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Trump responded about an hour after the governor of Virginia declared an emergency. "We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in... Read More

  1. by   toomuchbaloney
    Trump's words today were insincere, no different from his words about the racist birther lies that he openly promoted.

    Trump lied, again, because he was pressured to.

    It is clear what Trump really thinks.
  2. by   herring_RN
    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    Trump's words today were insincere, no different from his words about the racist birther lies that he openly promoted.

    Trump lied, again, because he was pressured to.

    It is clear what Trump really thinks.
    If he publicly and repeatedly rejects the support of these Nazis and White supremacists it could be a start. If not I believe he is
    I've witnessed miracles in my life. I believe one was the healing of a patient I had cared for.
    Another was on a TV talk show when George Wallace recanted his racist views and apologized to the American people, John Lewis and many others.

    Prayer to heal the US of Racism | Christian Forums

    A prayer for Charlottesville - The Presbyterian Outlook

    A Prayer from the Streets of Charlottesville from Seminarian Lauren Grubaugh – All Saints Church, Pasadena
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  3. by   Lil Nel
    Yes, Elkpark, the Southern Poverty Law Center has been reporting on all kinds of Hate Groups for years. And even some conservative commenters have warned against the support Trump was/is receiving from a variety of Alt Right groups, but until the average person sees the American version of the Hitler Youth Brigade marching to the doors of the University of Virginia with their tiki-torch and AR-15s, I don't think it registers.

    Last spring, a national Hate Group attempted to hold a rally in eastern Kentucky at a state park, under the guise of a family reunion, and stating they had the "right" to use state facilities for this purpose. The state said no, and they were forced to rally out in the open, and luckily, it didn't turn into Charlottesville. That was fortunate.

    Most Americans have no idea what the Southern Poverty Law Center is, or does. I am hoping that average citizens will NOW pay attention to the great threat at hand. I have said before on this site that I fear Trump will refuse to leave office if voted out, or forced out. We now see that some of his supporters are willing to go into the streets, heavily armed, and commit acts of terrorism to get what they want. Would they rally in the same way to keep Trump in office? I believe they would.

    Sickening. These events are nothing short of sickening.

    The mayor of Lexington is now calling for the removal of two Confederate statues in the downtown area. They are located at a site called Cheapside. It is the place in Lexington, just down the road from the Mary Todd Lincoln House, where slaves were sold. And it is very close to Transylvania University, the alma mater of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy.

    Could the violence that raged in Charlottesville come to Lexington? I hope not. The White Power folks use the statue issue as an EXCUSE to unleash their special brand of hate. Do I really think they care about statues? No, I don't. I think they care about intimidating average Americans.
  4. by   BCgradnurse
    There is a rally scheduled in Boston next weekend for a white supremacy group. The mayor has repeatedly said "we don't want you here". Our wishy-washy governor has been silent about this gathering, but has made a statement denouncing hate groups and violence. Part of me wants to go, wearing my Star of David pendant or a big yellow star that says "Juden" on my shirt. Another part of me is just plain frightened of what could happen. I am praying my state finds a legal way to keep these terrorists from gathering. I've already called the governor's office, asking him to stop this rally by any means he can.
  5. by   elkpark
    Quote from herring_RN
    Today on the Nazi web site:
    Just a moment...
    What a charming guy ...
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    Quote from herring_RN
    Today on the Nazi web site:
    Just a moment...
    I felt physically ill reading this.
  7. by   nursej22
    Quote from azhiker96
    BCgradnurse, I don't support White Supremists. I also don't support violence by them or any other group. I do support the First Amendment right to hold peaceful rallies and peaceful protests.

    I'm sickened by videos of frustrated drivers plowing through protesters who are blocking roads. There is no excuse for that. Also, the police are failing their job to keep the streets clear. Ultimately we end up trying to repair broken bodies and the damage can be horrific.

    I have not commented in most of the political threads because I find them to be a toxic environment. The Left has done a great job of framing nearly all of Trump's agenda as racist and therefore those who voted for Trump or who still support him are racists. I don't like to play that way.

