I love India

  1. I spent most of 1983 in Bangladesh and South India, volunteering at children's homes.

    Came home, got married, started a long term career with my current hospital, buried my husband, raised my kids, earned my masters in nursing ed; and finally fulfilled my long held wish to go back.

    In 2010 I found a hospital and nursing school associated with my denomination, and volunteered to give guest lectures in Bangalore. Took my 16 year old and spent 9 weeks there, both teaching and touring (wild tiger! on a preserve, with 15 feet of us). It was absolutely marvelous. Went back for 4 weeks in 2013.

    My advice, find someone there, friends, family of coworkers, your church denomination.... using a local tour agency saved me tons of money, got me places off the beaten path. We stayed most of the time in the hostel with my student nurses, talk about a way to get to know people! Read the cultural advice books before going. (Sigma Theta Tau is also involved with this hospital).

    I highly recommend it! Color and shopping and gardens, and eye opening differences in nursing care, don't just take the western tours that separate you from daily life. Spend more than two weeks, even the nine wasn't enough!
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