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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Wednesday - December 16, 2020 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

It's peacefully quiet this early morning. It feels like the calm before the storm. There's a big snow storm that's supposed to be coming our way, with predictions anywhere between 2 to 12 inches of snow. LOL! ūüėõ¬†As of this morning, the amount of snow that we could get varies wildly. But, we're preparing for more than less snow.¬†

Monday night, I worked as Shift Director. That night was "Q" for me at work. Unfortunately, there was a short moment of "Busy" for the evening Shift Director. The poor guy went to transport a patient from E.R. to our teeny-tiny CCU. Although the patient was apparently fine just a few moments before the transport, when he said to the patient that they were leaving now, there was No Response. The "Code Blue" lasted a few short moments when the spouse intervened and said that the patient was a DNR/DNI (which, apparently, had not been told to the admitting hospitalist at that point). The evening Shift Director is a "per diem". He handled things well. But he looked a bit shook up when he gave me report that night.

Yesterday was a welcomed day of rest, for the most part. I caught up on some much-needed sleep. When I woke up, I worked on a project for a fellow ICU nurse, which I finally completed late last night. Basically, I "digitalized' video from very old VHS tapes to video files that can be opened up on any computer system. There were Seven (!) VHS tapes that required the transfer of video. Needless to say, it was a slooooooooow process. During the middle of the transfer process, the old VHS tape-deck that I was using failed to function. It died. Finding a replacement VHS tape-deck was quite the challenge!!! Apparently, we got rid of ours.(We looked everywhere in our home.) Long story short, I ended going to my church where I FINALLY found another old (and dusty) VHS tape player after searching everywhere. (I mean everywhere!) I'm happy that THAT project is finished. My fellow ICU nurse is very happy and grateful, too! The "digitalized" video files are of her family, including her young son (at the time) from the early 1990s. She's going to give these video files (via USB Thumb Drives) to her son and other family members as Christmas Gifts.

I finally went to bed around midnight, and woke up around 4:30 AM this morning. Since then, I sequenced (recorded) the instrumental tracks to "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" which Amy and I are going to use for our next video. Amy wrote new lyrics to this song, which is now titled, "Rollin' Around the Christmas Tree". LOL! It will be THIS video that we're giving as the official Holiday Gift to family and friends.  We'll record Amy singing the vocal part Friday. Saturday and Sunday we'll be video-recording this particular project. At least, this is our plan.

In the meanwhile, I'm working tonight and tomorrow night.

I hope we don't get much snow tonight. I'll be at work if/when the snow storm hits our area. Our cars are parked outside. Wiping the snow off the car, after work, is a pain in the butt. Driving 27 miles on snow-covered roads is a bigger pain in the butt. Thankfully, I have my studded snow tires on.

Honestly?!? I'm a bit burnt. I have to work to avoid the "Holiday Blues". This year, especially, avoiding the "Holiday Blues" is more of a challenge. I'm looking forward to working on the video with Amy, this weekend. It'll be therapeutic, as it usually is.

I know that these are crazy times for all of us. I wish you all Peace as the Holiday Season plays itself out (in the year 2020). 


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Morning Ted.  Hope the snow isnt' too bad.  I hear you about burnout and holiday blues, am fighting that too

Slept OK, not quite as good as last night, fell asleep fine but was up 2 hours early, feel fine this morning.  We'll see how the Ambien does over the next few days, if it doesnt' work that great I'll ask the doc for something different

Work was challenging, dealing with a demanding person, was on the phone for an hour trying to get something sorted out.  I've come to realize that we're not able to help him and he'll have to call someone else.  A relief for me as someone else will need to assist him, but anxiety as I'm sure he won't want to hear that.  Might have had something to do with waking early last night

Went for a walk last night and stopped at the pharmacy

Feeling fairly good this morning, not as sleepy as yesterday.  Not much planned for today apart from the usual embroidery and exercise.  Have online bible study tonight

Have been thinking about all of the negative news we've been hearing and how I can help.  It might help alleviate some of those holiday blues Ted mentioned, but also I can't let myself get too busy

Weather is stable in the 30.  Might get some snow

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Good Morning!

Ted, hope the snow isn't too arduous for you and you stay safe.  

Joe, I hope the Ambien kicks in for you.  It's frustrating getting up too early.  I have the same issue and can relate.

J22, hope the day was calmer for you than the day prior.  Our ER only recently started entering height and weights on admission to the ER.  I'm with your co-worker in that it really should be a standard part of their duties since they might be giving medications, etc.   Hope your sister's issues get resolved.  

Stars, interesting the vanity thing continues with Nannie.  I don't know much about dementia but probably is a good idea for all involved not to get too argumentative.  Glad you were able to get her out for her walk.

