Trump Team Wanted Tanks in Inauguration Parade

  1. I just read this in Huffington Post. DJT's team asked for tactical military vehicles to include in his parade (a la old UUSR footage?), and fly overs by military aircraft. Perhaps this was ordered by Putin?

    Trump Team Asked About ‘Military Tactical Vehicles’ For Inaugural Parade: Emails | The Huffington Post

    Trump specifically wanted fly overs by an F-18 and F-35, at the same time he was pitting the manufacturers against each other to pressure them to lower the price'

    You can't make this stuff up!
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  3. by   elkpark
    Quote from nursej22
    (a la old UUSR footage)
    Or North Korea -- yikes!!

    Isn't it funny how the biggest chicken hawks love to surround themselves with military trappings. I'm sure Trump the draft dodger would love to walk around in a military uniform with lots of gold braid and tons of shiny medals he didn't actually earn, if he thought for a moment that he could get away with it.

    I agree, you can't make this stuff up ...