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  1. by   tewdles
    I believe that we are already seeing the effects of a health care system that lives in the capitalist world.
  2. by   Jolie
    Barely. Health insurance is so regulated and carries so many mandates that it is far from a free-enterprise, capitalist product.

    The fact that it isusually puchased by a third party doesn't fit the capitalist model, either.

    Unless you pay your own premiums, are free to purchase from any insurer nationwide, are able to craft an individual policy to fit your needs, wants and budget, and negotiate or shop for (non-emergent) care, you are no-where near a capitalist, free enterprise system. Currently, federal law prevents much of the above. Obamacare won't improve that a bit.
  3. by   tewdles
    What capitalist products in the US are un-regulated?

    Are you implying then that the increases in the cost of health care are unrelated to pursuit of profit or unrelated to capitalist practices?
  4. by   Jolie
    I don't believe that those are major factors in the astronomical rise in health insurance premiums.
  5. by   tewdles
    Quote from Jolie
    I don't believe that those are major factors in the astronomical rise in health insurance premiums.
    Please help me to understand your comments...
  6. by   Tweety
    It's kind of a mixed bag. Insurance companies try to keep costs down (and thus their profits higher) by many methods. They aren't successful so they have to pass the rising costs onto the insured by raising premiums.

    I think there are huge profits being made in the health care industry. I think healthy profit is important to keep health care viable. I'm a capitalist.

    I have other issues with the equality of health care and access, and the fact that the general health of the nation gets a fail.
  7. by   ArrowRN
    Considering that some people keep rebutting Obamacare and rising healthcare costs based on study this and study that. Here is my 5 step plan...lol

    Firstly, can you guys just look at your own policies and see how much they have gone up and make your own bloody decision?. My premium has gone up about $9 per month since 2008, that's only about $432 in 4 years and NO WHERE close to $3000 as Paul Ryan states...What about yours??? Of course if you add in self-employed persons etc who pay for it on their own you gonna end up with outrageous figures...so studies are only as true as you want them to be.

    Second, raising costs has nothing to do with Obama or Obamacare, healthcare cost have always gone up ever since we puts our lives in the hands of insurance companies, These companies are not your friends, they are here to make a profit and as far as I know ALL for profit companies prices usually go up faster than personal income can keep up. We need to get insurances companies out of our healthcare decisions.

    Third,Obamacare did not pass the full plan that the President wanted. He had to compromise. Had the plan been properly implemented, EXACTLY how it was done in Massachusetts and had a Public Option been given, we would have had 99% of Americans covered. The costs would have spread evenly through the population and would for the first time in ANY Presidents cycle,see insurance costs gone down as Private insurance would have had to compete with the goverment for business.

    Four, Instead we got a watered down plan that is still broken. Romney wants all States to adopt his plan like if there is no Union, like if we should go back to pre-civil war days. I fail to understand how Romney wants all his constituants covered but not ALL Americans.
    if each State develop their own plan, how are they going to pay for it? Here in Florida the State can't even pay for schools and teachers. They are dependant on the poor and middle class gambling away their money in the Florida lottery in order to pay for education..and their stupid slogan is "when you play we all win" , what a lesson to teach our kids, gamble so you can go to school. That is just not right.

    Five, The burden for healthcare is a National issue, not a State issue. We need a national solution...

    Thanks for listening and dont forget to vote this november.