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Despite the doomsday predictions after the election, the economy is roaring. "The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its newest jobs report on Friday, and the data clearly show, under the... Read More

  1. by   nursej22
    My understanding is that many farmers are worried about selling crops and pork. China has cleverly targeted many of the products from so-called red states:
    pork and soy beans from the Midwest, cranberries (many of which are grown in Paul Ryan's state of Wisconsin) and whiskey from Mitch McConnell's state. I heard on the radio this morning that wheat farmers from my state are worried, because 90% of their crop is exported.

    I am not a farmer, but I can only imagine uncertainty about selling their goods has got to make planning for this and next year's crop pretty stressful.
  2. by   toomuchbaloney
    Quote from Tweety
    I'm only sticking to the original topic: the economy under Trump.

    Interesting that when the economy started to improve under Obama, we we're hearing the same thing from the now absent conservatives "the economy is doing well despite Obama's policies".

    But I also can agree that the economy chugs along and falls without regard to whose in office. But a simple Tweet about tariffs can have an effect on the market. So the President does have an effect.

    I agree the long-term effect of the loss of revenue to the deficit, along with inevitable cuts to the budget, and the "America First" will have some negative, if not devastating effects on some segments in the economy.
    The economy is not improving under Trump, it is maintaining.

    The stock market, meanwhile, is displaying some concerning trends.

    NYSE Having its Worst Second Quarter Since the Depression | Fortune
  3. by   Tweety
    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    The economy is not improving under Trump, it is maintaining.

    The stock market, meanwhile, is displaying some concerning trends.

    NYSE Having its Worst Second Quarter Since the Depression | Fortune

    One has to realize, that the slump from the stock market is from a very high place, but that of course isn't good news so fair enough, although I didn't specifically say the economy was currently improving, but that it wasn't all bad news.

    From the same source you use, "'s undeniable that by many criteria, the President's agenda is proving remarkably successful. In Trump's first three full quarters in the White House, GDP clocked growth just shy of his vaunted goal of 3%, a performance that by recent standards looks stellar. The stock market has added a quarter to its value since the election, a $5 trillion vote of confidence. The jaunty outlook is recharging animal spirits in corner offices: In its January survey of small companies, the National Federation of Independent Business found that 32% of the enterprises rated the present climate "a good time to expand"; that was a record high and a threefold increase from late 2016."

    That being said, I certainly don't think we're on the right path with his policies.

    How U.S. National Debt Could Blow Up the Trump Economy | Fortune

    The other thing that remains to be seen is one of the big drivers in the economy, consumer confidence and what the current state of affairs is going to do to the real "job creators". Consumer confidence was a record high February 2018. Betcha not so much today.
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  4. by   Lil Nel
    Bourbon, from McConnell's home state, nursej, not whiskey.

    While all bourbon is whiskey, whiskey is not bourbon. I learned that early on while living in Kentucky.

    Yes, I pointed out in an earlier post that the Chinese had outsmarted Trump on the tariffs.

    Unfortunately, from the reporting I have heard on NPR, the farmers are sticking with Trump!
    I heard at least one say they "understood" why he is calling for tariffs.

    Of course, we will see how long they maintain that line if tariffs are enacted and affect their very existence.
  5. by   Tweety
    Not just some farmers but the Steel Workers Union whom has a lot to say against Trump is for his tariffs.
  6. by   SC_RNDude
  7. by   toomuchbaloney
  8. by   Tweety

    Yep, I think as I pointed out above, it depends on who you ask how the economy is doing.

    Still this far into his Presidency if it makes people feel better Trump gets the credit for the good news in the economy, but also has to take credit for the bad news as well the same as they were quick to point out when the economy was booming under Obama.

    Funny how people quote CBS when it's convenient but whine about it's liberal bias as being "mainstream media" other times. Just sayin'
  9. by   Lil Nel
    I don't know gas prices where you all live, but in central KY, we are flirting with $3.00 a gallon.

    That little tax "break" that the middle class got, that amounted to a tank of gas every two weeks, well, it's now not a full tank of gas!
  10. by   nursej22
    In my county, this am, regular gas is &3.24 per gallon.
    Housing prices have risen 10.5% in the last year.
  11. by   Tweety
    But if you're an oil company or a real estate mogul the economy is doing well. Again, depends on who you ask.
  12. by   SC_RNDude
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  13. by   Tweety
    Yeah we heard all that in his Memorial Day Tweet honoring himself.

    Good news.

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