    So no, you won't find many comments from me.
    I am not sure who you include in "the Left", but I for one try not to frame DJT supporters as racist. Some are, for sure, but not all. However, I still do not understand how people can still support him, after all the untruths have been revealed, promised unfulfilled, and just his bullying nature in general. And then there is his erratic behavior and outbursts. But, of course, he is not Hillary...
  8. by   Lil Nel
    I heard the Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, on NPR stating just what you said, BC: "We don't want you here". Hopefully, the White Nationalists can be kept out of Boston.

    Did anybody see the picture of the Black police officer in Charlottesville, with his back to the White Nationalists, looking very pensive? It is a powerful photograph. And in the background, you can see a poster being held by one of the wackos which among other things says: Jews, Children of Satan.

    Read an article in the NyDailyNews today in which White Nationalists were interviewed, and admitted to being White Nationalists, but denied that they are racist! Wow. They have clearly been taking lessons from their leader: Trump. You apparently just DENY the obvious and the truth because, hey, you can!

    You know, sometimes when you call a pig, a pig, it is because it is a pig. It is just that simple.

    I also heard an interview on The World, in which a woman who marched with the White Nationalists blamed the violence on counter-protesters. Amazing. Because nothing says peace, love and understanding like a large group of angry, overweight White guys, wearing camouflage and carrying AR-15s, right?

    I will go to sleep again tonight, wishing and hoping that Canada will see fit to invade the US.
  9. by   Lil Nel
    This is from the NYPost. Charlottesville was apparently the start of something much larger for the Alt-Right. They actually see what happened over the weekend as a success.

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Emboldened and proclaiming victory after a bloody weekend in Virginia, white nationalists are planning more demonstrations to promote their agenda following the violence that left a woman dead and dozens injured.
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    The University of Florida said white provocateur Richard Spencer, whose appearances sometimes stoke unrest, is seeking permission to speak there next month. And white nationalist Preston Wiginton said he is planning a “White Lives Matter” rally at Texas A&M University in September.
    Also, a neo-Confederate group has asked the state of Virginia for permission to rally at a monument to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond on Sept. 16, and other events are likely.

    “We’re going to be more active than ever before,” Matthew Heimbach, a white nationalist leader, said Monday.
  10. by   toomuchbaloney
    The white supremacists feel that their message is mainstream at this time.
  11. by   Lil Nel
    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    The white supremacists feel that their message is mainstream at this time.

    Well, I can understand why the feel that way. After all, they are Trump supporters, and he is loathe to condemn them.

    And let's be clear, everybody knew that Trump was supported by White Nationalists. David Duke endorsed him very early in the campaign season. And let's not forget Trump's racist attacks on Mexicans, the Mexican-American judge overseeing one of his cases and his attack on the Khan family.

    Everybody knew that Steve Bannon gave voice to the Alt-Right. Bannon gave column space to Richard Spencer, a deplorable if there ever was one. Again, Bannon has been Trump's right-hand man.

    So, the real question to me is HOW did anybody every vote for Trump in the first place? His racism was well documented. And he couldn't have won without the racist element supporting him. There is no defense for Trump voters. Either they are racist, or they had no problem looking the other way towards racism if they felt in the end, somehow Trump would benefit THEM. Again, short-sighted and very self-serving.
  12. by   nursej22
    Nope, I refuse to believe all DJT voters are racist.

    I have a 30 year old co-worker who told me she was for Trump because "things need to change." She is proud of the fact that she has never voted, has no idea who our local legislators are, but is sure that the government is messed up, so a non government person was needed as chief executive.

    I don't believe she is racist, but willfully ignorant. She is willing to believe what her relatives and husband tell her. If she hears that Obama is Muslim, then she doesn't question it at all. If someone tells her that illegals are causing the country's woes, well it must be true. Hillary bad because emails, of course.

    I think there are way too many like her than don't care about facts. If it feels true, then that's all they need. If it fits their world view of woe is me, the government is the source of all my troubles, business always good, I work hard and people without are lazy.
  13. by   Lil Nel
    That is very sad, Nursej. Your co-worker is a threat to our democracy. Our government can't function as it should with people who are "willfully ignorant" and proud of the fact that they don't vote and can't name any local legislators.

    A democracy can only function as intended when the public is educated and engaged. That is why John Adams was such a fierce advocate of public education.