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    I saw another list that listed Great Britain first and US 2nd in nurses salaries. Another list where the US wasn't in the top 5, but it said in 2012 the salary was $16 and hour and I don't believe that.

    Regardless, the idea that nurses make substantially less than elsewhere in the world is probably not true. Are there countries doing better? Probably. Here nurses make salaries above the national average and it's a decent middle class income and is a chunk of the health care dollar.

    Of course what people don't seem to get is that more nurses, safer ratios, mean safer outcomes and less dollars spent overall. But that's another rant.
    The No voters for mandated ratios in my state are crying that there isn't money for more nurses. These are the same people that spent over $18 million on a sometimes nasty and untruthful campaign to scare people into thinking they'll die if they have to go to the ER because there won't be enough nurses. It's become quite contentious. I'm trying my best to explain that the measure will improve patient care, but some only care about money.
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