BC, 12-18 inches?  Nothing you can't handle.  

I've dealt with the holiday blues in an odd manner over the years.  Once I became single after a few years I just got rid of the holiday all together.  I've always worked and really don't have much of a tradition for Christmas anyway.   I quit putting up the tree and decorating outside.  Nothing.  I still exchanged gifts with family and sometimes spent Xmas Eve with my sister and her daughter and grandkids.  I've let go of the idea of "It's Christmas...I'm supposed to feel this or that..."   I have since at least added Christmas music back into my holiday.  I have a good collection of Christmas CDs from my favorite artists.  Listening to Josh Grobin now.  

Will head to the hospital to see best friend today.  I'm bummed that he had the old fashioned posterior approach and is on strict hip precautions.  This will make his recovery a bit hard but it is what it is.  His sodium level plummeted again and they gave him a medication I'm not familiar with called "Samsca".  Now this morning it's risen but they are saying it rose too fast and have in on D5W.  It's very labile.  We were hoping for discharge today but I think he won't be medically clear.  Getting him to stay for his sodium level will be a challenge.  "I came for a hip fracture not a sodium level".  I can tell he's getting a bit agitated, so I explained some of the neurological implications of having too low a sodium level and having it rise too fast without getting into detail but to stress it's importance.  He'll be a good patient I'm sure.

I spent some Amazon money my parents sent me for Christmas on a couple of pairs of jeans in my new and improved smaller waist size, a couple of CDs and a cookbook.  Some of it arrived the same day I ordered it.  Crazy.  

Supposed to rain today with a cold front moving through.  Might get back into the 40's.  

Covid vaccines arrive in my facility tomorrow to be given starting Friday.  I won't be in the first wave of people getting it as I don't work covid or ICU/ER or have high risk co-mormidities, but soon.  I hope people vaccinate and we can end this thing soon.  

Have a great day!

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I'm kind of excited for the storm.  I'll be working from home, so I can stay in my jammies all day.  We need the precipitation, as the summer was so dry.  It's going to stay very cold, so it should just be light, fluffy snow.  That's easy to deal with.  I brought Lucy the bunny inside this AM, so she'll be safe and warm.  The cats can go down to the basement and stare at her.

Last night I watched an HBO documentary on the BeeGees.  I didn't realize what an extensive body of work they had done, both prior to and after the disco era.  They were prolific songwriters. Only one of the brothers is still alive.  I've had BeeGees songs running through my head all morning.

Ted-I can't wait to see your next video.  Be careful driving tonight and tomorrow morning.

Tweety-I hope BF is discharged today.  Any reason why they did a posterior procedure?

Joe-There is a lot of negative stuff out in the universe right now.  I think it affects a lot of people subconsciously and causes stress.  I hope you continue to get better sleep.

Hope all have a pleasant day!

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Neighbors were talking about their stress after we got our cars moved for street sweeping. The "little blond toddler" I once did silly dances with at Hanukah introduced me to his girlfriend. He just turned 17.  His Dad is often pacing the sidewalk, looking at his phone, and smoking cigarettes. 

My sister asked me to talk with a friend. I only met him once a few years ago when he helped our step-Mom move into the care home. He was strong then. Now he is disabled and hoping to find someone to come to his condo and help him bathe. I told her that if he has Medicare he probably qualifies for such assistance. She called me back yesterday evening. He spoke to his physician and a Home Health Aid is ordered already. 

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Morning. It's my Friday, and it's a half day, Yay! Cloudy and damp. Weather forecast is rain, overcast, showers, sprinkles for next several days, occasional gusty winds. I would rather have snow. I am going to do a bit of shopping today, and make cookies. Crazy coworker has gotten awful news: her 65 yo husband has some sort of progressive dementia and she is devastated. She had encouraged him to get evaluated, at it looks to be even worse than she thought. I will of course, support her and pick up shifts when I can. 

Herring, that is great that you were able to assist your sister's friend. It still surprises me that providers are not making referrals of all services available to those who qualify.  Yes, stress is everywhere, but I feel so much hope with the vaccine. 

Ted, wishing you an uneventful drive in the snow. I sort of like snow driving, if visibility is good. Looking forward to the video. 

Ah, yes, Joe, handing off "demanders" lifts a weight, doesn't it? I do like helping people, but it seems there are some who just beyond one's capabilities. 

Tweety,  vaccines have arrived here as well. I have no idea where our health department is in the priority list. Of course the people getting the higher exposures and the elders are prioritized before me. And I remember dealing with sodium levels to be a pain. And when it gets too low, people can get a little nutty, too high too fast and they seize. Not to mention shifting too fast. Best wishes for smooth recovery for your friend. 

