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President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that Republicans would have to agree to raise taxes on the wealthy as the first step in a budget deal that would prevent a dysfunctional Washington from... Read More

  1. by   tewdles
    I am cool with spending cuts...I just object to the definition of "entitlements" being so narrowly limited to those benefits for the mddle and lower classes when talking about those expenditures.

    When I look at my friends who have put off retirement because of the economic collapse that ate large portions of their asset value I am concerned. I am concerned for my friends slightly younger than me who have paid into those "entitlements" but will see a reduction in their benefits...even after their own savings plans were also devastated by the financial decline. We won't even talk about the people who are near retirement/SS/Medicare age and no longer have retirement or personal savings because of health costs, job losses, etc., and their benefits will be reduced.

    There is not an easy fix for our deficit...but the pain of the repair should not be borne by the most vulnerable in the least IMHO.

    Firing Big Bird, raising taxes on the wealthy, closing Gitmo; none of these alone will cure our budget woes, but they are all a worthwhile piece of the puzzle to pursue...again, IMHO

    Of course, the people who got us into this unacceptable economic mess are not held to the same standards or requirements as the general public...they create the problem, give themselves raises, improve their own health care and retirement programs and throw the common man to the wolves.