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  1. by   MunoRN
    Quote from itsybitsy
    You support Americans first? Me too. Increase in stock market? Me too. Protecting our borders? Me too. Laws? Me too. Law enforcement? Me too. Being a contributing member of society? Me too. Capitalism? Me too. Freedom of religion? Me too. Caring for citizens and veterans? Me too.

    Do you support those things?


    Open borders and sanctuary cities?

    Your reply is confusing.
    I think you're maybe mischaracterizing views you disagree with. Where are you getting that non-Trump-style conservative's view on any of these topics is the opposite of yours, for instance on the topic of "protecting our borders" that generally non-Trump supporters believe in "open borders"?

    As for "sanctuary cities", I'm all for reducing the backlog in the deportation process, but the Constitution is very clear that it's the federal government's responsibility to enforce and more importantly pay for what it costs to make this process happen, why should cities be required to pay for something they are constitutionally protected from having to do?
  2. by   Lil Nel
    Sorry, itsty-bitsy, you aren't more intelligent than a Pulitzer Prize winning author. No matter what you may personally think. Your views are perfectly laughable.

    I can't read them anymore. My sides hurt from laughing.

    Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.
  3. by   elkpark
    Quote from itsybitsy
    I think you should try again...

    Abigail Adams - U.S. First Lady -

    I wasn't claiming it not to be common practice, but if you support someone, by Lil Nel's logic, who participates in acts, whether right or wrong, proof or not, you support those actions as well. Remember, this is the logic Lil Nel is projecting. That's how we know who the racists are, remember?
    You got me; I didn't research thoroughly enough. Still not "incest."
  4. by   Lil Nel
    I don't even know why I feel the need to address such lies and misinformation as put forth by itsy-bitsy, but here it goes.

    John Adams was introduced to Abigail Smith when Ms.Smith was aged 15, by his friend Richard Cranch, whom eventually married Mary Smith, Abigail's sister. So, dear, itsy-bitsy, the pair didn't know each other for years, and weren't cousins. In fact, Abigail's mother opposed the match because she felt marrying Adams was beneath Abigail.

    And my response to your HEARING, was in direct response to your attack on BCs ability to read. Please try and be honest. So please don't try and "play" as anything else.

    I will say this much for you, you inspire me to donate as much money as possible to Democratic candidates, and to work very, very hard for the defeat of ANY Republican candidate who spouts the views that you do.
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  5. by   nursej22
    Quote from itsybitsy

    Uh, have you looked at Chicago? You want to talk about homicides, but want to ignore the largest portion of homicides.

    Yes, I don't agree with abortions after the age of viability unless it's a fetal demise or incompatible with life. Do you?

    And there it is again. But you guys aren't name-calling right? You can't actually come up with any evidence of your claims, so you resort to slander based on your dislike on a false reality.

    Is the tax cuts not DJT's doing? What cuts were bigger? With source please. Have you tallied up the legislations? He has spoken about other things besides winning the Presidency, it's well documented. What unethical business practices? Please source.

    I have and am willing to admit President Trumps mistakes and pitfalls. I'm not above calling them out. Evidenced by just one topic of abortions. But if you think I'm going to research YOUR "evidence" for you, you're mistaken.
    Regarding Chicago: It has just been reported that homicides have dropped in the second half of 2017, resulting in a 15% drop for the year.

    Chicago's homicide total drops by over 1, but violence still 'intolerably high' - Chicago Tribune

    Rick Perry has a degree in animal science. How does this quality him to be in charge of our nation's nuclear stockpile? Previous secretaries of energy were nuclear physicists.

    Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon, is in charge of Housing and Urban Development. What makes an MD qualified to oversee housing, other than he lived in public housing as a child?

    Republicans in Congress created the Tax Cut Bill and I doubt that DJT had anything to do with writing it, and yet he is taking all the credit, all because he signed it. Do you have any sources that report how much he had to do with creating it?

    As for signing the most legislation, I am citing which tends to be right-leaning:
    Trump falsely claims he broke a legislative record - POLITICO

    And unethical business practices? Puhleeze... There is that little matter of Trump University and a $25 million dollar settlement. Even Fox News reported it.

    Trump University-related lawsuits settled for $25 million | Fox News

    I don't understand your statement about you researching my evidence for me, so I guess I am mistaken, or just confused.
  6. by   Lil Nel
    Quote from itsybitsy
    But when it's warm in the winter months, then it's climate change, right? Or when we have hurricanes, climate change again, right? Never weather when the agenda fits.
    You obviously don't understand the difference between climate and weather any more than your Donnie Boy does. Maybe you should try reading the article and get an education.
  7. by   Lil Nel
    This is definitely worth a read because the man-child, aka DJT makes some outrageous statements. But I especially love that he seems to feel that the Mueller investigation makes "American look very bad."

    No, DJT, only YOU make America look very bad, every day you sit in the WH. The subpar intelligence is on display for all the world to see. It is painful to watch.

    Trump Says Russia Inquiry Makes U.S. ‘Look Very Bad’ - The New York Times
  8. by   Lil Nel
    This opinion piece from the Washington Post puts those poll ratings cited by itsy bitsy and Fox Friends into the proper context. The man-child, aka DJT would LOVE to have approval ratings on par with Obama at the same point in his presidency.

    But alas, DJT isn't worthy to wash the feet of Obama. Although, it is an image that causes me to laugh out loud. I almost laugh as loud as when I read itsy bitsy's sentence proclaiming that the man-child has done good things that he just hasn't talked about. Huh?

    When does the man-child miss an opportunity to toot his own horn and even take credit for things he hasn't done????

    Please, ‘Fox & Friends’: Keep talking about Trump’s approval rating - The Washington Post
  9. by   BCgradnurse
  10. by   Lil Nel
    Anybody surprised that Donnie boy lied multiple times during his 30-minute interview with the NY Times during a break between golf games? I know, poor Donnie boy just can't catch a break with the media. They are so mean to him!

    No, they are just doing their job. And they unfortunately have to do the job Congress should be doing, but can't because McConnell and Ryan all to happy to go along with the man-child if it suits their purposes.

    In a 3-minute interview, President Trump made 24 false or misleading claims
  11. by   Lil Nel
    The NY Times cites 10 misleading claims. Ten or 24, it depends on how you read the Bum's comments. Either way, it does speak to his need to LIE about his record and any number of other things.

    1 Falsehoods From Trump’s Interview With The Times - The New York Times
  12. by   Lil Nel
    Well, isn't it sort of the same scenario as the manufacturing council, in which several high profile leaders quit the board for the same reasons that folks quit the HIV/AIDS council, and then Trump disbanded the entire group.

    It is a face-saving exercise that backfires.

    Yeah, just another example of Trump being "in it for the people." Yeah, right.
  13. by   nursej22
    I see there appears to be a rift growing among Republicans around Mueller and the FBI. Many are speaking out about possible corruption with the FBI, one congressman called for a "purge". Others, perhaps sensing the damage that could result in a loss of support of law enforcement are pushing back.

    And then there is DJT who is playing it both ways. His tweets hint about FBI corruption, but then in the NY Times interview he says Mueller will treat him fairly.

    So how does that work for Trump supporters? Do they declare the FBI can't be trusted, or do they defend them as a law enforcement agency? I should think it hard to support someone who flip-flops like hooked trout.

    I am not putting in any links, as this delays or completely omits my posts. I had a super nice reply to ItsyBitsy yesterday with lots of sources, and poof its gone.