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WA will vote on 2/9/08

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I am torn apart between Hillary and Obama. I am doing some research. I am not going to be swayed by endorsements. I am educated and will not be brainwashed by Oprah & Kennedys.

However, I am learning that Obama has raised much more money in WA state than other candidates. I know Washingtonians are anti war people and obama has slight edge. Even though I strongly oppose Iraq war, Obama has not shown anything except than voting against war. The only experience he boast on is "he was a community organizer/advocate in streets of Chicago". I know many people who are organisers/advocates.....Do I think they are suitable for president --No!! Other thing I noticed Obama stutters in debate and is charismatic in speeches. I found out today after watching all you tube videos that he repeats speech ---His fav quote " We are uniters, not dividers...it is not about DEMS or REPS, its about united states of america" He repeats these line on every speech like theres nothing else to say. His supporters looked brainwashed "yes we can slogan"...you should see one of the you tube videos.

The war has already happened and both candidates plans to bring troops back. If Hillary's message are genuine that GW Bush misused her vote to go to war as a first resort, then I respect that but I am doubtful if it was genuine or not. I like universal healthcare plan as well as her strong foreign diplomacy and human rights policy. However I dont get pushed more neither towards Obama or Hillary.

I was surprised that ANA and Sen Patty Murray has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Heck!!! I am going for Ron Paul!!! Only republican I have ever liked even though I am a registered democrat :bugeyes:

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I am not swayed by endorsements either.

But it was inspiring to see Maria Schriver standing with Caroline Kennedy and Michelle Obama. Her husband, the Governor, supports McCain.

And to see Robert Kennedy Junior and Cesar Chavez grandson campaigning for Senator Clinton.

I am glad that strong people like Maxine Waters and Ted Kennedy are supporting candidates because I think they will hole their feet to the fire to keep the promises they are making now.

If we get a second President Clinton I can just imagine Representative Waters going to see her and telling it like it is!

She better not cater to the special interests!

And I think Senator Kennedy wouldn't let a President Obama get away with it either.

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