1. Anyone have any advice about what to definitely see in Jamaica?
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  3. by   virgo,student nurse
    Make sure you experience the beach. The water is beautiful and comfortable to swim in.
    The sand is soft on your feet, and the pictures you can take after the sun goes own amazing. Enjoy your trip.
  4. by   Medic2RN
    Thank you, I did enjoy it. The snorkeling was excellent.
  5. by   NursingFloridaMan
    I went on a cruise a few years ago - stopped off at the port of Ocho Rios in Jamaica - so didn't spend much time in the country of Jamaica. But there is a big big big difference in the safety between the cruise ship ports/resort areas and the rest of Jamaica (several people have told me this). I suggest you go to a resort (all inclusive) or just stop off at Jamaica on a cruise. Check the State Department's website/CIA website for conditions in Jamaica - lot of drug use there
  6. by   NightNurse876
    I hope your trip was amazing and that you didn't just stay in your hotel. I was in Jamaica during that same time for Sumfest. I had a great time, its a beautiful place. And I hope that when you got there you found that the "lots of drug use" business is ridiculous...so offended by that. I am very proud of where I come from and I see more drug use here with issues, famiy problems, hospitalizations, etc in south florida than in Jamaica. Sorry if when that other person went he saw somebody smoking weed...I'm sure that was the issue...lol. Shunning a country for a stinky burning plant...shame on you.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    Hey, I'm glad someone revived this thread. We are going on a cruise in April and one of the stops is Jamaica.

    I understand the waterfall (can't think of the name off the top of my head) is not to be missed.

    As an aside, my husband and I have traveled and lived extensively overseas (with the US military) and here are some common sense tips:

    1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
    2. Stay on the beaten path. Don't take the shortcut alleys, streets, etc.
    3. Don't drink alcohol on the economy (reason for this is that it dulls the senses and can lead you to an unsafe choice).
    4. Don't get involved in local politics. If there is a demonstration/protest going on, move on, around but don't go thru it. (Take this from the experience of being caught in the middle of an anti-abortion rally in Spain while I was 8 months pregnant. Extremely scary but nothing happened).
    5. When you visit/live outside the US, its incredibly rude to compare their country to the US. Don't state, "well, back in the US, we did it this way." Won't be welcome.
    6. Be aware of any customs which need to be followed when visiting a country. (While living in Spain, it is considered very poor manners and rude to enter a Catholic Church without a head covering for the ladies).
    7. Have fun, enjoy the cultural experience and come back to the US ready to share.