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Why Nurses Should Oppose the Global Gag Rule on Abortion
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Why Nurses Should Oppose the Global Gag Rule on Abortion

Coat hangers. Hot oil. Lye. The options women use to terminate unwanted pregnancy when safe medical or surgical abortions are unavailable or illegal. In...

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Strangling democracy

While canvassing in political campaigns, I meet many a Democrat who proudly tell me they vote a "mixed" ticket. Funny enough, most Republicans (2/3s) WILL and DO...

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Has our privacy just been sold to the highest bidder?

Far too many politicians seem to run for elected office for nothing more than to leave their mark in the form of legislation which they support and to line their...

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Heart, Mind and Soul

It was instilled in me as a child the saying, "Love your God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your soul". It never meant much to me as a kid-...

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