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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

Today is indeed Tuesday, right?!?!

Yesterday was beautiful, outside. The sun was out, the temperature was in the pleasant low-70s, and there was no humidity. It was also my loving wife's Birthday, yesterday. We spent the day outside, of course. We met some friends of ours and went for a lovely walk in the Berkshires. (We all wore masks and practiced safe distancing, of course.) Specifically, we walked along the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail (say THAT 3 times fast!!) which goes along a series of small lakes, and is surrounded by the nearby Berkshire Mountains. Beautiful! Our friends were our now-retired Pastor of our church and his wife. We haven't seen them in over a year (mostly because of the pandemic). We all felt safe enough to get together for yesterday's stroll. Afterwards, we ate a mid-afternoon lunch at a local (family-owned) outdoor restaurant. The freshly cooked food was delicious, and the ice cream dessert was equally yummy!

I DID post a "Happy Birthday" to my wife on Facebook, yesterday. Moments later, she made me take it down!  Apparently, she doesn't want the world to know the date of her Birthday. She reminded me that she was quite upset, last year, when I did the same thing on Facebook. . . and the year before that. . . and the year before that. (Oops!) Oh well. The "Happy Birthday" message was taken down.

Today?!? I'm scheduled to work. I don't know if I'll take being On Call if offered. Currently, there are no patients in the ICU. Of course, that could change anytime during the day or night. I am working an extra night as Shift Director, Thursday, though.

It's supposed to be another nice day, today. Actually, it seems that the Fall Season is slowly making its way. Besides the nice, milder weather, the trees are beginning to change color. The Fall is one of my favorite Seasons, along side of Spring. (I could do without Summer and Winter.)

The dance recital video is all done. The owner of the dance studio is reviewing the videos, checking for spelling errors, and letting me know how many of these videos need to be duplicated for distribution (using DVDs and USB Thumb Drives). The duplication process will take additional time to do. But the bulk of the work is completed.

Nothing much else going on. Hope all have a pleasant day today! 🙂


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Morning Ted.  I can understand her not wanting her birthday to be announced, J also doesn't want his birthday known or celebrated

Yesterday got a little crazy at work at times, but it was productive and did settle down.  Hoping today will be productive but quieter

Was not feeling well after work, so I skipped exercise and rested a bit and did laundry.  Had an online meeting with a local political group.  Felt better by bedtime

Waiting to see if Wisconsin gets returned to the Covid 19 watch list for Chicago.  If it does I'll wait until spring to go to Madison, though I will still take Monday off

Getting together with J for dinner either tonight or tomorrow

Will be up to 80 today, though highs will be only in the 60s by the end of the week

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Good morning!

For identify theft protection I removed the year from my birthday on Facebook but not the birthday itself.   Haven't heard too many people have problems with that but identity theft is rampant.

Stars, sorry you're hurting.  I wonder if there is a connection between stress and the pain flair ups.  The timing makes me wonder because you haven't complained (here at least) of being in too much pan lately, although I guess it's always with you.  Take care.

Sluggish this morning because I didn't sleep well.  Melatonin is having zero affect on helping me sleep and I may just drop it.    Just got in from a seven mile walk that was enjoyable.  It's very warm and muggy.

Bowling was fun.  I was very satisfied that with their precautions and the ability to social distance from everyone.  I noticed the other league that bowls on Monday must have voted not to social distance because they were all clumped together as if everything was normal and not one mask. My league voted for one team per pair of lanes rather than two teams so we could spread out more.   Also noticed several large groups of young people.  I think this is why Tampa's infection rate is much higher than ours.  People just acting like there isn't a pandemic.  




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Morning Ted, Joe, and Tweety. 

Happy Birthday to Amy! 

Joe: Feel better. Enjoy dinner with J.

Tweety: Glad you can safely enjoy bowling!. Hos are your dogs?

I slept from about 11:00 pm to 4:00 am. Will probably nap later.

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7 hours ago, herring_RN said:

Tweety: Glad you can safely enjoy bowling! How are your dogs?

Thanks for asking.  They are 100% better and back to their old selves.  

Edited by Tweety

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Wishing Very Merry Un-Birthday's to Amy and J !

Tweety, It is highly likely the flares in the pains (no, don't fall mainly on the plains) are related to the 'flare' of recent extreme Nannie-ness that went on. Fortunately she has calmed since HER 'flare-up' at me has been pushed elsewhere in her brain by other stuff. (now if I can keep from saying to her: "Don't!" ).. 😏 

Her most recent obsessive worrying is now Sally the Storm. It does not seem to compute when she is told, "WE WON'T BE GETTING ANY RAIN UNTIL LATE THURSDAY." (but we're not telling her it will rain all day Friday) And besides, The BIG Plus: we don't live near any Coast, River, Lake, nor are we in a Flood Plain!  Really, the only places you have to worry about flooding are where the road 4 1/2 miles away does a dip and it's bridge is low over the creek there; which just means to take routes B or C to a grocery store. Oh, and also, the Middle-School-Aged-Kids Latino-Community's Soccer-Team's fields regularly flood when it rains. But Nannie is not a 12 year old Latino soccer player. She says, "Do you think it will be safe for me to sleep in my bed (in the lower floor of the house) tonight? Will you wake me up if the rain gets heavy?" (what, you're going to sleep from Tuesday night through Friday morning????)  I just keep saying, "There will be no rain for at least two more days." We gotta remember not to watch the news or weather on TV for the next few days. At least she is not in a pitszey mood (creative spelling for TOS), and is walking a lot on the driveway, so that helps her restlessness to be able to do that. I can tolerate most all of the ways she is acting right now, at least!!!

I am taking my Super-doupper Tylenol (2/quick-dissolving500'sq6) and Robaxin q8, and taking the Celebrex in the PM, about 10 hrs after the AM dose. In the interest of a kind of thoughtfree ease, I had just been taking meds only when I wake up and before I go to sleep, but I'm hoping by spreading them out it will keep things quieted down. I CAN take the Tylenol and Robaxin 3x day, but if I don't have pain beyond the 'just-passing-through' ordinary occasional tweaks and pinches that come and go, I try to lay off them, to be kind to my liver.

Glad Slow-Bro is doing better. Ozzie is starting to get some fluffy fur growing back, but it's not long enough that he is easily recognized as a Shih-Tzu. But he's still cute as the dickens.

BCg, hope you are doing okay...((((((hugs, BCg))))))




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