BC, thanks alot! Now I have the Bee Gees in my head! No really, that's a good thing. Stay warm. Our little Anna's hummingbird males have a iridescent red throat, the females are a rather drab tan. I think they are smaller than a ruby-throated hummer. I shall try to capture of video of them. 

Good day!

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Howdy folks!

Yeah, Ted, I have also worked just about every holiday since I graduated from nursing school. Didn't care for twiddling my thumbs waiting for a Christmas Day or New Year's Eve to go by. Plus, I was always liked by my co-workers for letting THEM take the holidays (and weekends) off to be with their families! I am waiting for the Rolling Around the Christmas Tree video. I showed Nannie the one with Amy searching for you; she got a very big kick out of it, especially when Amy scooted back up the stairs backwards.

Joe, Here's my secret method of taking care of difficult situations in nursing: staying an LPN instead of getting my RN like everyone urged me to do. That "Scope of Practice' came in very handy a time or two, I gotta tell ya! On the other hand, I never minded adding my two cents/opinion/questions to any RN or doctor. Not obnoxiously, just as being a part of the team. (Remember TEAM nursing?) I just did not want all the responsibility that being an RN rains down upon one, and it only got worse as the years went on, as health care became a business model. Head Nurses became "Managers" and all that, with additional paperwork in addition to the computer program changes that were supposed to make things easier. HA!

Tweety, back in the day when Nannie was just a sprout, she was totally and completely spoiled by everyone, and it was her cuteness and her beautiful hand-made (by aunts) dresses she always was complimented upon, so positive feedback always seemed to be looks-oriented. Talk about something being interwoven into your psyche! It stayed stuck there and I guess will remain as long as she is breathing. She was a good-looking and smartly-dressed woman as well, and she really did have guys hitting on her frequently enough to satisfy her enormous ego. But, the undercurrent of pure relentless MEAN-ness in her if/when she wasn't happy, as in not always getting her way ... that's been a big part of her personality and it hasn't gone away since her dx of dementia and Alzheimer's. I stay out of the arguments for the most part; when I say something if hubby and she are arguing, she turns to me and says "Oh, SHUT-UP!" So when they get going, I generally leave the room. Hubby is getting better about not arguing back, but some of the stuff she comes up with is SOOOOO untrue, and it seems she craves to argue at least once a week! She would be a psychiatrist's nightmare!

BCg, I always liked a good snowstorm too, if I didn't have to go anywhere! Mostly didn't mind driving in the snow, because I was good at it. When we were in our teens, my sister and younger brother and I would go to the large Mall's empty parking lot (remember Blue Laws, when they wouldn't open stores on Sundays?) and practice sliding and skidding in the snow. It was a lot of fun and helpful for future driving conditions. It's the OTHER DRIVERS that make me nervous to drive in bad winter conditions. And, of course, if roads were particularly icy, I stayed put whether I was at home or at work. One time I watched a salt and sand truck slide backwards down a slight hill, because there was NOOOO traction whatsoever. That was good hint it wasn't a good time to go out trying to drive a vehicle, period. 

herring, you are always such  (as my mom would say) "A GOOD KID!" I'd stick five gold stars across your forehead! Tweety, too. Not Tweety on your forehead, silly! Gold stars across his forehead as well. And Ted, too. Geez, on ALL of yez foreheads! Y'all are just a GOOD BUNCH! 

My sister and I were big Bee-Gees fans from the get-go. I always thought it must've been hard to be the tallest, good-looking-est BeeGee. But that's neither here nor there.

Step-dgt is supposed to have her double-mastectomy tomorrow. Hubby hasn't heard from her in two days, so we wonder what's up.

PS: Just in case some of you do not read the Game of Groans thread, I have to tell you about a t-shirt I saw in a catalog that said:

"If 2020 were a drink, it would be a Colonoscopy Prep!"

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Miserable weather here in the Middle Atlantic  states. You New Englanders are expecting it much worse tonite. I hated to have to do it, but I canceled my rad tx for tomorrow. Just can't rely on transp. The drivers have all be good drivers - I have no worries re them. It's all the other crazy drivers out there and possibly likely nasty road conditions. My tx center is in a highly commercialized, populous area - crazy traffic. I feel sorry for folks who actually live in residential communities there. And it is a little bit of a too long distance commute for me to feel safe. Always on the news TV re accidents! Even in decent weather.

And the weather is still up in the air re my neck of the woods. The 'I 95 corridor' outside Philly is just a short travel. It's sleet pinging against my windows. Can't risk it.

Joe - That stress was so burdensome that I was having sleep issues. Not the deeply distressing kind like yours. It's quite a concern when your kind is more than a garden-variety  -  really hoping that you get good relief. I'm prepping to go to bed early again tonite. Just too fatigued.

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