NYC in January?

  1. Okay so people are telling me I'm nuts for wanting to go to NYC in January. I'm going for a couple of Broadway shows and to let my inner geek feast on the museums. I'm also hoping to hit a few awesome restaurants. I get that it will be cold but I'm from Ohio so it's not like I'm not used to it! All my friends immediately cite the weather as a deterrent, as if winter in Ohio is 70 and sunny lol I've never been, and I've been wanting a fun vacay for a while. I'll more than likely be going alone. I know I'll miss out on some stuff because of weather but it's not like I can't go back during warmer months. It's easier to get tickets to shows in winter and hotel prices are lower.

    So....any opinions? My finger is twitching to start booking stuff
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  3. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Well as a native New Yorker am here to tell you January in NYC isn't what it used to be, well at least not for the past few years anyway.

    Growing up and since the 1970's usually Jan through March is the coldest part of winter here, but for the past few years aside from the odd snowstorm and few weeks of really cold/windy weather it has been rather "warm". I'd say between 30's and 40's during the day on average, ten or so degrees colder at night.

    If you have a good fashionable "trench" or all weather coat you should be fine. Something you can wear to a show or something that requires dressing up, but yet is casual enough to wear walking around taking in the sites.

    Personally for daytime and evening casual wear one is fond of sweaters, down vest and perhaps a nice wool scarf. Hats and golves are of course a good thing to have as well. It has been more likely to rain here in January as snow so keep that in mind as well.
  4. by   ShantheRN
    Thank you for the advice! I got my PTO approved and now I'm looking for hotels So excited!
  5. by   virgo,student nurse
    I love NYC. There is so much you can do, I agree with the weather, it has changed and it not that bad, unless a nor easter is heading. Sorry! but I had to get that out. I love Broadway I just saw Lion King for the first time, it was so pretty with all the colors and everything. We are taking my neice to see the Rockettes at the end of the month. I love them. (The Christmas Spectaular, they call it) If you take a cab be sure that they start the meter, if they don't start the meter they can charge you some stupid amount of money, when the ride really should have cost you $5-$10 dollars. Don't tell the cab driver you are visiting, they may want to take the scenic route and again charge you some crazy amount of money. NY has some of the best resturants, the picking will be yours. The Museum Of Natural History is a good choice, they seem to have something new ever few years. Central park is even nice, in the daytime. Best Wishes on your trip. Enjoy!