Castile Verdict

  1. The officer was acquitted and now dash cam video has been released which shows the girlfriend's narrative was false. Castile handed his license and insurance card to the officer before saying he had a gun and reaching out of sight.

    I don't think Castile had any ill intentions but he did fail to stop moving when told. I learned in CCW class to make the officer aware that I have a gun, DO NOT MOVE, and ask the officer what he wants me to do. Then I will slowly and deliberately follow his instructions because I don't want to be an accident.

    The video is in this NPR story and may be hard for some to watch.
    Authorities Release Dashcam Video From Shooting Of Philando Castile : The Two-Way : NPR
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  3. by   toomuchbaloney
    I don't believe that one could determine exactly what Castile handed him. It would be easy to think that he may have handed him the registration which is often kept in the glove box. My husband also keeps the insurance cards in the box. THAT interpretation of the video means that Castille was trying to get his drivers license, which the very nervous officer had also asked for.

    It's a sad day when it is accepted that the armed police officer may be so nervous and scared that he may just shoot frantically into your vehicle at you. Apparently Castille was supposed to have much more composure than the trained and armed professional. That seems very upside down to me.
  4. by   azhiker96
    It is never acceptable for an armed officer to shoot frantically into a vehicle with no cause. It is also not a surprise that Castile would have his license and insurance cards ready for the officer. I cannot think of a single time I have been stopped when the officer did not ask for ID.

    I am sure there is more evidence and testimony that we are not privy to. It would be nice to know where Castile's wallet was found. Was it in his pocket? Was it in his lap? Certainly NPR feels he handed both cards to the officer and while I cannot tell if they were ID or coffee club cards I must defer to the reporter in this case.

    From the article:

    The video captures Yanez telling Castile his brake lights are out. Then he asks Castile for his driver's license and insurance.

    Castile hands over the cards and says, "Sir, I do have to tell you I do have a firearm on me." Yanez calmly responds, "Okay. Don't reach for it then." His voice rises suddenly and he yells, "Don't pull it out. Don't pull it out."
  5. by   toomuchbaloney
    And then he kills him before any weapon is seen.
    7 shots, essentially point blank, into the window of a car that had a woman and a child as occupants.
  6. by   toomuchbaloney
    The police officer imagined a threat and then killed the man that he was afraid of. Then the government said, "that's okay officer, blue lives matter".

    All the time there are new rules in a police state, don't talk back, follow commands immediately, keep your hands in sight at all times, don't resist getting thrown to the ground or beaten, and have ALL of your papers in hand before Judge Dredd gets to your car door.
  7. by   elkpark
    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    All the time there are new rules in a police state, don't talk back, follow commands immediately, keep your hands in sight at all times, don't resist getting thrown to the ground or beaten, and have ALL of your papers in hand before Judge Dredd gets to your car door.
    Only if you're a minority, of course, The rest of us are fine.
  8. by   toomuchbaloney
    Quote from elkpark
    Only if you're a minority, of course, The rest of us are fine.
    for how long is everyone else fine?
    What would be the warning signs that maybe the rest of us are in the same category as the black men?
  9. by   ElvishDNP
    If it congressmen should not be blamed for being shot while doing nothing wrong, then Philando Castile should not be blamed either. Nothing he did warranted being shot. NOTHING.

    If you are that jumpy you don't f-ing need to be a cop.

    This is 21st century lynching, and I do not use the term lightly.
  10. by   Avid reader
    Imagine the mentality of a person who is a policeman. You knew going in that it will almost involve dangerous situations where you could be killed or have to kill another person. That you would be witnessing horrific accidents, dead victims, savaged and broken bodies and worst of all abused children. You have to boss people around etc. YET, they take the job!

    What sort of person is this? The hero type or the excitement junkie? The insightful person or the impulsive person? The bully or the normal person? Almost every job has a personality type.
  11. by   Lil Nel
    Mr. Castile did nothing wrong. In fact he did everything right, and was still killed by a police officer.

    How many criminals bother to TELL you they have a gun? I would think not very many, since informing the officer you have a gun takes away the element of surprise.

    I imagine that the officer panicked, and while that is not an excuse for taking a man's life, it is, in many respects understandable. Being a cop isn't easy. And I certainly advocate for better training of police officers. And they clearly need more training in handling psychiatric issues.

    Mr. Castile wasn't presenting with psychiatric issues, but we have seen recently where cops kills the psychotic person because they feel threatened. Again, more training is necessary.

    What I find interesting is the total silence on the part of the NRA on this killing. Mr. Castile was a lawful gun owner. That is the kind of person the NTA supposedly represents. But they have remained largely silent on his killing.

    Can you all imagine if a White man, holding a legal permit to have a gun was killed by a Black police officer?????? What would the NRA have to say then?
  12. by   MunoRN
    According to reports his wallet was found in his pocket after the shooting and his driver's license was still in the wallet, so it doesn't appear he had already handed the officer his license. It doesn't appear he was ever told to "not move", he was told "don't reach for it".

    I think the interesting part about the dashcam video is the other officer on the passenger side of the vehicle. He is at the correct angle to also see the driver's right arm and whether or not it may have been reaching for a gun, yet that officer doesn't appear to notice anything wrong long after the other officer has already pulled his firearm, the shots fired into Castile appear to take the passenger side officer by surprise.

    Unfortunately all the officer has to prove is that he had reason to be fearful, but legally carrying (and being black) shouldn't be what justifies an officer shooting someone.
  13. by   azhiker96
    A little over a week ago I heard a drive by shooting across the street from my hospital. I looked out a window in time to see the vehicle drive away. Later, when police were on the scene I went over to give them a description of the vehicle since those sleeping at 3 am in the house likely didn't see it.

    When I was about 50 feet away the officers saw me and went on alert. I stopped and stood still as one officer approached me with one hand held up in front and the other on her holstered service weapon. I was dressed in green scrubs and carrying a water bottle but they didn't expect anyone to approach them at 3:30 am.

    Once I identified myself and my purpose they relaxed and I gave one officer my statement. I stopped when told because I know it is in my own best interest to not scare the officers. They meet unexpected threats doing their job and ultimately they want everyone to go home. If that's not possible then at a minimum they want to go home at end of shift. This video of training shows just how quickly an officer can die.

    Civil Rights Activist Experiences Shoot or Don't Shoot Scenarios - YouTube
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  14. by   toomuchbaloney
    Blue lives matter more.