Nurse (Rock) Climbers

  1. Are there any rock climbers on

    I'm a climber, and have come across many nurses while climbing in Yosemite, Utah, and Vegas. Alpine climbers, trad climbers, sport climbers, boulderers, and ice climbers, oh my!

    Can you tell me more about your nursing, and climbing lifestyle?
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  3. by   erinnmcg
    I am not a nurse (yet) but I am becoming quite the rock climber (as is evidenced by my search for this exact topic!) I am sad to see that there arent more replies, as I have found MANY nurse/climber combos - the job seems to suit the lifestyle and character, and vise versa... I am in portland now, but I will be moving back to sacramento area where I plan to pursue both climbing and nursing... how have your nursing and climbing pursuits been coming along?