to strangers is not easy for me. What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger, right?


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:D:woot: IT'S NOT MY HIP!!!!! :woot::D

The MRI showed quite clearly that it is a pinched nerve in the lower lumbar spine (can't remember which L # though)

Now I must sit on this demonic urge to contact that :sniff:schmuck P.A.:cautious: at the other Ortho practice, and tell him I DO NOT have bone-on-bone and it's NOT my hip causing the lower-extremity pain! Due to his stupid ignorance and arrogance, he would've had me lined up for surgery that I didn't need. So, really, reading him his title and him suggesting I needed to find another provider, turned out to be the BEST thing! Doubt he would have even thought to send me to get an MRI.

So, the next 'wait' is for an appt at the Neurosurgery and Spine practice. I am hoping that a nerve-block will be done. If the spine doc says I need surgery to unsquoosh my nerve, oh well, I'll have to just bite the bullet. But am hoping against hope that the nerve block will be recommended. The check-out lady at the Ortho practice asked me if I preferred morning or afternoon for my appt. and I said, "The first available appointment, any day, any time!" Because really, what have I got to do now that I'm retired, but go to Dr's offices? I reckon I am making up for the years and years when I NEVER had to go to a doctor. But, oh well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

And everyone needs to shout out a LOUD :singing: *w00t*, because ...

the Christmas decorating is essentially all done. I just hate {NOT!} that I missed helping Nannie 'do' the tree, because of my doc's appt this afternoon. Before I left for my appt, she was looking around through boxes and sorting tree decorations and I guess she was talking to herself...half whispering and half muttering. I was only four feet away from her and yet could not hear or understand a single thing she was saying. But I am getting pretty good at tuning her out when she does that. However, after she inspected the front of the house, once it got dark and the lights hubby put up were turned on, she pronounced loud and clear that NOW she is very, very happy. Whoop-dee-do!

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NSIME, my ortho-spine nursing mind was wondering about how you were describing how you ambulate, hunched down, radiating pain, and in my mind's eye it didn't add up to bone on bone style of walking. Of course it wasn't my place to say so. So glad you perservered and got a diagnosis. Hopefully the treatment will be an easy one. Some of these surgeries are even now being done on an outpatient basis. Oh and w00t!!!!

J22, hope the event went well. I just can't for a second fathom what went on between your sister and dear husband. Shaking my head.

Thanks Far. Religion sure f's up a lot of people. Thankfully by my coming out my parents were atheists and I didn't have that issue. But they did consider it a choice and I was sick for choosing it...but we've healed.

Joe, hope you don't catch a cold and the J gets well.

Annual physical went well. My blood pressure which I've notice has risen some lately was high...145/98...and he didn't like the bottom number. He said we should still just watch it and someone nearly 60 like me he would treat for consistently 160/90. He does acknowledge newer protocols are lower. Later on when I was home it was 135/85...which isn't by no means good, but certainly lower than what it was at his office and below his protocols. I do pretty well with weight control (I gained .2 lbs from a year ago), exercising and eating so I'm sure it's stress, and insomnia related, or just "essential hypertension" which is "your BP is high for no good reason". I was disappointed they do not give the shingles vaccine and he wants me to get it but my insurance doesn't cover a pharmacy giving it to me. He said he would send a script over to the pharmacy and maybe they will get it authorized with a script rather than me just showing up to the grocery store pharmacy like I did. There is a NP at this pharmacy. We'll see how that plays out. Finally we talked a bit out my generalized anxiety disorder and he said anytime I need help or a refill of medication I should just call him on his cell phone or text him to send in a script. Pretty cool of him. I'm pretty well controlled and not nearly as bad as my acute episode of a few years ago so we made no changes and just left me on a prn benzo. I have some routine blood work he ordered and will probably wait until Monday.

That's probably TMI. LOL

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