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  1. by   toomuchbaloney
    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Well, to start with he wasn't given anything specific to investigate. He hired a very partisan team to do the investigating. Manafort was charged with not registering as a foreign agent. Something that has been prosecuted 7 times (1 conviction) in the last 40 years. The most collusion that has come to light has more to do with Democrats then Trump... and it goes on.
    Lawyers Robert Mueller hired for the Trump-Russia investigation - Business Insider

    please feel free to continue to list the ways that you believe that the Mueller investigation is flawed. I wonder if Ken Starr's investigation is an example of a focused investigation. Was the benghazi investigation partisan?
  2. by   SC_RNDude
    Quote from MunoRN
    I'm not clear what you mean by "the most collusion that has come to light has more to do with Democrats then Trump".
    That wasn't as specific as I should have been. I meant to say the Clinton campaign.
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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    That wasn't as specific as I should have been. I meant to say the Clinton campaign.
    why exactly is the Clinton campaign guilty of this?
    Let's see some supporting documentation.
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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    That wasn't as specific as I should have been. I meant to say the Clinton campaign.
    I'm still not clear on how either Clinton or her campaign might have colluded with Russia?
  5. by   toomuchbaloney
    We must not be listening to or watching the correct media to know that it was Clinton who was interacting with Russians.

    And we would have to ignore the multiple Trump campaign members who had contact with Russians.
  6. by   heron
    I just heard Rep. Adam Schiff speak on this subject. Apparently only two members of his committee were allowed to actually read the materials on which this memo was based.

    Interesting, isn't it? The memo is based on data no one is allowed to see.
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    Quote from heron
    Interesting, isn't it? The memo is based on data no one is allowed to see.
    Quote from heron
    a secret memo that no independent person is allowed to read critically is a marvelous propaganda tool against the Mueller investigation, since they can make any allegations they like and atribute them to this mysterious memo.
    (partial quotes, my bold)

    You are right of course.

    I believe that the memo was created in order to be able to imply that an alternative version of reality exists, one where the Russians didn't meddle in your election but the real scandal is that there's a conspiracy against Trump. I'm reasonably convinced that deflection and the dissemination of a false narrative is the memorandum's raison d'être.

    The memo is in my opinion much more useful to the Trump camp if it remains classified. If we don't know the exact information it contains and it isn't revealed even to law enforcement and counterintelligence organizations, then who's going to fact-check it and form an opinion regarding its accuracy and veracity? Nunes? In my opinion he completely destroyed his own credibility after that press conference caper where if I remember correctly; he presented information to the White House that actually originated from the White House. I view that bumbling Keystone Cop moment as one big partisan PR stunt, and the purpose of that exercise was deflection. Just like this is.

    One would have to be very naive to not smell a rat when Trump supporters in Congress as well as his internet PR department (some no doubt of the cyrillic alphabet variety) do their best to shine the spotlight on this mysterious, allegedly damaging memo and enthusiastically campaign for the release of said memo, but at the same time the Republican majority intel committee which has the power to release it has so far failed to make it public. One would also have to be naive if one didn't notice that out of the 535 members of the United States Congress, it's pretty much the same small group that keep trying to promote the "conspiracy against Trump" message. It appears that they are becoming increasingly frantic. I see no other logical explanation than that they are worried about the outcome of the Special Counsel's investigation.

    By all means; release the memo. That would mean that it could be investigated and fact-checked by those with the required security clearance to do so properly. I'm pretty sure that once it's revealed and scrutinized, it will likely lose its power. It's in all likelihood all bark, no bite. Smoke and mirrors.

    It's rather depressing to witness the continued attempts to smear law enforcement and intelligence organizations. But it's completely in line with what I've come to expect from those politicians who have demonstrated the ability to put party over country.

    SAD exclamation point
  9. by   Lil Nel
    Yes, macawake, the "memo" is all smoke and mirrors.

    Just listen to these Republicans droning on about a "secret society" and the "deep state" while they trash talk the FBI.

    Republicans used to represent the law and order party. Now, when they see the potential for Trump to be in real trouble, they are disparaging the FBI, and talking like paranoid wackos.

    Does this remind anybody of McCarthyism? You know, 'oh, there are Communists everywhere.'

    Oh, there is a secret society, oh, PLEEZE.

    And these are some of the same people who criticized NFL players for taking a knee when protesting racial injustices, for not being patriotic!

    These so-called Patriots see nothing wrong with trashing the FBI, judicial system, etc. Yes, so-called Patriots because there is nothing patriotic about their behavior. It is abhorrent.
  10. by   toomuchbaloney
    I like to call this phenomenon FAKETRIOTISM
  11. by   Lil Nel
    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    I like to call this phenomenon FAKETRIOTISM
    Right on, baloney. Right on!
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    Quote from MunoRN
    I'm still not clear on how either Clinton or her campaign might have colluded with Russia?

    This is in no way a response or comment on your post- I just thought you might appreciate this more than some of the others (that is, if I can manage to post a link! I'm not great at this...)

    It's a letter to Nunes from Stephen Boyd, Asst AG (trump appointee) advising the have HPSCI classified info with their promise it remain so. Only a limited number of people were to read it- I read somewhere that Nunes didn't even read it. He points out that releasing memo without DOJ & FBI being given a chance to address the problems Nunes states are there is a breach of promise they made & may reveal sources & methods. He offers alternative of going to inspector general with issues. And about a vote of whole committee.
    Some that have read memo say it is theories & conjecture on Nunes' part with no facts to back it up. Smoke & mirrors.
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    Quote from MunoRN
    The republicans on the Intelligence Committee can release it all by themselves, they would then need Trump's approval although Trump has already said he approves of releasing it.

    Manafort has been indicted for multiple charges, including Conspiracy against the United States, and was also Trump's campaign manager, I'm not sure that really counts as having "nothing to do with the election" and certainly doesn't count as having nothing to do with the Trump campaign.
    Correct, they vote to have it release and then Trump has 5 days from the vote (if they vote to release it) to approve it. I read somewhere last week that the process would take 21 days, if the full 5 days are used. I have also read that although Trump would like to approve it once voted for safe release, that he might not, as he wants to stay out of it, and would want the House to decide, instead of himself.

    As for Manafort, the charges are from way before Trump even began campaigning, even the conspiracy against the U.S. They just came to light because of the Russia investigation. If the FBI only now found out about this, through their investigation, how was anyone else, including Trump, suppose to know the history of Manafort?

    Mueller went after alleged crimes that long pre-date Trump's official announcement in June 2015 that he was running for president. The charges against Manafort and Gates center not around campaign-related activity but around the finances of their lobbying business and accusations that they shirked requirements that lobbyists for foreign governments must register with the Justice Department.
    Paul Manafort files lawsuit against Justice Department, Mueller - POLITICO