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Tuesday September 28, 2021

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Good morning!

Stars, actually the word "Gypsy" can sometimes be considered racist because the people are actually called "Romani", not Gypsies,  and "gypsy" is sometimes used as a slur with negative connotations.  I read a book written by a Romani that lived in England, was gay and got out.  He wasn't kind in his description of his people, because he said his tribe was dishonest and thieves and mistreated women and married them young.  They are also discriminated against around Europe and Hitler killed tens of thousands of them.   Anyway, we mean no harm and I remember a reality show about a group of Romani in New York, they called themselves Gypsies.    St. Petersburg, where I live seems to be suffering the same fate of Asheville in that we're getting too cool and locals are being out priced in housing.

Joe, isn't it funny you talk about baking pound cake and the very next sentence about weight gain and fasting.  LOL

J22, hope the transportation issues worked out okay and the moods get better.

I'm up early.  Hope not to take a nap and get some stuff done and go to bed early.  

Bowling was fun but we got defeated every single game by a team we were tied for last place with.  This puts us solidly in last place all alone out of 16 teams.  We're going to have to win significantly to change our status the next few weeks.  

I scheduled a yoga class this morning and have six months teeth cleaning this afternoon and many chores and hope to be productive with cooking and cleaning.  

I've started going maskless again unless it's required in places like at work.  This being Florida there are no mask mandates and I've noticed people are starting to wear them less and less.  Cases and hospitalizations are dropping at relatively quick rates.  I have the booster and everyone around me at bowling was vaccinated so I felt good about that.  I stay away from people in the stores, etc. I'm not anti-mask, just pro-vaccine and going back to trusting the vaccine and myself.   I've been reading that events such as concerts among vaccinated persons are not shown to be super spread events.  It's the unvaccinated that are the problem.  Again, while I feel for their safety, they've made their decision. 

Speaking of Gypsies, the mysterious pain in my right foot is gone alone with my left knee.  Other than the usual morning stiffness in my right hand, they've left town.  





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Tweety it is weird to see those two things juxtaposed like that.  I usually get something from the bakery for weekend breakfast, a change from my usual oatmeal.  The bakery recently closed, so I figured I'd just do the baking myself

Dianah have ordered a bread knife, hopefully that will help.  Also have heard loves of bread should be sliced from bottom to top

NJ22 hope you don't have any issues with the car

Amo I don't seem to remember that episode, though I do remember the one with the chocoloate factory

Stars I can't imagine baking every week, not bread at least, given how time consuming it is.  

Ended the fast a bit early as I was getting too hungry to focus, though I still ate fewer calories than usual for the day.  Have found I don't need to eat as much as I used to

Work training continues to go well, the pace seems good and I don't feel overwhelmed, at least not yet.  Still don't have access to one key system

Bible study was cancelled last night as most of the usual people wouldn't be able to attend

Texted with J, things are going well there in Pittsburgh, has been helping out but hasnt' been too busy.  He's not yet sure when he'll return

Today after work the church group is meeting at a Thai restaurant.  Haven't had Thai food in quite some time

Was quite warm yesterday, will be cooler today. Think it will warm up again after today



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It's telemedicine Tuesday, which means I get to work from my couch in shorts or sweats.  I have to get my windshield replaced today.  I was driving on the highway yesterday and a rock kicked up and left a nice starburst pattern on the passenger side.  It's good that they come right to the house to do it.

I saw my PCP yesterday because I'm having so many migraines.  She took me off verapamil and put me on propranalol.  I hope it works.  She suggested Topamax, but I can't afford the risk of any cognitive changes that sometimes happen with it.  That's why it's called "Dopamax".  I need every one of my IQ points.  She also gave me Imitrex to have on hand in case I still get a headache.  

Tweety-Sorry about the bowling losses.  I'm glad Covid rates seem to be dropping in FL.  My county just dropped from "High" risk to "Substantial", whatever that means.  I hope the trend continues.  I recently went to an indoor concert at a small venue where everyone had to be vaccinated.  They had all of our info for contact tracing, but no calls yet, so I think we're good.  I'd do it again if everyone was vaccinated.

Joe-I am on board with having occasional treats.  One cannot live on oatmeal alone!  Enjoy dinner tonight!

J22-I hope the sick car did not cause you problems.  

Stars-Hope DH is feeling better, and that you are doing ok.

Amo-I remember that episode!

Hi Dianah!

Hope all have a great day!

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Tweety -as long as you enjoyed your bowling outing, you WERE NOT losing in last place!!!! /// re gypsies - my Mom always commented that she a streak of gypsy in her & her émigré family from middle Europe. Nothing sensationalized like in literature or on TV, but kind of an ethnicity or sensitivity. I've always respected that feeling.

Bread knives - NOTHING would help me!!!!! I'm a leftie and I just mangle, just mutilate, just torture, just castrate things needing slicing! It's just me so I don't care how I cut things, but at home, I use to defer the task to anyone else.

BC - really sorry about the headaches. I get some occ, like this morning. But as I got awake, gone. I did get NASTY headaches occ with my menses. Had a homemade protocol that did the trick (hormonal irrg).

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Dashing by to say hello and goodnight...(Will read today's posts tomorrow.)

Good day; lovely weather; had my hair cut; Braves won 2-1.  I've felt tired all day because I used the alarm clock to wake me up. Alarm clocks exhaust me. If I'd awakened naturally on my own at the very same time, I wouldn't feel tired. Strange but true.

amoLu, Card came----perfect tone and subjects; Nannie laughed at the front of the card (snake w/ cupcake) and seemed pleased that hubby and she were mentioned.

Ozzie says it is TIME to go upstairs and go to bed.

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stars - sooooo glad I didn't set her off again. I guess we can ascribe last card to her medication imbalance. Halloween will be coming up - I'll pick the neutral topics again. She should be tickled Braves are doing pretty good!

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