The Music Video - "The Greatest"

  1. I was recalling the television commercial which featured the song, "The Greatest" by the singer, Sia. We've probably all watched this commercial (advertising the Peloton exercise cycle), and heard this tune many times by now. The tune itself is catchy. It kind of makes you want to work out somehow. It makes you want to exercise, jog, lift weights, or go out and buy that Peloton exercise cycle! To be honest, I like the tune. I like it even more, now that I've heard it in its entirety. Up until now, I always heard this song in context of the Peloton commercial. I never heard the whole tune. And, I always had a heard time figuring out the actual lyrics of that tune. At least to my aging ears, part of the lyrics sounded either garbled or were sung in another language. Well, I decided to research the tune, "The Greatest". Google brought me to Youtube which features the entire song in music-video format, as it was most probably intended to be heard and viewed.

    So. . . . Why am I placing the music-video, "The Greatest" in the U.S.. Politics forum?!?

    Well, folks, the song, in context to the original music-video, as shown on YouTube, ain't about the Peloton exercise bike!

    Actually, it's a powerful music-video. It brought tears to my eyes, for a number of different reasons, actually. But the message, at least to my tastes in creative video-making, says a lot about life as a child in the 21st century. Also, the dancing found in this music-video show-cases a whole lot of talent! (Both Amy and I love modern dance. This video gives wonderful example to how modern dance can express so much thought and emotion, as well as look like a whole lot of fun!!) But make no mistake about it. There is a political message that can be found in this music-video, especially as we face another massacre of young innocents in our country with NO THANKS to a loud and dangerous sub-culture that promotes the ownership of guns at all costs. What I find endearing about this music-video is how the featured child-actors and dancers catch their breath and "find their voice". What I find MOST endearing about this music-video is how really talented children (as showcased in this video) can have so much fun. I LOVE the choreography. It's precious as the children in this video are precious.

    I invite you to watch the full length of this video. It has a story to tell from beginning to end.

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  3. by   Ted
    I simply find this music-video mesmerizing. Between the music & lyrics, imaginative choreography and talented dancing, and videography/cinematography, its a master-piece in modern story-telling.

    Last night I did further research into the meaning behind the lyrics and music-video. According to one source, ". . . it represents and commemorates the Orlando Massacre--the Pulse Club Shooting." Well, this music-video can easily represent and commemorate ALL who died as a result of the mass-shootings that have taken place in this country. For anyone interested, here's a link to the commentary about this music-video.

    What do the lyrics of "The Greatest" by Sia and ft. Kendrick Lamar mean? - The Pop Song Professor

    Sadly, there is a very vocal and influential sub-culture in our country that seems to promote gun-ownership at all costs, no matter the cost. I view the mind-set held by this sub-culture as a dangerous fanaticism and a disease infecting our country at large. It must stop. This morning, I heard clips of Wayne LaPierre, president of the NRA, give a speech to a recent CPAC convention. He's a mad-man with too much influence over our country's politicians. In this country, voting can be a powerful way to stop such a lethal infection. We really need to vote out the politicians who listen to this mad-man, and who enact policies and laws that ultimately kill our citizens.
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